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1. Yantra Endocrinology+Wellness | Dr. Ashita Gupta - Manhattan

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Yantra Endocrinology+Wellness | Dr. Ashita Gupta
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Address: 146 W 29th St #12e, New York, NY 10001

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (646) 759-9388

Business type: Endocrinologist

Yantra Endocrinology+Wellness | Dr. Ashita Gupta: what do users think?

Shari Lowenstein: Very efficient. Earl has been my saving grace. He gets things done in the kindest way. Huge asset to the practice!

Sara: and a couple of phone calls and with the calls I’m seeing it’s the same attitude, but you know what , I rather deal with someone who is cold but they are competent and gets back to me quickly then someone who’s super friendly but delays the email responses or isn’t competent at all. I’m mentioning this because if someone else is turned off by the receptionist lack of warmth, then know this , she does her job well and that is what’s most important , as for Dr.Gupta she is great in every way. I highly recommend her and her team ! I no longer see dr Gupta because she no longer takes any health insurance and if I wanted to see her , it would have been out of pocket and that simply won’t work for me since it would get real costly real quick being that she is an endo and you can’t always get your thyroid levels under control and multiple blood work recheck is needed and I’m sure every time she would’ve have to review my results or adjust my dose, that would have required an office visit so like I said it would’ve gotten costly very quickly.

Sharon Ruedeman: Dr. Gupta is an amazing endocrinologist. She helped to patiently monitor and guide my thyroid back into good health. Whether in office or over telemedicine I felt like she always took the time to talk with me about what was going on and didn’t just treat me like lab results, but like a human. I highly recommended her and her staff at Yantra Wellness!

Elise Grinstead: I have been under Dr. Gupta’s care for over 7 years now, starting when she was at a larger hospital practice and then moved with her to Yantra. She has always been thorough, thoughtful, and caring. I really needed an endocrinologist that was well versed in the nuances of treating post-thyroidectomy hormone levels based not just on labs but also my personal optimal ranges. She has helped me stay where I best function by addressing multiple factors, not just the standard lab ranges. Very grateful for her looking out for my health and quality of life!Yantra endocrinology is also a wonderful, patient-focused office. Their staff is great.

lorraine drake: and recommended an AIP diet. Within a few weeks I improved dramatically. I highly recommend her.

Bianca Tompkins: Dr Gupta is extremely knowledgeable, calm, patient and never makes me feel rushed. She explains everything to me and let’s me ask all my questions. Her office is nice, clean and calming. She has also been seeing me through telemedicine which during the pandemic has been extremely helpful. Johanna who works at her office is also amazing and has helped me so much. I really appreciate the great work and care you give your patients.

Jasmine Johnson: I’ve been with Dr. Gupta for over a year. My experience has been great. She has answered all of my questions and helped me get my diagnosis under control. Prior to Dr. Gupta, I had an endocrinologist that managed my condition with medication only. Dr. Gupta has helped me manage it holistically and I’m barely taking any medication now. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that is looking to reduce/eliminate their reliance on thyroid medication.

Mickey Rodriguez: Dr. Gupta was a dream come true. I have always wanted to visit a holistic endocrinologist to help treat my thyroid issues. She was compassionate, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. She took the time to listen to my medical history and to listen to my future concerns. Together we came up with a lifestyle plan that changed the way I ate, worked out and planned my day. I highly recommend her and her staff. Her office was beautiful and clean. I can't forget her lovely and caring staff. I look forward to continuing our relationship on my journey towards health.

Laura W-Fonseca: I had called several times, always got an automated answer. I left a message a month ago and never received a call back. Called today left a essays and did recover a return call. I tried to tried to book appointment as a new patient and now they are no longer accepting new patients. Mind you on my insurance website it states they are. Was really looking forward to finding a new physician very disappointed at this process.

Tom Agoston: Excellent experience. Dr. Gupta is warm, patient, informative and comprehensive. I appreciated being given more than one option to consider for treatment -- via Western medicine as well as a more Integrative approach. Highly recommended.

Rebecca Magner Patrick: My experience with Dr. Gupta has been amazing. After meeting with many doctors who told me I was fine, I finally found Dr. Gupta who actually listened and believed my symptoms. Since seeing Dr. Gupta I finally feel like myself again. Her entire staff is so kind and helpful with everything. I wish I had found her sooner!

Stephanie Li: - The doctor gave me concrete recommendations regarding natural supplements and dietary changes to make. I know that the safety/efficacy of alternative treatments can sometimes be problematic, so working with a certified doctor who was familiar with the subject was greatly helpful.- Getting bloodwork done was easy

Rosanna Padilla: Everytime I go in for a appointment the office is clean, the receptionist and the assistant are friendly and attentive. The waiting area environment is very relaxing and they are very prompt. On my 1st visit Dr. Gupta was very kind and informative. She listened to what my issues were and was well knowledgeable. She was very direct of what the problem was and how it can be attended to. I have and would recommend Dr. Gupta to friends and co workers.

Geeta Shah: The best Endocrinologist I have found in last 15 years!She is thorough, knowledgeable with latest research, and genuinely interested in my wellness through sustainable methods.Every doctor used to control my TSH level through medicine, but Dr. Ashita was able to manage my symptoms of bloating and tiring through medicines. I am sure anyone struggling to manage thyroid levels and symptoms will appreciate the importance of such a change!


Meka Brooks: and your textbook medical options in which would require prescribed medications...if needed. If the latter is the case she does go over the pros and cons of every med that is recommended for the particular problem that requires the aid of pharmaceuticals so you are making an informed decision.Wait time is not long, appointments are scheduled in such a way that you will not feel rushed nor feel like you have been waiting forever to be seen.As I mentioned if you are looking to have a discussion about your health and the options available, rather than have a doctor that just writes scripts and doesnt even know your name, then this is the place for you.

Samantha Anderson: Yantra Endocrinology is an beautiful oasis in the midst of the chaotic NYC medical field. You walk into the space and feel immediately at ease and calm. The staff is inviting and warm, welcoming you to your visit. Dr. Gupta takes her time speaking to you and really listens to your concerns. She is very knowledgeable and offers choices, but she is not dogmatic with her recommendations. She is gentle and very approachable. I heartily recommend her practice!

Laura Whit: Dr. Gupta impressed me. After six months of visiting doctors in Westchester, I was discouraged. I'm not sleeping, I have chronic pain, I am having all kinds of crazy issues, and I can't figure out what's wrong even though I have had test after test. Right away she explained that the supplements I am taking were skewing the lab work. No other medical professional caught that. In addition, I have a lot of concerns about taking hormones and other medications, but she was able to walk me through a very detailed protocol with very specific reasons for following the protocol in order to address these concerns, so I feel we worked together to make the best decisions for my health. She's very analytical, which is what I was looking for in a doctor. I dumped a whole bunch of data and symptoms on her in a short time, and I left her office feeling confident that I can get back on the road to wellness and reclaim my active lifestyle. I am looking forward to working with her over the upcoming months.

Tabitha Kaiser: Dr. Gupta is phenomenal! She truly takes the time needed to listen to you and treat all aspects of your condition. She address every symptom in its own way and doesn't give up until you feel better. I highly recommender her and her calm, comforting, and approachable demeanor.

Elsa Rios: Highly recommend Dr. Gupta!! This is my 4th Endo in less than a year and I am elated to say that I have finally found the perfect combination. Very calming atmosphere, and amazing communication!

2. JAMBOX Entertainment Studios - Manhattan

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JAMBOX Entertainment Studios
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Address: 352 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 979-8324

Business type: Recording studio

JAMBOX Entertainment Studios: what do users think?

Therese Rea: My husband and I visited Jambox on Friday past and had an excellent time with Lee, recording our own version of Elton John and Kiki Dee's - Don't Go Breaking My Heart. Lee, made us both feel extremely comfortable and showed us the ropes from the initial recording to the mixing and production. He made the session we had together worth while and would highly recommend!!!

marcia mattox: Divine M&A fellow Musicians Artist Engineer Producer Mix Master💫👑💫👑💫👑🦋🔥🦋

VocalEyes Team: Friendly and helpful studios, who were quick to respond and worked very flexibly. We worked together remotely and Cathy & Billy made the process very smooth. Thank you Jambox team!

Donovan Hunter: The best place

Jillian A DeCarlo: The experience was great!

Justina: A group of 3 friends and I came here from a University and sang a cover of any song we wanted..and let me tell you, they know what they're doing here. The producer, Lee, was so professional, gave guidance on singing, and even sent us all a mastered recording of our songs all for an extremely reasonable price. JamBox Recording Studios is awesome!! All 4 of us came into the studio with 0 experience, and came out feeling like professionals. I highly recommend going here.

Helene Antoine: This is the place to be if you want to record your music . I took my daughter there yesterday she was nervous to start. Mr. lee was very friendly and broke every step down to us about the studio and he was ✅ my 15 year daughter had the best music engineer there shout out too Bill we were all please.

justice haze: Jam box are professional people they take your craft as serious as you take it Kathy and Lee and great they have a team of professionals that will also bring the same level of professionalism you won't be let they use top notch equipment this is the spot

Jennifer Matos: It was an amazing experience for my princess who got to work with David and Billy. Very nice, very professional and both made her feel comfortable. We will be back.

mergirl2000 Dunne: Warm friendly atmosphere!Staff is wonderfull.

Ellen Siesel: . Lee Evans and Cathy Palmisano were helpful and patient explaining process and cost. I couldn't be happier with the excellent result. They were curious, generous and kind in their enthusiasm for the material I brought,. I was given samples of edited vs. unedited sound to make an informed choice. I see from other reviews that Jambox is a treasure to people who know what's involved in the engineering aspect, but it's just as valuable for people to whom this is all new. If you're thinking of a project like mine; do it!

Game of Thrones: I went to this studio a few years ago to lay down vocals for my songs. I would like to thank Lee Evans for being one of the most caring,hands on,dedicated,passionate,talented,professional recording engineer,business man,and music pro.From the moment I stepped into his establishment I was greatly impressed with how friendly and compassionate him and his wife Cathy, and staff are.Lee is truly a master of his craft and a music legend and if you come to his studio you will feel comfortable,he is open to your honest feedback and he takes this feedback to give you even better service.When your in the booth he pushes you to do your best vocal take.He really cares about his clients doing there best.I would recommend this studio to anyone looking for top notch music engineering and production service.

Lee Evans: This is a great Recording studio with excellent staff and great sound engineers. Warm and friendly they make everyone feel at home

William Butler: Great studios, friendly staff, and a wide variety of services . Would highly recommend!

Marc Hannon: Easy to navigate

Joshua Goldberg: Never felt so at home in a studio in my life! Has everything you would want from a professional yet intimate studio environment.

Conshea Brown: Such a great and homey feeling to this place and incredible people!

3. Mirrortone Studios - Manhattan

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Mirrortone Studios
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Address: 146 W 29th St Suite 11R, New York, NY 10001

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (347) 815-4582

Business type: Recording studio

4. Niles - Manhattan

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395 reviews
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Address: 371 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001

Schedule: Opens at 12:00 PM

Telephone: (212) 629-0210

Business type: American restaurant

5. New York City Audubon Society - Manhattan

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7 reviews
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New York City Audubon Society
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Address: 71 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10010

Telephone: (212) 691-7483

Business type: Non-profit organization

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