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1. LSI New York (English language school) - Manhattan

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LSI New York (English language school)
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Address: 40 Rector St #1000, New York, NY 10006

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: (212) 965-9940

Business type: English language school

LSI New York (English language school): what do users think?

Рустам Мужаев: hello is this free?

MZI: 5 for teachers, administration and classmaids...very good school!!

Marta Maniero: Best experience ever! Xo

Natalia A. Pereira: This school is very important for me! ❤️

Oved Elias: A great school, very good teachers and an excellent staff. I enjoyed being there. Thank you

Marcel Pesantez: The best school

Coaching From Maya Katsitadze: I'm strongly recommend LSI. If you wont operational and professional support, professional teachers and a very friendly environment - this school is for you! It was a great honor to work with you Jennifer, Barbara, Daniel, Patti - Thank You!

Emi Artzy: On March 2022 as part of my sabbatical year, I studied English for few months at LSI College in Manhattan, New York. It's my 2nd time there, after a very good experience 7 years ago.It's impossible to describe the experiences and pleasures that come meeting students from all over the world and from the studies themselves.My English improved, I gained more confidence in the language.LSI has an excellent teaching staff, a special personal approach to everything, with Miss Jennifer Robin the principal of the college, taking care of everything.The location of the college is very convenient; Between 10-15 mn walking to the many sites around, including museums and special parks.I strongly recommend this so special college, with its amazing people and unforgettable experiences!Thanks a lot for everything! Emilia Artzy from Israel

Alejandro Davila Marin: One of the best experiences of my life. Fully recommended.

Fatih Sayin: I definitely recommend to enroll Lsi.They are so professional and friendly.Great location and international students from lots of different countries

goffredo schettino: I’ve been here for 6 months, and all of them where fantastic, i came here without any knowledge of the language, and i’m leaving this amazing place with a good level of speaking, writing, reading, the director, Jennifer… she’s just amazing… the school helps you in anyway they can, and i’m sure that nobody gonna repent this choice. Thank u very much for this experience, lsi❤️

Nurmuhammad Hazratqulov: It is very helpfull post

Jhonn: Espectacular tuve la oportunidad de aprender muchas cosas y muy agradecido muy buenos y muy recomendado

2. Manhattan Language - Manhattan

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64 reviews
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Manhattan Language
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Address: 26 Broadway #1101, New York, NY 10004

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 683-5442

Business type: Language school

Manhattan Language: what do users think?

sylvie dholandre: I had a great experience in Manhattan Language. I liked method of teaching. Managers, administrators and teachers are kind and caring.Also, Manhattan Language organizes great activities. I met friendly students of different nationalities and I loved it.I recommend Manhattan Language if you want to study and improve your level of English.

Abiba Fofana: Great experience with Manhattan language! I improved my English very faster, everyday was a challenge but I did it ! Thank you so much for everything and big love on the staff who was amazing.

Rafael Lopez Fernandez: I was there in august 2003. Best experiece ever. Teachers were great, and location awsome!! Such great memories!! I remember my teachers, Anthony Bagnoly and Barbara a woman with 4 jobs 😆I survived the blackout at Manhattan Language. 😂😂😂

Faruk Güneş: Best language school location ! also Teachers are perfect.

dodododododododododo kwon: This is the best English school in New York. It was nice to meet good teachers and students!근처 다른어학원들보다 몇배는 좋음!

최정혜: I will miss the teachers and staff a lot.뉴욕에 어학원 중 저렴하고 가성비 좋은 학원입니다. 매 주 액티비티도 있어서 다양한 외국인 친구들과 많은 추억을 만들 수 있답니당 :-

Allegra: I have attended many language schools in both England and Ireland and can say that I can rate Manhattan Language School at a higher level. The courses are divided according to the level of preparation assessed by a pre-test and there are multiple levels for each. The professors are very knowledgeable in teaching, the teaching method facilitates learning, and the classes are dynamic and challenging. The professors are the best I've ever had, the classes are interesting, engaging, and fun, and every day you learn something new about the language thanks to the modern and innovative teaching method. The school is in the Wall Street neighborhood. A safe, orderly neighborhood, well connected by transportation, and the school offers a beautiful view of the Statue of Liberty. The school is well organized in space it is not too big, which allows you to get your bearings well and know other students. The school offers extra activities such as theatre, museums, and NBA games. There are wonderful people working in the office at this school who made me feel welcome right away, they are available to solve problems and give information, they are attentive and full of energy, and their smiles and enthusiasm make the days beautiful. I attended this school for 5 months and would have liked to stay much longer. It has been a second family for me. The school took care of the selection of my host family and I was very satisfied. The family was used to hosting students and they were also helpful and welcoming. If I had to give a grade I would be 10/10 to the school and 10/10 to the family. I would recommend MLS without any doubt.Thank you for everything ML!!Allegra.

Saul Campuzano Ecovivir Internacional SAS: "I studied for just three weeks, but it was an amazing experience. The staff was very kind, and the teachers were highly skilled professionals. I really enjoyed this experience and strongly recommend it."

Harry HW: Very much quality school.My daughter attended the course and enjoyed very much.Addition to the classes at the school, the school offers variety of after-class activities by which students can expand the real life in English.Thank you!!

Yaneth Palomo: I called this school and I was discriminated against, the person who attended me told me that I could not be accepted to that school because of my immigration status, I am legal in this country and on a student visa. I don't admit any kind of discrimination and racism. Very bad experience.

Morayo Osseni: I really enjoyed the time l spent at Manhattan Language, everyone was really kind with me. I learn a lot , thank you for everything ! I 100 % recommend

Erasto Gomez: La comunicación con los profesores nativos y el crecimiento continuo de tu nivel, se ve reflejado después de cada clase. La interacción con compañeros de otros países, te da más seguridad y confianza. La calidad humana y profesionalismo de las personas que forman la institución es maravillosa.Espero que tengan la oportunidad de vivir esta increíble experiencia.

Genki: I spend an amazing time at the Manhattan language. They have friendly and wonderful teachers! I was at the school for almost 10 months. During this term, I got many friends regardless of age or native place even the teachers became my friends because they have abundant activities. It was really useful to do it!This school is nearby Wall St. Furthermore, you can see the Statue of Liberty from the window.If you improve your English level and enjoy your NY life, I'd highly recommend this school.

Daniela Lopez Perez: Amazing experience!

Fermin Calvo Laoreno: I can say for myself that this has been a good thing for me in the short time I stayed in Manhattan Language, but it was a great help to me to enhance and learn English with the appropriate method I learned, not perfectly learned but I can say that my speech has changed a lot. When I get the chance to visit again, I will see my good teachers who patiently share their knowledge so that I can learn it. Thank you so much, I highly recommended this institution who would like to enhance their communication skills in English...

Alice Chang: The environment is great, also the teachers are friendly ~I love manhattan language school

3. EC New York - Manhattan

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EC New York
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Address: 1501 Broadway 11th floor, New York, NY 10036

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: (212) 490-0865

Business type: English language school

4. Brooklyn School of Languages - Kings County

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47 reviews
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Brooklyn School of Languages
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Address: 175 Pearl St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: (646) 341-1219

Business type: English language school

Brooklyn School of Languages: what do users think?

Luis Jose Rondón: Hello, I would like to know if the classes are face-to-face?

ricarditho 2001: Hello, good afternoon. I would like to learn the English language.I want to know what I need to sign up ... thank you

Jorge barreto: Brilliant

Walter Diaz: Hello, good afternoon, I would like to study and learn the English language. What are the requirements for me to enroll in classes?

Cristina Notario: I was 2 school in other countries and I can say that this school is different of the rest. Fantastic school to learn english. Great views ,good facilities and the organization was excellent. Classes are small. Not more than 8 pupils. It was a good point for me.

Samuel Yaxon: Quiero aprender el idioma ingles iré a visitar aver si me pueden ayudar

Deme Gonzalez: Iré a visitar estás instalaciones necesito aprender hablar el idioma inglés espero que me puedan ayudar

5. New York Language Center - Manhattan

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111 reviews
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New York Language Center
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Address: 2710 Broadway 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10025

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 678-5800

Business type: English language school

6. Kaplan International Languages - New York Central Park - Manhattan

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62 reviews
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Kaplan International Languages - New York Central Park
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Address: 1790 Broadway, New York, NY 10019

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: (646) 285-0300

Business type: English language school

Kaplan International Languages - New York Central Park: what do users think?

Gabriele Giamunno: Kaplan is very good school, the people, the students are friendly and for my opinion the teacher Bruce is amazing, is the best !!

Ligia Eliza Moldovan: Studying at Kaplan was the best option. Professor Megan is the best. My English improved a lot.

Lenia Estevez: Hola. Hice el primer pago de inscripción y aun no me han enviado el comprobante de pago. Ni ningún otro documento. Por favor me urge una respuesta.

Liu Janus: Very nice accommodating manager

V Flores: mi trámite ha recibido atención. La falta de atención fue en el 2o. paso, concerniente al I-20. Escribo al correo que se me indica para detallar la situación. Muchas gracias.

Esma Özdemir: The best school at NY

Davide R.: Before leaving I had asked for a family host and instead I have been placed in a building at the second floor, where not all the people living in the other rooms were students but workers. The interactions with the supposed family were almost absent and the food was left in a shared table put in a shared hall of the floor. Also the homestay was not very clean.The school has acceptable teachers but no good organisation. The best activities were soon fully booked and it even happened that an activity at the natural science museum was canceled at the last time by email and replaced with a tour in a different museum. The staff at the desk has not always been so helpful and I had to address the school director to solve some issue. However thanks to my schoolmates I also lived nice moments during my stay.

JIMIN LEE: It was wonderful.

Larry Lee: It was a happy and rich experience!

Lucci: I can meet many firends.Kaplan is very good

Damla Acar: Kaplan is a great spot to improve your English. All the workers are so helpful and friendly. The campus gives you everything you searched for. Education is perfect.

Bruna Fagundes: The school location is amazing and the staff is very friendly. I enjoyed my classes and improved a lot my speaking.

Denise Brachert: - You can always talk to someone at the front desk if you have questions- The school has weekly activities you can join

Alejandro Echeverri Morales: Escuela muy poco flexible, inconsciente, inhumana. Mi hermana se le recomendó clases virtuales por su embarazo y la escuela no quiso darle esta opción. Ahora mi hermana tuvo una complicación médica y su vida y la de el bebé están el peligro. La peor escuela de Nueva York

Ana Flávia Trombeta: The worst school I already beenEveryone on the school are very rude. Its a messy school, they pass a lot of students to another level just because they want. They don’t have a pattern of classes.I didn’t know any native teacher on the school and they didn’t know how to explain the things or grammar correctly.I waste my time and my money. Don’t do the same!

Juan P. Jacome M.: Yo inicié el proceso de admisión. Me hicieron pagar 500 dólares por la inscripción.Me pasaron de departamento en departamento. Y nunca hicieron bien mi proceso. A la final me negaron la VISA.Terrible mi experiencia con KAPLAN.

7. New York Language Center - Jackson Heights, Queens - Queens

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169 reviews
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New York Language Center - Jackson Heights, Queens
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Address: 37-66 82nd St 2nd floor, Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (718) 476-7600

Business type: Language school

New York Language Center - Jackson Heights, Queens: what do users think?

Jennifer muriel: Muy buena escuela, excelentes instalaciones ✨😁

Paola Porras: Muy buena escuela, excelentes instalaciones…. Muy recomendada 🙂

Alexander Bedoya: Excelente experiencia, super bien asesorados por D.S.O. Excelentes profesores, la pedagogía de la teacher Paola y Melissa súper buenas, se les va a extrañar

guzver93: Una muy buena institución, con docentes que realizan una muy buena labor, acogedoras instalaciones.

Adrian Molina: Tuve muchas dudas y miedos en ir aprender inglés en el exterior, desde el proceso hasta mi último día, NYC CENTER me supo guíar en cada paso de manera personalizada, realmente me llevo la mejor experiencia posible y la satisfacción de ser bilingue.

Nishat rafi: এই স্কুলটি খুবই একটি ভালো স্কুল ইংরেজি শিকার জন্যে।এবং এখানকার সবাই অনেক হেল্পফুল। I have been learned so many things from this school.If anyone wants to stay in this country you should learn and improve your English.Everyone is very helpful here

Maleja Alarcon Castaño: Empecé mis estudio en esta escuela, durante el programa, el servicio dado por los profesores, directivas, y secretarias fue ejemplar.Muy amables, profesional, y paciente durante mi proceso de aprendizaje.I started my studies in this school two years ago. During this English program, the service gave for the teachers, directives, and secretaries was excellent.They are very kind, professional, and patient during my learning process. I truly recommend NYLC😃👍🏻💯

Andres Perez: One of the best places to learn English in NYC, the attention a the teachers are really good, I really loved my time there!

Wer War: Poor treatment of international students

Alexander Martinez: Bad dealing withinternationalstudents

Katterine Sanchez: Terrible service from the advisor

Daniel Veron: I learned a lot in this school

8. New York English Academy - Manhattan

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44 reviews
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New York English Academy
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Address: 〒10038 New York, Maiden Ln

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Business type: English language school

New York English Academy: what do users think?

Florent N: NYEA is a great school. They are located in New York City Financial District. It is such a great location. I attended ESL school at two major universities before NYEA. In contrast, NYEA offers a monthly calendar with NYC tourist events. Also, the school is surrounded by several restaurants. The food experience is better than dining at the universities' cafeteria. The admission office is very helpful.

Onais Aslam: NYEA is a great place for students to learn English language. They have great staff and faculty. Overall, It’s a great place to enhance your english skills.

Samy Acero: .Hello everyone I'm SamuelTree months ago i irrived in new york to join my study english, i choice new york english academy and sincerely I love it and i recommend, teachers are available to help everyone about informations . my teacher is maria and i like to speak with her because she have great method teach his students. she organizes activities and she make us in group to speak about different topics. that is very good to improve our English skills.

Malvina Khachaturova: I am really happy to have found this Academy and not only because they have flexible schedules that I have been looking for. They all are professionals.

Amarildo Marku: Best English learning academy , im happy that i made the right choice.

Lizzantino: Great experience meeting people from all over the world in a beautiful location! Interesting topics and great help from the staff ! I highly recommend this school.

Diana Eyler: Very nice school, helps me a lot with english

Arthur Xie: This is a very speciialized language Academy!

Zié Moussa Koné: and this school welcomed me . During a little time I learned so much from my mistakes. Today I can stand year and write down to say : for sure , my kills English getting better after 3 months . I’m still learning about what I want to have . Thank so much

Fabian Burgos: The Academy it's a very good place whit great teachers! I'm happy to chose NYEA

HaiMing X: The teacher is interested and professional.

Esmeralda De La Cruz: Justamente tengo un mes en esta academia & me gusta la manera en que enseñan ya que me ayuda mucho a mejorar mi inglés. Recomiendo esta academia para quien quiera mejorar su pronunciación & expandir su vocabulario en inglés como yo lo estoy haciendo. El servicio al cliente de la administración es excelente & me encantó como me ayudaron en el proceso de registrarme. La única queja que tengo es la poca flexibilidad en la clases & los horarios ya que la academia insiste en responsabilidad y disciplina de parte del estudiante. En general, considero que esta es una de las pocas academias de ingles que son eficientes y económicas, así que deben intentarlo.

Mirela Georgian: Pleased with the experience at the academy! It provides both academic and extracurricular learning. Last week we visited the Statue of Liberty for an immersion into the american culture.

Saad ahmed Rana: I want to tell you how much New York English Academy helped me with my English. It was really good! The teachers were great and I learned a lot. The best part was the field weeks. We got to learn English and see New York City. It's a beautiful city with many things to see. The teachers took us to important places like museums and landmarks. I also made friends with my classmates and we practiced English together. Overall, New York English Academy was a good choice for me. It helped me improve my English and I had a lot of fun exploring New York City. I would recommend it to others.

Javier Leonardo Ramirez: I have been studying for 6 month. It is a nice environment, and the teachers are willing to help you progress. Vamos por mas!

sall Racine: Très bonne école. Bonne organisation. je conseille fortement de rejoindre la classe de Teacher Maria.

9. ELS Language Centers - New York – Manhattan - Manhattan

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50 reviews
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ELS Language Centers - New York – Manhattan
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Address: 17 Battery Pl #934, New York, NY 10004

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 431-9330

Business type: Language school

ELS Language Centers - New York – Manhattan: what do users think?

Avneet Kaur: Check your inbox and phone too if its not working if someone by mistake see this text. I think you guys gonna make me to loose my money. I booked wrong test on june26 for august 19 but no one picking up phone or answering e mails. Please i lost all august test date availability and probably will loose money too. Anyone from language center, reading this review pleaaaaase act. Check e mail

snehal attarde: Please save yourself from this center.I took my test month before they did not provide me physical result, plus not replying any contact no. Or emails.So pathetic service of ELS IELTS.

Shreyansh Sharma: Extremely disappointed with this place. My friend went to give the exam.The Chinese lady who works there was extremely rude to her.She didn't let her take her water bottle.i understand it's not allowed.But also she discriminated her because she is asian.She deliberately changed her room saying you can go room D instead of room C. She must be knowing what questions room D professor will ask on speaking test!!!Also my friend was speaking to her friend who gave exam the same day.She called her in a rude way saying come and sit here .This is not a good way to behave. Treating people bad by their Race is worst discrimination I have ever seen.She is extremely rude!! The Chinese lady has no kindness at all. How she spoke to my friend was absolutely disappointing.#Never_Discriminate 😥She should not be working there !! She doesn't deserve that job..

Jimmyfrank Figueredo: I only know its exterior and I will have the pleasure of knowing your service and teaching

Maria Gabriela Albornoz: ELS Language center is very good. But is’t sad that the ELS insurance didn’t work for me.

Biying Zhang: and I don’t understand a single word she’s saying… had to ask her in Chinese…

Inquisitive Learner: My issue ain't with this test center but with the Test itself. I got passage about bears both the times I took the Ielts exam. I took the exam twice btw. I am a little on the heavy side. I'm so disturbed.?!!

10. Rennert International - Manhattan

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84 reviews
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Rennert International
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Address: 12 E 41st St, New York, NY 10017

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 867-8700

Business type: English language school

Rennert International: what do users think?

Yahya Islamoglu: because the chairs were terrible. They are small and uncomfortable. I was not able to focus on exam due to back pain.

Jin Seo Jun: One of the few places in New York to learn English and gain indelible memories in your life.

david LJ: . Would love my kids to go there one day ! Many thanks again.

Lucila Fernandez Herrero: Hi! I’m have been trying to get in contact for a few days now. I sent 2 emails but received to answer.

ma Yo: Critical:Professionalism

ben hen: I came from Israel 5 years age to study there English and toefel the teachers were amazing very strict but fun at the same time , great school 100%recommended

Johan Carvajal R: Good school

乾真理子: I'm from Japan and I joined the program for teens in this winter,and that was amazing!! All of teachers are kind,and they helped me to improve my English so much! Also,the activities are grate! I could enjoy New York City very much. Now I have many friends all over the world. I want to join this program again!!

Amanda Bacherer: I really liked Rennert teens, because it helped me expand my horizons, in terms of my English, skills, attitudes and understanding. I improved my English, made new friends and explored an amazing city, New York.

Matvey Tkachev: I'm 14 years old and enjoyed this program so much. It's wonderful staffs and teachers.

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