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1. NYC Department of Social Services - Manhattan

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NYC Department of Social Services
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Address: 150 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10038

Schedule: Open until 4:00 PM

Telephone: (212) 331-6000

Business type: Department of Social Services

NYC Department of Social Services: what do users think?


Gabriel: If the staffs don't want to work they can please just quit.

Sergei Shidlovskii: No help. Go away — Best review for all who wabt to get some help here.

Lauren Bailey: On 1/16 of 2023 I lost my job. I knew I wouldn’t have money for rent and I also knew I wouldn’t have money for food. On that day I went online and filled out everything necessary. I only filed for a one time rent assistance . It took almost 30 days to get my interview and on the end of the HRA it still had not been completed as of 3/13/2023. I physically went to the office where I was told my situation was not only NOT an emergency, they could not find any of my paperwork in the system. At the time I visited the center , and this was two months after filing. They claimed to not have received my snap application, which is untrue because it was filled out in January. They then tell me the HRA is still within their 30 days to make the decision. I received a letter a week ago saying i missed my interview. I called over a dozen times to interview and when I finally got someone, they didn’t seem to know what they were doing. You guys have truly dropped the ball and I look forward to sharing this with the attorney general.

lynn guillory: This is a financial outfit... thieves

Maria D: It’s completely sad to see how they revamped the systemTo make work for these workers easier yet the clients are left to fend for themselves no one should have to be subjected to attitudes of those who do not honor their work don’t like it let someone else do it with a smile. I’m tired of needing assistance yet treated as if I’m unworthy of the same system I paid taxes too.

Erica Benjamin: There is fraudulent practice in this department. A group of individuals are using this department to rob thousands of their assistance and they blaming it on skimming. Skimming doesn't provide this wide spread through all county. This department and individuals information has been hijacked by insiders of this organization. There is Racket going on from the I side.

Jacob: No answer and voicemail is full, why am I not surprised...

X X: I would like to thank Adina Claris for care and help to restore my elderly mother insurance coverage. Her help made the whole process much easier.

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