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1. The St. Regis New York - Manhattan

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Address: Two E 55th St, New York, NY 10022

Telephone: (212) 753-4500

Business type: Hotel

The St. Regis New York: what do users think?

Justin Baynham: The St. Regis is an old hotel with compact basic room layouts, which is expected based on its age. Expect clean, small rooms with above-average furnishings. What would be anticipated in a hotel like the St. Regis is excellent service, which in my opinion was surprisingly lacking. While one might expect a generally reduced level of hospitality in New York, I was surprised by several incidents. Upon checking in late with two small, sleeping children and telling the front desk person that we were taking them up and putting them in bed immediately, the same front desk person called our room no less than 2 times. This call was to inform me that room service was, in fact, closed after she assured me that "Room service here never closes!" She told me I could order take-out at the restaurant instead. After several minutes searching, I couldn't find a greeter at the restaurant, but eventually was able to order from a helpful waiter. Compounding the interruptions, the restaurant subsequently called my room after I had told them that my kids were sleeping. The following morning we went to breakfast and again could not find a greeter to seat us. We had to go ask the front desk if the restaurant was open before they were able to wrangle someone from a back room. Mid-morning, which should be a relatively slow time for kitchens, we attempted to order room service again but were told a delivery time could not be confirmed, but it would be at least an hour. I am sure the hotel would cite staffing shortages for the deficiencies. In summary, my opinion is good location; clean, small rooms; but, below average service for a hotel of its purported class.

Cristina Urrutia: Hotels are all about service and that’s why I’m giving The St Regis a one star rating. Appallingly bad service all around. Badly trained staff. AC in my room was broken, took 5 hours for engineering department to show up. Front desk kept telling me they were on their way, when they clearly were not . They have a butler service button , which is just a marketing gimmick as no one really answers. Breakfast was very mediocre, took 20 minutes to get a table and service was slow, unprofessional and borderline rude . This hotel is badly managed. When problems were brought to staffs attention , no one seemed competent enough to do anything about it . So many hotel options in NY , don’t waste your money by staying here

anwar chawki: Great hotel on the beachRooms: very wonderfulNearby activities: BeautifulSafety: amazingWalkability: excellentFood & drinks: Very cool thingNoteworthy details: Visit this place

Farouk Amad: Excellent staff. Intelligent and gracious

Vivian Chen: My bf took me here for our 1 year anniversary. The hotel is old school but it was terrific. It had a historical feeling and we had a terrific time!

A. M.: Dated elegance. Staff with dignity. Luxurious.

Phil Landsberg: I was only at the location for an event, but the ballroom is beautifulLocation: 5/5 …

Alexander Barr: For how old & grand the St Regis is, I was a little disappointed with the interior design of my room. I was hoping for more antique / eclectic furniture, not stuff from Target

Martin P: Food at the top floor event venue is great

2. The Langham, New York, Fifth Avenue - Manhattan

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The Langham, New York, Fifth Avenue
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Address: 400 5th Ave, New York, NY 10018

Telephone: (212) 695-4005

Business type: Hotel

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