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1. Gotham Writers' Workshop - Manhattan

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Gotham Writers' Workshop
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Address: 555 8th Ave # 1402, New York, NY 10018

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 974-8377

Business type: Adult education school

Gotham Writers' Workshop: what do users think?

Kaitlyn Schembri: I have loved my experience in Gotham's Creative Writing 101 class! As a former English major who has not written other than professionally for a long time, the class was a wonderful reintroduction to writing. The professor Arlaina Tibensky was knowledgeable and entertaining. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get into creative writing!

Bunnula TV: The instructors are solid but the lack of participation in classes makes the class kind of a waste of time. You'd honestly be better off paying for Masterclass and watching Werner Herzog and Martin Scorsese's screenwriting lectures.

Cynthia LMSW nyc: I have taken many Creative Writing courses and most of them were excellent. It depends on your instructor. If you don't vibe with your instructor right away, I would encourage you to switch to another course. I had one instructor who was AMAZING. I learned so much from him. Then I took another course months later and this instructor was not great. So, it really depends on your writing teacher. I wish the cost of the course was more affordable, though, especially a Zoom class.

Dina Bruun: .I could write numerous paragraphs listing all the things that contributed to the class being a complete waste of my time and money. But I will list just two and my point will be made.1

Derek Chechak: I had trouble believing you, but strong first draft. It reminded me of the very best greeting card.

Tiffany: Attended a course winter 21’. Very disappointed. Everything that was being taught was out of “Writing for Dummies”, so much so I could just follow along with the book, to know what the course instructor would say next. Writers/students were never pushed, but rather made to think they could be the next top author with mediocre work. Commentary was alway feathery and fluffy. Instructor was kind but not the one to take your writing to the next level. Will not be taking another course with Gotham.

Robert F: I Gotham Writers Workshop has lots of programs to help writers. If you want to improve your writing, this is a great organization to check out

Nancy Mittal: Good service but could be better

Peggy Chiara: As my first time Gotham experience WRITE IN has encouraged me to push through my reluctance. The instructors have suggested ways to improve or effectively elaborate on already good writings. The members of the classes have been supportive, even when I winced hearing my own words. A wonderful program. Please continue this class.

reba carmel: I have taken a memoir intensive and nonfiction 101. Teachers are professional, encouraging and supportive. Students are committed and equally gracious and honest

George Ganzenmuller: I've taken two classes at Gotham and attended their first Writers Workshop. All three were positive and informative experiences. As a result, I know more about craft, style, and the publishing industry. That said, one of the best parts about Gotham, to me, is the connections you make with other writers. I'm lucky enough to now be part of two ongoing critique groups that were born from Gotham classes.

Moe Shalabi: and attended many of their free Inside Writing online classes featuring literary agents and published authors and all I can say is Gotham is top-notch and affordable. I even attended their writer's conferences where I was able to meet with multiple literary agents face-to-face and talk to them about my projects and about myself too. As I couldn't attend both days, the customer service rep immediately refunded me for the additional day without hesitation. I must point out that their customer service team is kind and understanding and quick to respond. I still use the lesson plans they delivered to me during my class to write my novels. My beta readers and friends definitely notice a progression in my writing skills.

Z Carlstrom: Gotham is an incredible resource for people trying to publish, people dreaming of publishing, people dreaming of writing, or people who just bought their first pencils. If you are on a writing journey, one of your stops should be Gotham. Whether that's the first stop or a stop way down the line is up to you. The point is, it's going to be useful. And it's going to give you access to a vibrant community and support system. I'm a professional writer with years of experience, and my writing life changed the day I met the Gotham staff. They're out here doing the good work.

Elias Medina: I taken 2 courses at Gotham. One Fiction writing and one Children's book writing. Both were done by very wise teachers. Shout out to Aubrey Poole who challenges you to make your writing more detailed & alive.

Grace B. Wacuka: Just talked to the head of one on one services- Dana Miller. Asked if they have African American or African writers in their teacher group and she said that 'they have been trying to find them but there's not a lot of them out there' and she said that 'she disagreed with me not wanting someone who understood where I came from to read my work- like the artistic process and artistic mentoring process is color blind and race 'does not matter.'I hope you hire some new people. Including re-thinking how Dana talks to black people.

Marla Brown: Amazing instruction. Unexpected for an online experience!

Tenzin Palkyi: A great and wide selection of classes, really friendly and helpful staff, and the cutest dog to greet you at the door!

Nikki Davis: Ive been saving up to take classes here and now it finally Happened!!! I’m sooo stoked and little bit kooky to advance In my career as an author!!!! I’m looking forward to starting!!!!!

Carmen Borca: Great people, great atmosphere and a really cute dog, too! A great place to learn and grow as a writer.

2. The Writers Studio - Manhattan

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The Writers Studio
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Address: All NYC Classes Meeting By Live Video Until Further Notice. 272, W 10th St, New York, 10014

Telephone: (212) 255-7075

Business type: Adult education school

The Writers Studio: what do users think?

Kelly Barrett: of The Writers Studio and each has been rewarding and enlightening. The teachers care deeply and it's an incredible way to work on the craft of writing and learn the art and science of providing a thoughtful and constructive critique. In fact, I think of all the skills I was able to glean from the class, being able to critique others' work

Michael Kozart: More than anything, Writers Studio has taught me how to appraise my own work, and the work of others, with a genuine sense of the art and craft of fine literature. I'm deeply grateful.

Jeffrey Aron: I took my first poetry class at TWS with Lisa Bass who is a generous, encouraging and supportive teacher. She helped each of us develop and advance our skills as poets. The class environment was inspiring.

Lissa Staples: Janelle is very organized, knowledgeable and a lot of fun. The information was timely and clearly delivered. I recommend her class highly.

Petra Chambers: I keep coming back to the writer's studio because I get results. I write better. I learn about myself as a writer. I've found my voice.

Andrew Meissen: I took an intro to fiction and poetry course with Julianne Bond -- wow! What a professional and beautiful experience I had. This is the real deal for improving your writing skills.

Gianna Ferraro: feel comfortable and safe to share our work. One of my goals was to build up confidence in sharing my work and I believe I achieved that by way of Julianne's openness and kindness. I feel inspired to keep going, to keep writing!

Alex Dorsey: After hearing Lisa Bass's poetry at a retreat, I enrolled in Lisa's TWS Intro to Level One, followed by Level 1 Poetry. The courses helped me overcome a life-long fear of creative writing! In addition, through Lisa's skilled, passionate, and mindful instruction, I learned to read like a writer and began collecting and experimenting with various personal narrators that have stretched and developed my writing. The class was a warm, supportive, and judgment-free environment that fostered mutual growth and discovery. I highly recommend it!

Zan Cusa: TWS is highly effective program. I took level 1 Poetry and admired their focus and method for strengthening a writer’s skills.I learned a lot.My instructor Lisa Bass was delightful, talented, and kept the students focused and engaged in every session.This class met online with folks from all over the country. Everyone was super supportive.Thank you Mr. Philip Shultz for such terrific program!I am hooked and plan to continue my writing journey with TWS.With gratitude,Zan CusaMassachusetts, USA

Jill Silverman: I’ve taken three courses for beginner writers with TWS and loved them all. The teachers are wonderful- engaged and committed.They provide excellent, detailed feedback on your work. My fellow students were also interesting, talented people whose work was inspiring.

Alex Biagioli: Wonderful Method, wonderful people.

Karen Laugel: , Flash Fiction

Veronica A. Bettencourt: Finding the writer's studio has been the best thing for my writing. Their focus on voice unlocks creativity and has pushed me to do my best work. I plan to continue to take classes here for a long time to come!

Marcel Reyes: Thank you Lisa Bass for really illuminating to us the power of harnessing persona narrating to bust through creative blocks. The examples you gave in each exercise, and your insightful annotations, really helped me to pay closer attention and read like a writer. I work in Marketing, and we employ a similar philosophy where we write with the audience in mind, and write to that audience. Until this class and starting to learn this method so intimately, it was a revelation to me that we could also approach creative work thinking like a writer. Not necessarily imitating them, but emulating their narrators to produce our own original work.Sometimes, writing can be considered an elite artform and advanced skill set, rather than a core competency. As a Marketing writer, one constant remark I hear is how frozen people who don't like to write get when they are put in the position to have to write. In this way, writers are sometimes placed in an elevated intellectual class. But I would argue that this persona narrator method would help unlock creativity in anyone, and motivate them to start writing. I am a huge advocate for people embracing writing as a form of healing, whether it's journaling and personal poetry, creative-nonfiction, or even fiction as a form of catharsis, self-expression and thought experimentation. So I think anyone would benefit from the method here at The Writers Studio once they are ready to take the plunge!

Shannon Jones: I’ve had the pleasure of participating in ~4 memoir classes taught by Peggy Stone. These classes have been a bright spot in an otherwise challenging time. It’s been an honor and a fascinating retreat to read the life stories of my fellow writers. It’s changed how I look at strangers, knowing that each of us are living stories, each on our own colorful adventure, sharing the same pains and hopes in life.Peggy is a thoughtful, patient and caring teacher and expert guide through the method. She shares her considerable literary knowledge, as well as her own experience as a writer generously and joyfully. The prompts were clearly chosen with thought and purpose, each week building on the next in a manner that felt seamless and cohesive. These classes have elevated my writing and given me the confidence to continue.

3. Jacob Krueger Studio - Manhattan Community Board 3

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Jacob Krueger Studio
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Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: (917) 464-3594

Business type: Adult education school

Jacob Krueger Studio: what do users think?

Alison Benson: Always informative, inclusive, uplifting. Jacob, Steve and all the tribe with their guests, have so much knowledge to share. I truly appreciate and look forward to Thursday Night Writes. Today successful alumni were interviewed- the common thread was how supportive Steve's classes are because it's about working together.

Andrea Cabañas Freitas: I got into the "Thursday Night Writes" class more out of curiosity, and my experience was great. It was engaging, more than interesting, and helpful. It's always great to learn new things—I even discovered something new to work on my feature script! Cheers for that.Looking forward to the next one.

Isabela Epifani: Helpful, healthy, amazing community!

erin brown thomas: articulate and gifted teachers. I've taken a lot of seminars and classes on screenplay writing and in general, most classes are full of general advice. But Jacob's curriculum is specific and his exercises are actionable. His insights apply whether you are writing an experimental indie film or a high concept epic streamer series. Above all, you can feel how much he cares about his students and their careers. I cannot recommend this school enough. I'm so excited to be diving into a new class in a few weeks.***UPDATE***I just finished the "Write Your Pilot" class and highly recommend it to anyone who wants SELL their pilot. The class gives you excellent insights on how to craft a series with a strong engine that can sustain many seasons.

Laurie Kirk: Amazing experience. Can't wait to take another class. Extremely affordable. Think of a year of film school in four weeks. Jake is the Best!!!!

Justine Janeway: I absolutely LOVE Jacob Krueger Studio. I look forward to every Thursday evening for Thursday night writes. It is the greatest time of all. Join us and learn, have fun, and catch the excitement of this group. I cannot thank JKS enough for the contribution they make to writers, authors, and creatives. Please join us and you will see why I am so excited to recommend this event.

Gerry Clemons: Jacob Krueger Studio is the best place to start a screenwriting career, film degree or not. I would be nowhere without my two ProTrack mentors. Also took Jacob's screenwriting class and rarely miss Thursday Night Writes. For the first time in the last five years, I know what I'm doing, I know where I'm going and what I have to do to get there.

MRH: JKS's Thursday Night Writes classes are an absolute gift for anyone interested in storytelling for film, comics, theatre or TV - literally and figuratively. The openhearted wisdom of founder, Jacob, is present in every class, no matter who's leading it, and once you make TNW a habit, the supportive community and range of prompts and exercises become a weekly anchor for your creativity.The lack of pressure to sign up for the paid classes and programs is also quite amazing.I'm constantly recommending this place to friends.Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Jayne Kelly: Always an encouraging and fruitful experience. The absolute best way to spend a Thursday evening.

Christopher Cox: This was a lot of fun and informative. I live in Budapest, Hungary, so these online opportunities to learn from Jacob and others are gold. I can't just go to LA.

Katie Parry: The 'Write Your Screenplay' course was even better than I could have imagined. It gave me the confidence I needed to move past the blank page. Now I'm ten pages into my first screenplay and loving every minute of it. Jake is an incredible teacher who will blow your mind every class. Thank you Jacob Krueger Studio!!

Tré Chandler: Taking courses at the Jacob Krueger Studio has been the best investment in my screenwriting career I have made thus far!

Ellen Mausner: Excellent writing programs. Supportive and detailed feedback.

Sebastian Orellana: I have been listening to Jacob's podcast for a couple years now and finally started taking his classes. I have learned so much and have become a better writer picking his brain. They work with you every step of the way, I would highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to take their writing further.

Olga Elliot: Amazing classes and great staff!

C S Slone (7 Fires Publishing): Jacob Krueger Studio is where I hang out on Thursday nights. My goal is to join JKS in a playwriting course next year. I absolutely love Jake and his community. It is the best place for writers to practice their skills and perfect their craft.

Erick Sanudo: An amazing storytelling experience, where you will learn screenplay writing, as it develops in real time, within your own writing capabilities.

4. New York Film Academy | New York - Manhattan

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New York Film Academy | New York
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Address: 17 Battery Pl, New York, NY 10004

Telephone: (212) 674-4300

Business type: College

5. NYIM Training - Manhattan

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NYIM Training
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Address: 185 Madison Ave 11th floor, New York, NY 10016

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 658-1918

Business type: Computer training school

NYIM Training: what do users think?

Joseph Terzi: I took the Excel for Business Fundamentals. It was great class in person at 185 Madison Avenue. I learned tips and shortcuts that will save me hours during work. I found it to be interactive and engaging. I highly recommend for anyone looking to expand their Excel skills.

Jacob Dachs: They are simply the best! Had a fantastic experience learning all of the nuances of Excel with great instructors and a fun, user friendly learning structure. 10/10 would absolutely recommend to friends and colleagues looking for high quality training.

Ademiju Allen: The classes are very informative; whether you are just looking for a refresher or looking to gain some new skills. Instructors like Patrick are patient enough to go through exercises multiple times and make sure students understand. He also has a very comprehensive understanding of Excel and is a very valuable instructor

Sam Beyda: Engaging, informative classes. I took the complete excel course, and loved it. The instructors were very thorough and easily understood. The material was great, and they gave us material to keep as well.

Maryann Fitzgerald: The PowerPoint Bootcamp for Business classes were well worth EVERY penny and I highly recommend them. The instructor Scott was very engaging, knowledgeable and funny so not only did I learn a lot but the class flew by. If you want to learn PPT, this is the class for you!

Lori Nelson: Very informative class. Great teacher - his name is Garfield. He was patient. There was construction going on next door so that was distracting, but that does not have anything to do with class content. We got good materials to take away with us as well.

Alie Rothman: I felt that this class was a great introduction to SQL, coming from someone who had very little exposure to it before the class. They broke it down for us in a very comprehensible manner, and provided examples along the way that we could practice. I look forward to taking Level 2!

Sara Arcia: I've taken excel workshops before but the Excel for Business Bootcamp is one of my tops! The instructor was patient and knowledgeable. I really like the fact that you take away different resources and that you're able to retake the course for free within 6 months.

Clara L: I took the MS Access level 1 class here. It was a fantastic class, mainly because of the instructor. Garfield was incredibly knowledgeable, offered background on any questions we had, and gave great tips on how to use Access in your personal life. This was a full day class and went by very quickly because it was packed with a ton of info. The facilities were top notch and all materials needed were provided by NYIM. I would definitely take a class here again.

Ben Rishty: This company is amazing. I was able to go from little to no skill in excel to very good. I feel like I have years of experience l after just a few sessions. Highly recommended!!

Wiafe Mensah-Bonsu: Took a class here. The instructor was great and very knowledgeable, which made the content very easy to understand and learn how to use.

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