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1. Chelsea Fertility NYC - Manhattan

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29 reviews
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Chelsea Fertility NYC
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Address: 105 E 37th St #1, New York, NY 10016

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 685-2229

Business type: Fertility clinic

2. New Hope Fertility Center - Manhattan

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274 reviews
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New Hope Fertility Center
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Address: 4 Columbus Cir 4th floor, New York, NY 10019

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 AM

Telephone: (866) 942-4817

Business type: Fertility clinic

New Hope Fertility Center: what do users think?

Elizabeth Delance-Florez: Great place. Very smart and knowledgeable staff. Doctors are very attentive and great listeners. All interactions seem genuine and like they really want it as much as you. Can't wait for my hope baby.

Marisol Caprio: Friendly and informative

Santa Collazo: Thanks for everything you doing for me and my husband ❤️

Alison R.: Absolutely impossible to book an appointment. No one calls you back, even when your call is “escalated.” Luckily NYC has other options.

jay girl: New employee turn over from 2021, was best. These new employees ate kind, patient and explain everything.

S S: I spoke with someone today and so far so good. Let’s see how my physical appointment goes. I’ve seen some negative posts. Let’s see how positive I can make the next post!

Suki Chen: hopeless

Jena Davidson: New Hope Fertility is just wow🤩 amazing! So far a wonderful experience; the patient coordinator & Doctor were extremely nice, they immediately got the ball rolling on a treatment plan for me!! Affordable too!!I found them on TikTok & IG. Check them out!!!!

Soleil: , and does a great job with patient care and providing detailed instructions. I appreciate that and Dr. Zhang is probably my favorite. No matter what, he’s always at the clinic working and available for his patients. I wonder if he sleeps at the clinic after reviewing charts and looking at ultrasounds all day. He doesn’t pass you along to anyone else even if he only has a minute to spare, he makes time. I’ve come in on Sundays, and he’s been in the clinic working hard. I’ve only just begun my actual IVF cycle with him and I already know he’s extremely thorough. Before beginning this cycle, he monitored me for one month on my natural cycle to understand my body’s natural hormones and see the progression of my follicles without any stimulation. No other fertility clinic has done this, and now he has proceeded to develop a protocol specifically to my body’s needs. I’ve had three failed IUI’s at a clinic much closer to my house in Princeton, NJ

Ashley Potter: Dr. Jennifer Kulp-Makarov was so kind and answered all our questions throughly. We looked at reviews prior to making the appointment and unlike the experience others portrayed ours has been perfect! The office staff was prompt and very professional. We will be moving forward with our IVF journey with them.

Jaclyn Bernia: This team is so helpful and caring. They listen to the individual situation and really do everything they can to help!

Julia Sun: Frustrating experience, I had a confirmed online meeting appointment with Dr.Zhang two weeks ago, waited for an hour and he was not showing, no rescheduling or anything, no explanation. I felt I am scammed

Phoebe Chai: very professional and very nice to each of the nurses in there. i felt supportive and relax in the clinic. hopefully i would have good news end in New hope fertility. i always ask question in the session of monitoring and the technician are always willing to tell me and talk to me. thanks all the wonderful staff

WARNER WORLDWIDE: Very thoughtful and empathetic to my needs. The nurses and doctors are great. Dr. Z really knows his stuff and take careful consideration in helping me to achieve my goals and dreams of motherhood. I know I'm in good hands.

Gjil L: The 2 stars are only for the wait time you have to endure for a simple checkup which in other clinics takes 15 minutes.The staff and doctor Zhang are nice and friendly, but it’s literally 1.5 hours of waiting for a checkup that should take less than 15 min.

3. Center for Human Reproduction - Manhattan

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38 reviews
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Center for Human Reproduction
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Address: 21 E 69th St, New York, NY 10021

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: (212) 994-4400

Business type: Fertility clinic

Center for Human Reproduction: what do users think?

Maureen Moster: This is the best facility. Everyone from the front desk to the doctors are amazing. They are caring and understanding and as hard as the process is they make it so much better. I cannot say enough of how special this practice is. I’m so thankful I found them.

Jen Strat: Dr Gleicher is a king, he is on the highest level of experience and knowledge. I met some IVF doctors before and no one came even close to his professionalism and wisdom. This generation of doctors are the real doctors, that know IVF inside out. And fight for their patients and not treat them like numbers like most others in that industry. They want the best outcome and actually investigate your issue based on their vast knowledge, almost like a detective. I am so thankful I met him.

Anya Kuznetsova: Dr.Barad made a really great impression on us not only as a very knowledgeable doctor but also as a very compassionate person.

M L: will be brought to life and will be thanks to them.

Kiana Qu: I spent $200k and received nothing. The arrogance of the billing department makes them act as if they are kings, canceling your operation in the middle of operation due to their own mistake. Trust me, the lab is even worse than your worst nightmare. It's a complete waste of money.

Mariangely Torres: Dr. David Barad is AWESOME! I am on my journey to become a surrogate and it's all new to me so it can be overwhelming BUT Dr. Barad was so nice and humble. He made me feel comfortable and you can tell he is genuine with his patients! Loved him and I am grateful that I will be in this journey with CHR. Thank you.

Ingrid Sheleg: I have been with CHR since 2018. I came in for a second opinion when my last fertility Dr advised I would need to consider egg donation. I was devastated. When I consulted with Dr. Gleicher on 12/5/2018 he told me you will get pregnant with your own egg. I left positive that I was going to get pregnant. He got to the root of my infertility which the previous Dr did not and managed my treatment to my need. 2/3/2019 I went in for retrieval 2/7/2019, transfer on 2/19/2019. I was pronounced pregnant & on 10/19/2019 my baby girl made me a mommy. Because of Dr Barad & Dr. Gleicher I have been blessed. I am now back for my second & the experience has been the same even with a bit more complications now that I’m a bit older. Dr Barad is a gem he makes you feel so secure & makes you feel like everything will be ok. I have referred 2 friends who also had success with CHR & I will continue referring all woman who want to be a mommy but just need a little help & specific treatment to their need. CHR does not give up on you!

Vivienne Gomes: Very compassionate practice and thorough with every exam/procedure. Everyone is supportive and provides guidance every step of the way. Very thankful!

A residence: least professional and most expensive in NYC. Terrible traumatizing experience here

Yanan Sui: I just had my initial consultation with Dr. Norbert Gleicher last week. It went really well. He was very patient to answer all my questions and concerns. More importantly, he is digging deeper on my overall health to find out or exclude any health issues that prevents me from achieving my family expansion goal. That's what I have been looking for. I believe in Dr. Gleicher, and I also believe with his help I will succeed in the near future. My confidence in him started me viewing all his Youtube videos. They are very helpful. I already liked him since then. Strongly recommend Dr. Gleicher to anyone who hasn't found out the reasons and corresponding solutions. He provides customized plans, just for you!

4. New York Fertility Institute - Manhattan

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68 reviews
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New York Fertility Institute
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Address: 1016 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Business type: Fertility clinic

New York Fertility Institute: what do users think?

Rachel Eaton: A wonderful and supportive clinic with caring staff!

Mia Mia: I don't know where to start, after God because of course God is #1. New york Fertility Institute did a Miracle on me. I had an endometrial ablation procedure years ago and every clinic or any fertlity doctor that I use to go they told me "no you can never get pregnant is impossible" well good news this clinic did a miracle. I'm 50 year's old and I am 3 months pregnant now, I'm super happy . I can't believe it. Soon the picture of my newborn baby will be on the wall of the clinic. All the staff is increidible, oustanding, always checking on you, they go step by step with you on everything they are amazing. I highly recomend it 120% everything Clean on point, staff Christine, Glenda, Kara, Dr Sultan, Dr Fateh and Dr Obasaju oustanding staff. God bless their hands is unbelievable what they did for me to get pregnant thank you thank you, God bless all of you guys. You guys did tremendous job. Too much knowledge in this clinic very professional. 10+ stars

Ashley Heredia: I recommend this facility. Everyone is attentive and kind.

Sara Rabinowitz: Everyone is so kind and considerate and always answers any and every question within minutes

Viviana Valentin: Dr.Sultan and his team are amazing they explained everything to me and they were really kind , I can’t wait until my journey begins with them in 3-4 months!!!

Enkelejda Prenga: The most warm and welcoming place.Dr. Sultan and his team were amazing.Very knowledgeable doctor, straightforward and he took the time needed to explain everything we wanted to know. Everyone who needs to see a doctor, first of all, wants to be heard, to get the attention that is necessary to solve the problem and Dr. SULTAN did it perfectly. He and his staff provided us with all information and all contact numbers to reach them, no matter what time is. Me and my husband are very very satisfied.

Yannick Benjamin: What a special place and everyone that works there is spectacular.

Nate F: Dr Sultan & the whole team at NY Fertility are amazing! So helpful and caring throughout!

Garima Parnami: Everyone one was super nice the place was beautiful and clean. The doctor was straight forward and took time to explain everything properly. I would definitely choose this place if I had Insurence or if it was priced like other places.

Stephanie Senic: My husband and I are so impressed with the professionalism and genuine warmth of Dr. Fateh and his team. From my very first call with Glenda and my follow up call with Christine to my actual visit to the practice, and to my follow up call after my procedure with Kara, I have felt so welcome and cared for! Dr. Fateh is kind, has a great sense of humor and was very honest and upfront with the information he shared with us! We liked him immediately! Our journey has just begun but whatever we do, we feel confident that we have found a team of people who will treat us like family!

Sean McNulty: all took the time to make the experience comfortable and personal rather than simply transactional.

Jezzy Russell: Not only the doctors are great, the staff there are great as well. My husband and i are glad that we chose this clinic for this journey. Every steps of the process they made it very personal so it does feel like you are in a private clinic. Everytime i have questions or concerns about something, they always responded me in timely manner. I will definitely recommend this clinic to anyone who’s looking for one.

5. Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York - Manhattan

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74 reviews
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Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York
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Address: 635 Madison Ave 10th floor, New York, NY 10022

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 756-5777

Business type: Fertility clinic

Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York: what do users think?

Stephanie Martinez: My experience at RMA was very impersonal, stressful and sloppy. It is very hard to get a hold of anyone in the office and it is evident that the staff works in silos from the Fertility Care Coordinator to the Financial Coordinator. I had to send multiple emails asking for a follow-up. After visiting in early June for my first time egg freezing appointment, I was left hanging waiting for an insurance approval update after 1 month. My medications were ordered and I still did not hear back from the financial coordinator to later receive a PDF with the breakdown of cost without any follow-up phone calls. This clinic was a waste of my time. I did not hear from the financial coordinator until mid-July after sending a few several emails asking for an update. Lastly, Dr. Jovana Lekovich herself was very pleasant and the initial consultation went great however, the unresponsive and lack of communication was rude. This is a sensitive procedure for anyone and how you treat your patients is unbelievably disrespectful

Elizabeth E H: They didn’t know which lab my frozen embryos were in. My original doctor who was responsible for my embryos ignored me for weeks and I had to switch doctors. My medicine was totally screwed up to the point I was injured. These guys are a big machine run for profit. There are too many teams and they don’t communicate. Their patient portal is not up to date and has errors. You also can never call direct to the people in charge of your care - everything goes through a call centre. Avoid at all costs

Pamela P: We tried a few different facilities before finally settling with RMA East. They are very professional and organized. I liked that it didn’t have a “cattle ranch” feel in which you feel like just another number. They are a well oiled machine.

Kid Qwest: This place is so dirty whoever is cleaning this place needs to be fired, the place is disgustingly dirty for a place that makes babies please do not come here to make a baby especially the 59th street location is the dirtiest

Lauren Bauer: I would recommend anyone going through infertility issues to RMA. It’s an amazing practice with wonderful doctors and staff. They operate a white-glove service, providing personal coordinators, nurses, and financial assistants to all their patients, to help navigate the many questions and concerns along the way. I am very grateful to them - especially Dr Flisser.

Michael Makarov: I emailed multiple times, with the requested information to a verified email address they provided, have not received any response in a week, even after a phone call. The email was about pricing / quote.

Lee Stein: as they would not get back to us over the course of a month. It has a "Factory" feel as how you are treated as a patient. Even something as simple as finding out if your doctor will be "available" the day of performing a procedure is impossible to determine ahead of time. Their e-mail address also does not work! UPDATE: As a response to this review, RMA said they were "so sorry" and would call me right away.... It's been a full 24 hours and I have yet to receive a call or e-mail. Again, the staff at RMA completely fails when it comes to communicating with it's patients. Bedside manner is wonderful, when you are face to face with your doctor the staff is excellent. They have failed in every other respect.

Toni U: I would give five stars but my rating due to my experiences with the billing department and supportive staff after my IVF. Dr.Stein was excellent, Joanne in billing excellent and most of the nurses were great.

lauren kiefer: which had instructions saying to take FIVE TIMES the hormone amount as stated in the email. I was horrified, as I thought I had been taking 20% of the intended dose. When I spoke to my doctor, he said: good thing you haven't been taking the higher dose, because that could have caused OHSS. THE INSTRUCTIONS YOU SENT ME COULD HAVE CAUSED A DANGEROUD MEDICAL CONDITION AND IT'S A GOOD THING I HAPPENED TO FOLLOW ONE, AND NOT THE OTHER?!I have since spoken with two other Reproductive Endocrinologists, who said the higher dose was actually the correct one, and it is possible

jalpan jani: Horrible service. Lack of communication, they will only speak with you when the service is ongoing. If you need anything else, you will run around from them. Financial department consist of 1 person and she will never get back to you, it takes months not days to resolve or get an answer from them. I would not recommend them at all.

Ayesha Vashi: I visited Dr Sekhon after having bad experiences with a lot of OBGYN doctors who were over prescribing and recommending so much unnecessary testing. Dr Sekhon was so patient, informative and she sat with us for such a long time without rushing. She explained everything so well. Jackie the nurse was also super sweet and supportive explaining what bloodwork we needed and she called to follow up after and prescribed the meds on time. Front desk staff was super professional as well. Just very happy with this establishment. 10/10 recommend !!

Deyanira Colon: My whole journey with Dr.Mukherjee was so great he’s such an amazing Dr I will always recommend him to everyone I come across that asks me about my experience he’s #1 in my book thank you so much to the whole RMA STAFF YOU GUYS TREATED ME LIKE FAMILY AND I THANK YOU ALL FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU GUYS GAVE ME 💕

Jessica DeJoy: I cannot say enough good things about RMA. I’m writing this as I watch my beautiful baby girl taking her nap. My heart is full of joy and gratitude for every single person at RMA. Everyone you come into contact with from reception, blood draws, nurses and all the doctor you will meet are so kind, helpful, understanding and accommodating. I had a 2 losses before seeking fertility treatments and therefore was extremely on edge and scared throughout the process. Dr.stein and his amazing team had compassion and understanding. They gave me my world- my beautiful baby girl and I will be forever grateful and they will also always hold a special place in my heart. If it’s not already totally clear- I highly recommend RMA.

John Chiappetta: I had such a great experience at the RMA Eastside location. The staff was friendly, polite, professional and super helpful. I would recommend RMA to anyone who is in need of their services.

Jeneane Zeleznak: 11 months after the service. Then I received another incorrect bill 8 months later. The doctors are ok, so are more friendly / open to questions than others, the nurses and phlebotomists are all lovely, but RMA needs to get their billing department organized. This is part of the overall experience with the practice.

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