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1. City Sightseeing New York - Manhattan

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City Sightseeing New York
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Address: 455 12th Ave, New York, NY 10018

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: (212) 445-7599

Business type: Sightseeing tour agency

City Sightseeing New York: what do users think?


Nastaran: Nice place to visit!

C M: They dont state on their website the valid time frame for the tickets. I purchased 2 city tour tickets for NYC and when we got to the location the agent said that it was valid only until 5pm. I re checked that info on the website and it doesn't say that. We happened to have to buy new tickets to go on the 5:30pm ride. BE AWARE OF THIS SCAM.This city tour sightsee company dis not return my company despite me calling several times to thei customer service phone number. Also, I sent several emails. They dont refund the tickets!!!

umberto finelli: Ottimo per visitare tutta. New York se si hanno pochi giorni a disposizione, consigliato!

Rebekah Paine: I purchased tickets in advance for RiseNY, when I got there they were unable to scan my tickets with the code that was sent to me. The manager told us that this isn't even an approved vendor for their location. Thankfully RiseNY honored the tickets and allowed us entry. After reading reviews, I see that this happened to someone else at a different museum, I wouldn't purchase from this sightseeing company again.

G. C.: Special

Manuela M.: , unfortunately due to the persistence of the serious health situation it was not possible for us to organize our trip again .Last time the company postponed the validity of the tickets to 12/31/23 by failing to tell us that this date

Osher luftig: It's a scam they steal and lie promise stuff that you don't get and over charged

Ul events: This is a scam do not buy tickets from them they lie and scam you they over charge you much more then if you buy the tickets at the location ! Promise parking at location that is not true etc etc etc do not buy tickets from them they scam and steal from you !!!!!!!

2. Shopping Girlfriend NYC - Manhattan

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Address: 315 W 39th St, New York, NY 10018

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: (917) 825-2564

Business type: Clothing store

Shopping Girlfriend NYC: what do users think?

Matt Coghlan: Great customer service.

Jessie Hinkle: I have been with Lee for 13 years and he is the ONLY stylist I let touch my hair!! I recently moved to Dallas but still go back to NY when I can so that he can keep my hair at its most glamorous! The salon is full of wonderfully sweet people who truly make you feel like one of the gang while you're there. I can't recommend Lee and the Gina Le Salon enough!

3. Brookfield Place - Manhattan

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15344 reviews
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Brookfield Place
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Address: 230 Vesey St, New York, NY 10281

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 978-1673

Business type: Shopping mall

Brookfield Place: what do users think?

Gabriela Marinelli: We have been in a guided tour and Tony made everything special!

Scott Fargo: Bbq was ok. Don't get the sausage. Mac and cheese fritters we're good. So we're the beans and burnt ends.

p g: Airy lighty glassy palmy modern architecture for a refined food and stores mall by the harbour in lower Manhattan

Joshua Young: A Great relaxing place to spend a summer evening overlooking Jersey City skyline and boats

Jonathan Feigenson: Playground for the rich and eye candy for everyone else. Generous public seating both inside and outside.

4. Big Bus Tours New York - Manhattan

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Big Bus Tours New York
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Address: 723 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019

Schedule: Open until 4:30 PM

Telephone: (518) 333-7747

Business type: Sightseeing tour agency

Big Bus Tours New York: what do users think?
Dacia H: Greg & Deborah knocked the night tour out of the park. This was an amazing experience. And we plan to do it again in December
Sharon Perez: Thanks to Wanda, one super nice puertorrican who attended me and my family in our latest vacation. Great way to see NYC 🗽 highly recommended
Harveen Kaur: Santana guided us along the journey very well. She's the best NYC tour driver around.
Jessica Ponce: Craig Stokle was awesome, funny and very informative. We give him a thumbs 👍.
Anna Majdzik: Nie polecam
Deane Isobe: Elaine..highly recommended
Fatima Turay: Santana She amazing driver very friendly. I’m not going to lie. I really enjoy myself.
Libi Mirkin: Never again!!!!Please, avoid this trap!We paid $270 for 2 adults and 2 kids,and it's definitely not worth it!!!The first bus at 9.30, and the last bus is at 4.30 p.m.The traffic is so bad that the bus is moving too slow. You will see the traffic,but not the city.No air conditioner in the bus, and that is a HUGE problem! On the hot day you can't sit on the roof of the bus and no inside either.There is no tour guide, they only give headphones to listen to a permanent recording.It's better to take a metro or the public bus for less money and with a/c at least.
Manuel Hurtado: Great service from Aaron M! Great tour
chandu sekhar: There was no Air Conditioning in the bus. It rained and it was so hot and horrible to sit inside. Please make sure the bus AC works.
Psyche Bryant: Refund me my money since we weren't able to get on a bus due to several stops being canceled and there weren't any stops open near my hotel. I couldn't get intouch with anyone to get a refund.
Noni Obi: Our bus driver Maria B was very sweet and helpful. She was so patient in helping us find the correct stops and even helped us find out lost belongings. Would definitely recommend!
Faz Ibrahim: We used the Big Bus New York. The driver was Santana. She was a brilliant driver and host, showed us and told us things that we would not have known. Really enjoyed the ride and would really recommend the Big Bus but plan it when Santana is driving.
Gervase Henson: Great way to see a few areas we might not have made it to otherwise. Being able to get off and walk around and get back on later was great for shopping, sightseeing and lunch. Our tour guide/ driver Santana enhanced the tour with information about the Titanic, which wasn't included in the automated presentation.The only drawback of the tour was not being able to ride around again to get off at a stop we missed. It was only 2:30, and the busses run until 5. 🙁
Corondulay Howard: Mark Williams is the shiznit!!!!!
Mary Jo Shaver: Provide additional commentary. Make sure the drivers give or tell people about the ear buds. Have drivers switch without forcing osssengers off busses and making them walk blocks only to have to wait for another bus. I’ve been on your tours in Paris and London. The my one is terrible.
Andrea Lopez: Santana was absolutely amazing.
Sidney Lynn Navarro: Santana was amazing! ♥️♥️♥️
Sam Phillips: Santana was the best tour guide I've ever had, hands down!
Jaimie Forkrud: Great way to see the city! Santana was the best your guide!
serina min: Mrs.Bou was our tour salesman and she was the best!

5. USA Guided Tours NY - Manhattan

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125 reviews
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USA Guided Tours NY
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Address: 770 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019

Schedule: Open until 11:00 PM

Telephone: (917) 708-2155

Business type: Sightseeing tour agency

USA Guided Tours NY: what do users think?
Saad Ghazali: Very knowledgeable guide. Comfortable tours.
Sharon Brown: Tyler was am awesome Tour Guide! She displayed excitement throughout the entire tour. She engaged with all patrons. Tyler has a thirst for knowledge and enjoy sharing. We did the 1 day guided tour. Worth every penny!
Colin Argyle: A full day of visiting all of the must see sights of New York City. Presented by a knowledgeable tour guide.
Zane Hamid: Great Tour ! And very organized, if you are here in the city of NY for short time it’s worth it. Seen some sites without worrying about a thing !
Charles Douglas: Great time spent. Dana was awesome, great guide and well informed.
Gina Rodriguez: First time in New York and had a great experience. Driver Manuel and tour guide Dania was very nice and extremely knowledgeable. Got to see so many places of New York at once. I'll give them a 10 star ⭐.
Man50 B: Tyler was amazing!!!! Don’t fall for those weak “hop on hop off” tours. Go with the best. She was amazing and made our visit to NYC so much richer.
Tai Ruiz: We take a lot of tours when we vacation and RACHEL is by far the best tour guide we have ever had! She works hard to make sure her group gets the best experience, the best views in the ferry, and the best recommendations. ALL of her facts and stories of the city are interesting and not boring lol. Rachel recommended 99 flavor taste restaurant in China town because it was my husband’s BD and he eats for free. It was AMAZING! Best tip we got from her: get your souvenirs from China town! (Same stuff but 1/3 of the price). Make sure to tip her well!
Maria H. White: Love it! Rachel was AMAZING!!!
Alexandra: Loved our tour guide, Tyler, she was so knowledgeable, personable and friendly.Definitely one of the best value tours in New York.Highly recommend.
Jack: Rachel did a great tour today! We were on the Big Apple in Lights, she was very informative and took us on great routes, overall very pleased!
Arvind Ikshvaku: Excellent 5*****I would book it againThe bus was clean ,cold bottled water offered to everyone. Rain coats were available if needed.
Lesa S: Tyler was an amazing tour guide who shared her passion, love & knowledge of NYC in an engaging and entertaining way. I normally hate tours but my husband booked this and it was great.
Andreas Ioannou: Kevin was an amazing tour guide. Thanks Kevin!
Josh Eken: Great tour and info. Great thing to do as a first day in NYC.
Keith Wilkerson: Did the NYC Day Tour with Rachel as the guide and Gustavo as the driver. They were great. Rachel knows her stuff and is very professional, and Gustavo was an amazing and efficient driver to get us where we needed to go and pick us up when it was time to do so. Rachel made sure to give us the best tips and her expertise on the best photo spots and when to take them. Made for a memorable day.
Pardeep Kumar: Best experience of my life
Kairee Tormoehlen: I was very interested in booking this tour for my family. When calling for general questions, the person was beyond annoyed and said she didn’t understand why I had questions, when I was just asking if we ever got off the bus. Horrible customer service
Peter Hyland: Great tour
Pat Schroeder: We did the tour with Rachel. She was sooo organized and such an amazing tour guide!!! Highly highly recommend!!
Erika Duncan: Great tour. Rachel was amazing. Bus was nice. Great experience

6. TopView Sightseeing - Manhattan

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7603 reviews
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TopView Sightseeing
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Address: 2 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (212) 664-0300

Business type: Sightseeing tour agency

TopView Sightseeing: what do users think?
ian sawyer: No daytime real live talking guide is poor. The recording is substandard and too little information. Lastly finishing at 6pm stranded us, just pathetic really. Way too expensive for what we got. 7 years ago when we visited was sooo much better. No tour of Harlem also poor. The idea of including a liberty cruise though is good
Coralynn Dallmann: Nice way way to see highlights of NYC
P Mac: Great experience! Great staff!
Collin Steffes: Great way to first see the big apple.
Dana Llano: Wonderful time and easy to navigate.
Rob Llano: Great service. Great experience on top view
Eviling da Rosa Ferreira: The tour is good when the buses work. We had 3 broken buses in one morning. We had to run to not lose our cruise boat. I know we can wait for the next one but when you don't have much time to waste it is a pain. Also, no one told us the uptown line finishes at 4 pm. So when we arrived at 4:15 pm a very a member of staff said quite rudely if I want to do it only on the next day. The night bus tour was nice and our guide was very nice and funny.
Greater Sweethome MBC: I really enjoyed myself
Shawn Kettner: Great way to see the important sights, get around the city. Ashlyn was a super guide for the night tour!
Noel Franziska Sobol: Very friendly and helpful.
Anita Gulmiri: Beware! Our family of 6 purchased the 24 hours + liberty cruise experience. It was an awful experience and we wish we could get our day back.- 24 hours is really 8am to 6pm…- The morning started out in a frenzy, we got to the first stop at around 9am and their bus wasn’t working. There were so many people fighting to get onto a bus and no new bus came for a very long time. We all pushed and shoved to get into the bus finally at 10:30am!!!!!- The A/c was broken- they provide a guided tour with headphones that plug in— our tour was not working, several of the other passengers had the same problem so we were all sharing headphones and plugging in across different stations. If you moved an inch, the headphones would unplug- the busses do not go in a continuous loop -- once you reach the last stop, you have to get off and walk to the first stop- the buses run slow- there are frequent stops for a very long time at each stop… our bus driver kept getting off for who knows what reason- we were trying to make the liberty cruise at a certain time because they ask you to reserve a time- we hopped on near Hudson’s yard after eating lunch and were told to get off shortly thereafter because it was the last stop- we walked a short distance to the first stopand were met with another frenzy and a VERY rude top view individual. After we couldn’t get on the next two busses because they were full and now 30 min later… I was frustrated.- I asked the TopView attendee if this was a normal experience and he went off on me. I expressed to him we were trying to get on another bus asap so we could make our liberty cruiser reservation…- he proceeded to tell us that we don’t know how to plan vacations and it was our fault that we weren’t going to make it because of our poor planning- when we explained to him that our experience hadn’t been great, he began getting personal and saying we were like little kids that didn’t get the candy we wanted and that’s why we were complaining (???)- he threatened to not let us on the bus because we were “complaining” — we were not complaining but merely expressing our frustrations.- i have parts on the encounter recorded because it was so outrageous- the other two attendees at the stop were pleasant and trying to get the man named Alan to de escalate the situation but he kept going on and on- he went around to others in line and began complaining about our situation to them saying how our poor planning was leading to us to miss our boat ride etc it was so awful!!!!- we finally made it to the liberty cruise which was probably the best past of the experienceI would highly recommend against using this company. It’s a waste of time and money and maybe the other busses that provide the same type of service would be treating their customers a bit better. There are cruise experiences from other companies as well.Enjoy NYC, but not with TopView :)
sara quiceno: Si tienes ganas de conocer la ciudad y hablas español, no se te ocurra utilizar este servicio, te venden la idea de que hablan tu idioma pero es totalmente falso, te dan auriculares pero el recorrido es todo en inglés, me sentí estafada 29 dólares tirados a la basura por que no me enteré de nada 😡
leslie brown: Terrible
Sean Ferrell: Absolutely the worst run company I've ever attempted to do business with sightseeing wise.No busses to pick up customer's, nothing but excuses. Avoid at all cost!
Jennifer Betbadal: DO NOT BUY THESE TICKETS!!! They lie to you and tell you it's only a 5 minute wait for a bus. It's over an hour just to get on. They advertise prices with no taxes or the many, many fees included. It's truly a horrible experience. Save yourself the time and money.
Alejandro Guzman: Tea around town was amazing!! Live music was the unexpected highlight of the evening. MUST DO IN NYC!!
J Marley: The WORST experiences in NYC!! Wouldn’t allow me to post with no stars. The sales team is pushy and in your face. The bus broke down twice and did not receive replacement buses. Missed our already paid for tickets at an experience and tried to speak with management to which no one would call. We were dropped off at different ending locations than were on the map and drivers were rude. Tried to ride the boat to the Statue of Liberty and the line extended into another time slot as they could not accommodate reservation time. To which we were then forced on the boat with no seats. Tried to contact the support team and was told we would not receive any refunds. The company does not care about the experiences or how they treat their customers. Watch out how you spend your time. We wasted an excessive amount of time and money and cannot get any of it back, for a trip that was extremely important to our family and the company did not care.
R C: A bus is supposed to pass every 15 minutes, ours took almost an hour. Several busses passed but were full. Our line had around 90 - 120 people waiting. The gentleman in charge of scanning tickets allowed a group of multiple people enter the bus by cutting the line. When everyone saw this and made them aware of what just happened, they said, we can’t do anything about this sht. Smile and welcome to NYC.It finally took us almost 2 hrs to reach our stop. Great value for money but this company need to be more in control of organizing a safe way in getting everyone attended.
Paul Endicott: Thank you having a great time
Renan Cagol: Good
Kendra Burrell: Ebi was an excellent tour guide and was very nice and patient in helping us!!

7. The Shops at Columbus Circle - Manhattan

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8155 reviews
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The Shops at Columbus Circle
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Address: 10 Columbus Cir, New York, NY 10019

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 823-6300

Business type: Shopping mall

8. Chelsea Market - Manhattan

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37880 reviews
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Chelsea Market
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Address: 75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Schedule: Open until 2:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 652-2111

Business type: Shopping mall

Chelsea Market: what do users think?

H L: We enjoyed walking in there and exploring many great food place, it has a great vibe

Roger Bultot: Always too crowded. Always long waits for service. And mostly overpriced merchants and food vendors. Worth seeing only once.

Fabian: Cool shopping arcade with many small shops and a food corner. Definitely worth a visit

BariczzsoltOfficial: Such a unique place ! Def I gonna come back very soon

Laura Ote: It's a must visit location if in the area.Street parking and a couple of lots

Chris F: Covered market which includes many restaurants. Very touristy and a bit pricey

Silvia Raffe (silraffe): I love this place. Although this Sunday it was too crowded. With less people it is a spectacular place.

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