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1. Sleep Disorders Institute Headquarters - Manhattan

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Sleep Disorders Institute Headquarters
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Address: 330 W 58th St Suite 509, New York, NY 10019

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 994-5100

Business type: Sleep clinic

Sleep Disorders Institute Headquarters: what do users think?

michael Profita: Horrible made an appointment over two months ago and the day before I’m supposed to go in for study they cancel on me and no supervisor to speak to she conveniently is in meetings for the short time she is in office. They have a woman who barley speaks English call to cancel and she calls from her personal cell number after office hours so the bosses can hide and not have to deal with you. Horrible place would not recommend it to my worse enemy much less family or friends.

Jeff Paradise: Did an at home sleep test 2 months ago. Was told results would be available in a week. After hearing nothing for 3 weeks I called and was told I would get results that week. Well, it's been over a month longer and still nothing. Feels like a scam at this point. If I'm living with apnea and don't know due to their inability to provide the promised services... I wonder what their liability will be for me going untreated for months.FYI, I do not want a response of "call this number etc." My name is attached to this review. Send me my results or refund my copay.

Gary Sales: Initial call to set up an appointment went well. Spoke with Zack who answered my questions and listen to my comments and set me up with an appointment with one of the doctors at the office.

JC B: Arya helped me with my appointments in a fast and professional manner.

takashi miyanishi: Great hospitality. Arya is kind and so helpful that I got my CPAP machine very quickly. Really appreciate.

Fakhrul Islam: Update:Last year, I had a negative experience with this office and considered changing doctors due to this experience. However, I didn't want to go through the hassle of switching doctors, so I decided to contact this office again. Unfortunately, no one responded to my call. I then went to their website and chat with a live agent named Arya Harvey. After explaining my concerns, she promised to call me back within an hour. To my surprise, she called me back within five minutes. I had a very pleasant and seamless appointment experience with her. In my opinion, this company needs more people like Arya who excel in their area.

Joshua Albert: Staff listened to my requests/inquiries and either provided information or redirected me to parties that could aide. Helpful solutions/service was provided in a quick manner and staff, such as Arya, always asked if there was anything else she could assist me with.Please note I’ve only gone through my initial consultation appointment and am pending my actual sleep test session.

AL: It has always been very easy to get appointments and the staff is very helpful. The doctor I had been seeing is wonderful. Would recommend this practice.

Lindsay Jacobs: Very helpful online! Thank you

Light of All Worlds: , the bed was soft, and you could walk around freely so it didn't feel restrictive at all.

Samer Azab: I am sending you this e-mail as I am wracked with anger at what happened with my son. Since he was supposed to have an appointment today at exactly 9:20 at your staten island hospital, and we received a letter confirming the appointment last Wednesday. When we arrived at the appointment, we were told that there was no appointment for us and that it had been canceled. The employee there apologized and did not know how the appointment was removed from the system. She spoke with her direct supervisor, Susan Rivera, who did not provide any appropriate or logical explanation for what happened, and that this is an act that does not indicate Professionalism in providing services, as you waited for the appointment that was set by the center, and we made many arrangements at home to secure our children during the night, and we left the place after an hour of waiting without reaching a result or An explanation of what happened.And this has a bad effect on the psychological readiness of my child and my family.Please answer my question and tell me what happened

Mandela Wende: So far so good

Andre Barber: I have been going to this clinic for years. They always help me.

Rosa Rodriguez: I have been dealing with this sleep disorder office for almost a year. At the beginning speaking to the doctor he was so kind and thoughtful after that everything goes wrong. Did the sleep study at home I had to call to find out the results. Then they wanted me to come in and sleep over to do the sleep study which I did and I have pictures. Took them a long time to give me my results to say I do have sleep apnea and getting the machine and the mask. It's been eight months since I did the sleep study still have not gotten the Machine and the mask. I keep calling they give me the run-around that they had to recall the machines. they gave me a new number to call mr. Kelly if I have any issues still haven't heard from him either. I think we all should get together and report this because something's going on maybe they are using the insurance scam. I don't know what else to do.

Vic Sarjoo: Sleep Disorders institute is reputed to the premier clinic of their type in the greater NYC area and beyond. This is no exaggeration. From their tech savvy through medical competence, this is a GREAT organization to deal with. You need go nowhere else.

Teresa Dee: I find the Institute to be very effective and the staff knowledgeable. Everyone is courteous and problem solvers.

Jannina Marie Galarza-Londono: My husband had a really fast televisit with a doctor who told him they would reach out within the week to schedule a sleep study. After 2 weeks of waiting, we called and ended up scheduling the appointment. We did an at home sleep study and dropped off the test the next day. We were told that we could expect results within 7 to 10 business days. After 2 weeks we began calling and were told each time that the results were being processed and that we should expect a call within a day or two...after more than a month of calling we are still being told the same thing- the results are being processed and someone will call me back... No one ever does- meanwhile my husband is suffering from sleep apnea and in desperate need of medical intervention. If you're in any sort of rush or want to be treated respectfully of your time, don't come here!

Jeffrey Harper: Though my past experience at the Sleep Disorders Institute had been excellent, my most recent dealings have been characterized by frustration, incompetence and unprofessional behavior - with the exception of the diligent, helpful and committed efforts of SDI patient liaison Mike Carson who, alone, made efforts to address my unfulfilled treatment requirements over two months.Mike Carson deserves 5 stars, but he was alone amid multiple failures by SDI staff and patient providers.The medical provider assigned to me failed to keep appointments on time. He failed to provide a sleep report - despite his promising to do so and despite repeated calls I made requesting the sleep report.The same provider failed to correctly process my prescription for a new CPAP machine. It took 6 to 7 calls to SDI over two months, during which I was promised by SDI staff that my CPAP prescription was being promised - even though it wasn't.Finally, after 5 or 6 calls, I was told to contact the CPAP device company and that my order had been processed. I did so and learned that they had no record of the prescription.I was then fortunate to contact the superb Mike Carson at SDI, and he took control of the situation and discovered that my prescription had been incorrectly submitted with insufficient documentation by an SDI staff/professional. Mike assumed responsibility for correcting the error and had the prescription processed promptly.It will now take another month for me to obtain the CPAP machine - my current device is three years past its normal lifespan - so I am eager to replace it.I have worked in hospitals and clinics, and I understand the complexities of the medical system, but since the superb Dr. Stephen Lund, the former director of SDI retired, the quality of care and general level of competence at SDI has plummeted - with the exception of fine, competent people like Mike Carson who did an excellent job.In its current state, SDI has delivered to me an exceptionally poor level of care and demonstrated a stunning lack of professionalism and execution of services, resulting in prolonged frustration. I cannot, in good faith recommend the service to anyone seeking professional, patient-oriented services.

K B: , it's a journey through corridors.

2. BlueSleep Snoring and Sleep Apnea Center: Jordan C. Stern, MD - Manhattan

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BlueSleep Snoring and Sleep Apnea Center: Jordan C. Stern, MD
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Address: 245 5th Ave 3rd floor, New York, NY 10016

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: (646) 813-0645

Business type: Sleep clinic

BlueSleep Snoring and Sleep Apnea Center: Jordan C. Stern, MD: what do users think?

Robert Pedersen: Professional, attentive and knowledgeable. Focus is on customer. Very pleased

Monica Dennis: Dr. Engholdt is knowledgeable, patient, and reassuring. She explained complex concepts in an easeful manner, and she provided space for me to ask questions. All of my questions were answered with great care. I felt more confident and informed after my appointment with her.

Gail Kolcz: I highly recommend BlueSleep. They are thorough and very helpful. I now have a CPAP and had a follow up with Rebecca. She explained everything and answered all my questions. So far I have met with Billie Jean and Rebecca and feel that my health is a priority to them. They are incredibly knowledgeable and very sweet.Thank you to BlueSleep. I am sleeping better and feeling so much better during the day.

N.M.: Scam Alert!I had an appointment with the doctor, which i confirmed over the phone. An assistant showed up instead. She was not helpful, and told me the only thing she was authorized to do was give me a sleep test. She couldn't comment on anything else.So I cancelled my next appointment with her. The office charged me for both appointments, and they don't answer the phone to correct this.They do *NOT* answer the phone.This is appalling behavior from a doctor's office. Or any office. This is stealing money for a service not given!!

Derrick D: and I have an appointment to get scanned next week and am expecting the mouth piece shortly thereafter.I'm certainly recommending Blue Sleep to friends.

Deanna Whitney: . When I was greeted by the first PA, she said, "Oh I don't deal with hypersomnia so after your sleep study I'll have you speak with my associate". What was the point of the intake form then? They asked if I wanted to do an at home sleep study and so I obliged - my mistake for not asking if it would cost anything but shame on them for not mentioning there was a $20 shipping fee. After the study, I meet with the next PA only for her to say, "You don't have sleep apnea". I know this already and provided the results from a prior sleep study. The whammy? She says, "we don't deal with hypersomnia here". Why was none of this mentioned from the very get go? I wouldn't have wasted two specialty doctor copays and a shipping fee for a test I didn't need.They really only help with sleep apnea, so if you know your issue lies elsewhere - look elsewhere!**EDIT 5/17/23 - To add insult to injury, I was just charged even more for the at home sleep study due to "lack of information" provided to my insurance company.FURTHER, I was contacted by this organization to speak further about my review, I provided my personal information to be contacted, and never heard anything after that.

T A Brown: Helpful, knowledgable, and willing to spend time to explain

Katie Kleiner: As someone who has experienced how much poor sleep can impact your life, I highly recommend BlueSleep. I had a terrific experience with PA Claudia Neely, who was knowledgeable and thorough. She cared about my issues and explained everything.

Shadock Baty: Sent me a bill 4 months later for a copay I paid at time of appointment. Whole thing is a scam. Do not use,

Rochelle Hunt: I called BlueSleep and was very pleased. My provider, Cindy Logue, was very professional and knowledgeable. She diagnosed my sleep issue as sleep apnea and recommended an appliance.Being a cash paying client, BlueSleep worked out a payment plan that fit my needs.Overall, my BlueSleep experience exceeded my expectations.

Richard Neal: Once I made an appointment the process from start to finish was seamless. I filled out the questionnaire and within days I received my in home sleep test, which was easy to use. A few days later, I did my follow up and was given a treatment plan. My prior authorization was completed with days and was on my way to better sleep! They were professional, efficient and thorough. Thank you Blue Sleep for your help!!

Holly B: Blue Sleep is extremely professional, and they care about their patients. I would recommend their service to anyone experiencing sleep troubles. The only issue so far is that I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in February, and still haven’t received my device. The time from diagnosis to treatment is so long and very difficult.

Coffee, Crime & Wine: Great service, friendly and fast

Late Night with Kay: Very friendly and super great service!

Christina Christensen: Claudia is an amazing clinician. She reviewed my concerns and we came up with a plan together. I will be back !

catherine zito: I always have a really hard time sleeping and Claudia gave me so many different options and now I’m sleeping so much better than I ever have before.

Pat Byrnes: All I can say about my experience is absolutely wonderful. The providers are very informative and caring. The practices support staff were very helpful. The doctor diagnosed my condition and the resulting treatment as made sleep for me a blessing finally after all these years of not knowing the issue. I highly recommend this medical practice who is proactive to get to the root of your medical issue if you have snoring, breathing issues and possibly sleep apnea. I recommend this group with a 5 star rating

Julie Ann Belo: Im so happy with the treatment and the process of this office. The bill was explained to me very well and the process from the initial consultation and sleep test are easy and convenient. Will recommend this to my family and relatives.

3. eos sleep - Sleep Lab - Manhattan

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eos sleep - Sleep Lab
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Address: 262 Central Park West, New York, NY 10024

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 873-6036

Business type: Sleep clinic

eos sleep - Sleep Lab: what do users think?

Ben P: Great helpful staff and a nice facility.

Roque Bonilla: The Professional Courtesy and the patient attention is great!

Trainwreck #91: Great clinic for sleep apnea diagnostics. This is my second time around. Sleep apnea experts!

4. The Mount Sinai Integrative Sleep Center - Manhattan

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The Mount Sinai Integrative Sleep Center
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Address: 11 E 26th St #13, New York, NY 10010

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 481-1818

Business type: Sleep clinic

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