Best Williamsburg Tour In New York Near Me

1. Dapper Tours - Queens

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Dapper Tours
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Address: 9 Montrose Ave Suite 4B, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Schedule: Open until 11:00 PM

Telephone: (833) 868-7692

Business type: Tour operator

Dapper Tours: what do users think?

Stuart Thomson: Had a fantastic tour with Will from Dapper Tours. What I can say, is the more you let Will know what you are interested in, the more fun you will have for the tour. We did the DUMBO to Downtown tour, was a great way to see more than we imagined and learnt a lot as well. Best described as one man sharing his love for the city and it’s people - do yourself a favour and get on a Dapper Tour.

Romain Ruaux: Would have loved to book but they don't reply

Eartha A (Earth2Eartha): , and the most unique way I have ever seen New York.My cheeks hurt from smiling so much, people kept waving at us as we made our way down the streets, made me feel totally like a celebrity!But my favorite thing about the whole tour are the stories… I loved these little secret stories about this building or that alley or that neighborhood… tales and anecdotes you wouldn’t normally find in travel guides or regular tours! Will makes everything he does for you so personal and so special, you can’t help but have such a magical time.I did my tour at night, and I would totally do it again many times over, at different times during the day for different perspectives. I could not recommend Dapper Tours enough! Here’s hoping they expand all over the world very soon!Thank you, Will Davis! Will Davis is Life!

Justin Hawkins: I've lived in NYC for over 10years and this is easily one of funnest experiences I've had living in this city! I've always wanted to ride in a sidecar and it did not disappoint. It was so cool to see places I've walked by everyday from a whole new perspective...such a novel experience. My tour guide Will showed me some really interesting places that I never knew existed and was super cool to share this ride with, felt like I was hanging out with a good friend. I cannot recommend giving this experience a try whether your a tourist or a long time resident...AWESOMEService:Private tours

Cullen Riley-Duffy: The best tour ever. Will brings the fun and makes you feel comfortable on his super cool Ural. His knowledge of the city is eye opening and helps you see NYC in a fresh and optimistic light. Loved it!

Eoin Riley-Duffy: Perfect experience! Will provides a fun filled knowledge tour with an open conversation about what you want to know about Brooklyn while showing you all the hidden gems that you could’ve never found by yourself!

Thomas Petit: was really an unforgettable experience and the highlight of our three days in NY.

Tim Grieve: Wow!!! This is hands down the best tour I have been on. Will is a classic Brooklyn man, full of engaging facts and lots of fun. The motor cycles are incredible war time relics, and we were the center of attention everywhere we went.Don’t miss this real taste of Brooklyn!

Brandon S: Tailored, detailed and unique only begin to describe this amazing experience that Will and Dapper Tours put together. Easily one of the best tourist experiences I have ever had period. Highly recommended.

Alicia Marin: , Brooklyn Bridge, Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn Height and the Promenade. Each time, the guides shared a piece of history, a fun fact, a fresh perspective on what makes Brooklyn and NYC such a unique place. Their passion for the city was contagious in those moment as it was their enthusiasm to find the beauty and elegance of NY amid its chaos. Both guides/drivers were gentle, super fun, respectful and good drivers!

Kate Gaines: Took my 14 year old son one morning. Will was fantastic and such fun! We’ve visited NYC a lot and he showed me things I’d never seen before and now can’t wait to come back and check out again!

Romain Poirot: Maybe the most unique way of showing New York to your family visiting! I took my mum for mother’s day.You will learn and see New York in a different angle!Will took great care of us!

Casper Thomsen: Will is a great guy who is very passionate about his work! He does a great job. If you're ever in New York - book a trip! It's fun and educational! A ride in Will's sidecar must be the best way to see New York! Thank you Will!

jeremy clarke: This is not just a tour, this is a mini life-changing event.Bring your foulest mood, your grumpiest partner, your most British weather.And you’ll LOVE it.New York from a warm sidecar, at about 20 mph, will take you by surprise. You’ll see more, experience more, laugh more.Will is the quintessential raconteur host. Jovial, knowledgeable, eccentric and electric.You will not be disappointed.

2. Hasidic Tours by Frieda - Kings County

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Hasidic Tours by Frieda
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Address: 320 Roebling St Suite 433, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: (347) 433-8440

Business type: Sightseeing tour agency

Hasidic Tours by Frieda: what do users think?

Wendi: and also she obviously has first hand information from living in this community until her early 20's.I was struck by how this woman, very close to my age, led such a completely different life to mine. Also, I was surprised at how the community seems to still welcome her

Charlotte R: I thoroughly enjoyed this tour of Williamsburg with Frieda. We learned a lot about the history and culture of the area and got a chance to really immerse ourselves for a couple hours. Loved it.

Eliane Ahdoot: I attended the tour with my 10 year old son and we both enjoyed it so much!! It was very educational, and we loved the stops in the different shops and bakeries! Thank you Frieda

Kevin Kudrna: My wife and I had an incredible experience on our tour with Frieda! Without a doubt, it was the highlight of our New York trip. This tour offered us a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable insights into the community's culture and history. What made it truly special was the chance to immerse ourselves in the neighborhood, witnessing the vibrant community in their day-to-day lives. Walking through the streets and experiencing the local atmosphere firsthand was both enlightening and exhilarating. One aspect that truly stood out during the tour was the chance to savor some of the most delectable baked goods I've ever tasted. However, the most memorable moment came when a Hasidic woman, while pushing a stroller, approached Frieda and expressed her admiration by saying, "I love your videos." This interaction exemplified the impact that Frieda has had on the community and the genuine connection she has forged with the locals. All in all, our experience with Frieda was exceptional. The tour provided an educational and immersive journey that surpassed all our expectations. We highly recommend it to anyone looking to delve into the heart and soul of the Williamsburg Hasidic community. Thank you, Frieda, for an unforgettable experience!

Laura Davidson: Frieda's gentle spirit and insider knowledge immersed us in the Hasidic community. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to learn from her experiences.

joe Halpern: The best tour lady in town she knows her stuff

Hazel Hiram: I enjoyed every second of my tour with Frieda yesterday. Frieda was welcoming and informative. We were given a very unique insight into Hasidic life in Williamsburg. It was simply fascinating and Frieda was so professional. Frieda also treated us to some very tasty Kosher food along the way! I would highly recommend this tour.

Leslie Saxon West: The walking tour of Hasidic Williamsburg with Frieda Vizel was exceptional. The tour was limited to twelve people which allowed us to ask lots of questions and walk easily with the group around this fascinating neighborhood. Frieda is an experienced guide who is knowledgeable and respectful of this Hasidic community. She came equipped with diagrams and maps and clearly communicated proper protocol while walking in this neighborhood. She provided us with many materials before the tour, essentially homework, which helped prepare us for what we were going to see and experience. She was personable, enthusiastic, and generous and answered questions clearly, including fact-based information along with her own personal experiences and insights. We generally do not like tours, but if you are interested in the Hasidic community in Williamsburg, and truly want to understand their history and beliefs, this is the way to do it. We are two retired college professors and tend to be quite critical. We were both impressed and would not hesitate to recommend this tour with Frieda, to others.

Robyn Stoffberg: One of the most interesting things we did in NYC! So glad I decided to book this tour. Learnt about a whole different culture and the tour included trying delicious Jewish food.

James Carpick: Toured with Frieda 16-10-22. Illuminating, insightful, interesting. Frieda is warmth personified, engaging and with personal knowledge almost no tour guide anywhere could ever match. The tour is objective and sympathetic, a rare accomplishment. I highly recommend the tour.

Allan Cannon: We loved our tour with Frieda! Definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

Leslee Morrison: Full of wonderful information and so pleasant to listen to all her knowledge of the area.

P. J.: . She was also very open to questions and was clearly keen to hear what impressions her guests took away, making this feel more of a dialogue and joint learning enterprise than simply a set-piece lecture tour.Frieda wears her knowledge lightly and the tour was hugely enjoyable as well as instructive. The two and a half hours flew by. Our teenage daughters also enjoyed it. And I haven't even mentioned the food! I'll let you savour that pleasure - just make sure you bring your appetite with you.Highly recommended.

Rabbi Jason Miller: Amazing and truly eye opening! Frieda does not lead a typical walking tour of Brooklyn. This is a deeply personal, thoughtful, and extremely informative tour of a community that tries to keep outsiders out. Her insight into the Satmar Hasidic neighborhood of Williamsburg reveals a woman who is able to look deeply into her upbringing in this same neighborhood and convey an insider's perspective about the people and places on a level of a PhD in sociology. Her candid explanation is honest and thought-provoking. At the end of the tour, you'll have learned so much about a very insular community, but you'll also have many more questions that Frieda will happily entertain. I highly recommend.

Joey Silver: I went on this tour on a beautiful September day and it was truly amazing. The Hasidic culture is so fascinating and this tour was informative, fun, and from the perspective of Frieda, who left the community years ago. We loved getting a peek into her life. After watching programs like Unorthodox and One of Us, this tour gives another lens to view with which to view the community. And we also got to try some treats along the way! Baked goods from a Hasidic bakery, some treats from a candy store, and a sampling of foods from a deli. Thank you, Frieda!

Robert Clouser: This was a phenomenal experience! Frieda is in a unique position to give you a view into a thriving Hasidic culture and community, as well as the historical context. Her experiences, knowledge, and insight challenged my prejudged notions. We were given access into a world that seemed so inscrutable to me before I arrived, but by the end, I felt I understood more about the history, habits, and motivations, and how we’re all in our own bubbles. Frieda is personable, lively, generous, and the food was terrific!

Phil Tamber: This tour is a must try when in Brooklyn, would definitely recommend.👍

Lorelle Krulis: Wonderful tour of Chasdidic Williamsburg community with Frieda. Tour gave us a real insight into Chasdidic way of life from architecture to food to lifestyle. Considering lunch was included tour was very good value and was one of the highlights of our trip to New York. Will be recommending this tour to friends and family coming to New York. Freida is a wonderful tour guide and her personal story is fascinating. She is a coragrous young lady who we feel privileged to have met.

3. Brooklyn Unplugged Tours + Graffiti Art - Queens

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Brooklyn Unplugged Tours + Graffiti Art
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Address: 100 Bogart St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (347) 410-4192

Business type: Sightseeing tour agency

Brooklyn Unplugged Tours + Graffiti Art: what do users think?

Lindy Smith: Nick was a great tour leader. He gave us a quick lesson in New York manners and traffic before we set off. We had young children to older adults in our group and there was something for everyone. Very educational! Graffiti will not be the same to me anymore.

Lisa Read: I really enjoyed the Best of Brooklyn walking tour. I learnt a lot and saw some really interesting things. John was a great host, really friendly and informative.

Jildert Huitema: Had a wonderful tour through the neighborhood by very knowledgeable tourguide who is in contact with the artists.

Riana McGoldrick: . Nic was very knowledgable, informative, and kept discussions light. There was a great balance of stopping to discuss, pausing to take it all in, and wandering. Highly recommend!

Anthony: Can you say Annoying ! I own a building here and these tours just clog up my sidewalk . As well as people talking and taking pictures of Graffiti a/k/a Street Art .Which is still illegal unless consent forms and permits are filed. Many of other building owners are complaining to the Community Board as well as elected official’s to curb it .Sorry Wycoff Heights now has million dollars homes now . Peace and Quiet would be great after years of neglect .Go to Brooklyn Heights and pull this stunt .

Roberto Rey: John has been a fantastic guide duting our tour through williamsbourgh, saturday 18th at 15h. We’d repeat if we’ve the option.

C “CTLC” T: We did the Best of Brooklyn Williamsburg tour and it was amazing. John was our tour guide and he knew everything about the city. He showed us great street art and interesting spots. He was also able to give us information about Queens and Manhattan. He did an amazing job!

Antoine P.: A wonderful and insightful tour with John in Williamsburg! Thank you from France 🇫🇷

Shannon Bell: This was such a fun experience! We learned how to create and made an incredible canvas. Worth every penny!

Gema Martinez: . Además, estando allí tampoco da tiempo a ver las casas tranquilamente porque enseguida tienes q volver a seguir al guía y hubo momentos q incluso lo perdimos de vista.La opinión sobre el lugar es fabuloso, pero para verlo con tiempo y no en 1h30m

Holly Charles: We had an AMAZING time doing their Graffiti art workshop in October. We went for my daughter's birthday and it was one of the highlights of our trip. The artist was great with kids, teaching them, and ensuring that we had a beautiful final product that we all loved. They also did a great job shipping it to us. The service was impeccable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone and will definitely use them again. Thank you!

Wilson Pasachoa: Awesome place…

Kati H.: It was a very interesting Tour. Our guide was Jeff and he was a local. He really knows this area and had a lot of funny and interesting Storys. It was was a great way for us to explore this area. Thank you so much!

Tommaso Falconi: Nice place

Sarah Honne: We did the tour with John today and it was really great! Brooklyn has evolved beyond belief and John knows all about it! He showed us great street art and you can feel how much he enjoys doing these tours. I was sad that only 2 of about 20 participants gave a tip. I find it super embarrassing and uneducated. Anyway - Next time I travel to New York, I'll be in again!

4. Graff Tours - Queens

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Graff Tours
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Address: 282 Meserole St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: (201) 397-9138

Business type: Tour operator

Graff Tours: what do users think?

Patricia H: My son and I had a fantastic time today at Graff Tours' graffiti class. The class is limited to a handful of students at a time given the small size of the studio, which looked really cool and was well ventilated. They use water soluble spray paint, so there aren't any fumes to worry about, but they have masks on hand, if requested. Lief was our instructor and was great - really patient and answered any questions that we had. He also covered up any parts that we messed up a little. Since my son and I were together, we ended up sharing a big canvas. There was another family of 6 there, and 5 of them shared another canvas. In the end, you get to keep your finished piece. Street parking is available - if you go on a Sunday, it's free. Lots of beautiful street art in that area too.

Jez Everest: Great fun, really friendly guys, cool and unusual thing to do.

erika dina marengo: Beautiful. Highly recommended. The staff very well prepared. My kids loved it.

Sandy Kwon: Had so much fun in Mims’s class. He’s an excellent teacher and made the experience so enjoyable, even for an artistically challenged person like me. Such a fun date with my partner. This would be such a great activity for teams as well. Def recommend!!

Family Brown: stepped in as needed to keep things on track. Perfect length of time: an efficient experience but a lifetime of memories. Leaving with your own creation was is a very creative structure for this workshop. We were a family of four with teens...highly recommended.

Rebecca Kovalcik: We had such a blast with Envy! She showed us basics, let us practice, gave us free reign and even had time to spray some t-shirts. She couldn’t have been more warm and open to showing us the ropes. She had us laughing the entire time, and we made a rad piece for our apt. Envy - thank you for a fun night!

Jake Pullman: Had a really fun time. Leaf talked us through it and helped us make a real work of art.

Joe K: I recently had a very disappointing experience at Graff Tours. My friends and I paid $200 for a graffiti tour and were promised a 1.5-hour session. However, our experience fell far short of our expectations. The guide painted my name without giving me any opportunity to participate or learn, and when we tried to engage with him, he seemed annoyed and dismissive.To make matters worse, we were rudely kicked out after only an hour, even though we had paid for a longer session. This was incredibly disappointing and left us feeling cheated out of our money and time.Overall, I would not recommend this tour to anyone looking for an interactive and educational graffiti experience. The lack of engagement, dismissive behavior, and early dismissal made for an incredibly unsatisfying experience.

Yennie: with alex

Harold Klein: We truly take advantage of many inspiring and enlightening activities NYC offers. This experience will be on the top of our recommendations list. We now have a new understanding, appreciation and fascination of Graffiti culture. And Audrey our guide.....well, I venture to say there are not many if any like her. The knowledge and passion for this "Sport" is likely unmatched. Couple that with her ability to communicate and magnetic way of communicating and you have a great day!,

Ute Hellebuyck: The 2-hour Graff tour was beyond amazing for me. Andrea introduced me to the history of graffiti and street art as well as its "language". The wealth of information by an insider gave me a whole new insight into the street art culture. Do not miss this tour.

Wendy Baquerizo: We had such a cool experience learning graffiti basics from Envy. Envy is very passionate and brings her love of the art of graffiti to the class, she excites and hypes you up. We loved it all. Ty Envy 3

Abigail Gepner: I did a workshop here with my partner as a gift. Overall it was a really fantastic experience, and I was surprised at how much we were able to learn and do in an hour. The instructor did a wonderful job of getting through a lot of basic techniques thoroughly and quickly – he was patient and attentive and made sure everyone learned what they needed to create a beautiful custom one of a kind piece to take home. We had a great time, and I would definitely recommend!

Min Sun Song: Ghost was a great and patient teacher 10/10 recommend! Was a great birthday party activity and the birthday girl also gets to take home the art on canvas!

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