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1. NYC Reiki Center - Manhattan

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Address: 41 Union Square W #918, New York, NY 10003

Schedule: Open until 11:00 PM

Telephone: (212) 660-9918

Business type: Reiki therapist

2. Center for True Health - Manhattan

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Center for True Health
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Address: 135 W 29th St #604a, New York, NY 10001

Telephone: (646) 326-1115

Business type: Reiki therapist

Center for True Health: what do users think?

Cara Kiewel: was so powerful! After a great night's sleep, I immediately began to notice improvements in the areas I was trying to address and have listened to the session recording many times since to reinforce.

Yael Haar: Deborah is the best. I feel so safe and held in our sessions. I've been working with her on/off for years and whenever I have a session I always leave feeling safe and truly like my energy is more balanced. I love the combination of expertise she has: Tao hands, reiki, and hypnosis are my favorites. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Torre: It intensified grounding for me. The use of different techniques. It was so good the second tine and it helped to motivate me. Now I’m out and walking 10k steps s day.

Amrita Chatterjee: . Afterwards, I felt relaxed - it was clear that the session truly worked although it wasn't done in person, which I was a little nervous about at first. Deborah also quickly followed up after our session with additional information and promptly responded to a follow up question I had about flower essences.It's been four days since our session, and my chronic neck pain that I've had for 10 weeks is significantly better - in a way my chiropractor couldn't help. I'm really glad I made the investment in my healing session with Deborah and now understand why she has so many positive, genuine reviews

Sirin S: I feel so lucky to have found Deborah. Her virtual hypnotherapy & reiki sessions with my kid have made a noticeable difference for her health. Highly recommend!

Swati Srivastava: I had previously had two experiences with Reiki - both bland and ineffectual. So, I had approached Deborah somewhat gingerly thinking if it doesn't work this time, I won't try again. I am so grateful that I did. Within the first few minutes of my first session with Deborah, I knew she was different. Our hour-long virtual session of Reiki & Tao Hands left me with a sense of calm and support, and a renewed sense of positivity and hope . The customized Flower Essence that she created & shipped to me after our session, to help with my anxiety and sleep issues have also been extremely supportive in my healing journey.Not only is Deborah an effective healer, her experience and intuitive wisdom permeates any time spent with her. Whether it is Reiki, Tao Hands, Hypnosis, EFT, Flower Essences or any of the myriad other holistic techniques she knows about, Deborah offers customized healing & advice based on the patient's needs, and her vast knowledge allows her to pick and choose the technique that feels right for the patient. As I continue on my own healing journey, I feel empowered just by the knowledge that Deborah is out there anytime I feel the need. I couldn't recommend her more.

Nitu Patel: I reached out to Deborah a few weeks ago because I have an intense phobia of needles. I had a few other fears that were bothering me as well and they were causing a lot of anxiety in my day-to-day life.After one session with Deb, I began to feel an immediate change in my mental health. The day after our session, I had pains throughout my body and felt all sorts of anger come up. She said pain, fatigue, and negative emotions were a good sign of my body detoxing and responding to our session. We do virtual sessions via zoom and they are extremely powerful. I love being able to process our work together in the comfort of my own home.I just booked my fourth hypnosis session with her and am feeling more aligned, peaceful, and happier than I've been in months. After every session I feel stronger, have better boundaries, and am able to communicate in effective ways. I have more clarity and compassion while cultivating self-respect and self-love.I can't recommend hypnosis enough. It has truly changed my life for the better and I'm so incredibly grateful for Deborah and her gift!

Gladys Gomez: I had a very best experience doing my hypnosis therapy with Deborah Flanagan. I had session before with her person to person and I was not sure about virtual session but she guide and work with me like I was next to her. I felt so much better right after my session and as plus, she gave me so much technics to deal with my problems, feelings and thoughts.I feel very thankful to have Deborah to count on and I recommend her 200% to everyone one.

Stephanie Kollintzas: I’ve had reiki done with Deborah on hands and virtual and its the best experience! I highly recommend her! And for the non believers the virtual reiki, does work and I live in Europe!

Maria Toro: I have done in person and virtual sessions with Deborah and have felt the benefits from both. She is great at listening and her energy is very calming. I always feel better after her sessions and like the weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Her sessions are like talk therapy, energetic healing, and self help guidance all in one. Thanks Deborah

Jennifer Bild: Deborah is fantastic. She's a good listener and has a naturally calming demeanor. She's truly skilled at teaching relaxation techniques and tailoring them to your unique learning style and lifestyle. The hypnosis is very calming. I left feeling genuinely grounded and super chill. I've taken tools from her that I can integrate into my daily practice, so I feel empowered, but also know that I can return for a session to recalibrate should I need.Highly recommend!

Kim Correll: Truly a wonderful experience. Deborah really helped me start my journey to healing and finding my path.

Paul Garafola: My first Reiki session with Deborah was great; and her tips and practical advice were very specific to what I needed. She's wonderful. I'll be scheduling more sessions with her now on a regular basis.✶ Highly recommended!

nicki seganti: Beautiful session with Deborah. She was insightful, intuitive, and informative. She is talented with various techniques and is able to offer a fulfilling appointment. Highly recommend her services

Nadia: Deborah is a true healer! I recently went to her for my first Reiki appointment and she immediately put me at ease. She had great energy and is easy to talk to. When I left the appointment I felt more “aware” and “present” than I had in a long time. I would highly recommend her and look forward to going back for my next appointment!

Jahnesha T: My session was so fulfilling it was everything I needed. The session was very intimate and felt like the 1 hour was filled with Deborah really getting to know me and giving me everything I needed energetically in the moment. The session did not seem like 1 hour it felt like a very hearty session. It seemed longer in the best way possible. The vibes were chill, she took her time, nothing felt rushed. It was great. I gained a lot of clarity about things I was looping about for some time now and felt fully supported in the areas of stress/ life changes we addressed. She gave me specific individually tailored alternative remedies to considered. I feel so calm after our session. I already recommended her to my family. It was the perfect mix between a counseling session and more spiritual energy healing session. She is very balanced in her approach.

BIll Persky: I didn’t know what to expect but it was better than I could have imagined

3. Reiki 4US - Manhattan

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Reiki 4US
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Address: 80 E 11th St, New York, NY 10016

Schedule: Closing soon: 9:00 PM

Telephone: (917) 310-5159

Business type: Reiki therapist

Reiki 4US: what do users think?

Tara Zablocki-Riley: I had the pleasure of having both in person and zoom reiki sessions by Ricardo. I’m new to the reiki healing so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Ricardo is super knowledgeable and a welcoming provider. Each session was a different journey, allowing for more self-insight and release. I’m looking forward to my next sessions and further growth.

Philip Scrima: Ricardo is an interesting personHe has a Transcendental Quality about him.Studying Reiki, one realizes the True depth of Reiki.The attunement class, went far beyond my expectations, words can't describe my experience.The Healing sessions I had with Ricardowe're experiential.From my experience, one gets from Reiki what one brings to it.Thank You Ricardo.

Prima Jackson: Fantastic Teach: Our instructor was very informative in Reiki knowledge. Taught us all very well. The class taught us to heal ourselves and others during the course. We kept intouch after the class sharing information. The class was better then I expected it to be. GREAT EXPERIENCE. Thanks for the class and for the experience.

Jean Philippe Schmitt: I received several session with Ricardo and it has opened my mind and cleared a lot of things that I had been holding on for no reasons. I also took his Reiki 1& 2 class which was one of the most developed and fulfilling courses I had ever taken. I highly recommend him!

Alexandra Schonholz: response to his work, and leave feeling shifted, reset and cleared. We always talk about the healing after the session and everything Ricardo says tracks with the physical experience I have. I feel so lucky to have found him. He is a kind, gentle soul and I cannot recommend him enough—seriously, stop looking for anyone else. Ha!

Flor Villazan: Ricardo is a wonderful and beautiful soul!To experience reiki with him is an absolute experience of loveHe has helped me physically, mentally and spiritually without getting involved in the process but instead being a channel of that transformative sacred spaceThank you Ricardo for your service 🙏🏻Flor

Evi Siskos: I met Ricardo 10 years ago, and little did I know that my first reiki session would turn into a life long journey of self discovery, healing and meditation. Ricardo opened my heart, mind and soul into the world of energy. I have received reiki been attuned by Ricardo to give reiki, and to this day continue to learn from Ricardo. There are manyyy gurus and teachers out there, I have met many after meeting Ricardo, even the most famous gurus of India, and everytime I go back to Ricardo as being the most authentic and in integrity with his services to humanity. Thank you thank you thank you Ricardo for all the love you have shared with us all throughout your life!

S B: Powerful and enlightening session! Ricardo was so generous with his time, knowledge and INSANE healing abilities. Highly recommend!

NY C: Ricardo is the best!!! I have been going to him for many years and the way I feel now compared to before, is like night and day! He really helped me get through some really dark times.

Mehernaz M: Ricardo’s healings are exceptional is an understatement! He knows exactly what your body needs and zooms right into this. He pulls out deep rooted issues in his silent healing sessions and only he knows how!I have opened up so much through this healings, it is a very significant life change!I am so grateful to Ricardo for being there, he is truly a blessing to humanity!Plus his energy exchange is very reasonable.If you need a healer, look no further!I recommend him to all my friends and clients!

Sara Malziu: I have experienced both hands on and long distance healing with Ricardo. In my first session, I felt so much movement internally... things like goose bumps - mild pains. Also a wide range of emotions arose with thoughts of things I was too afraid to look at on my own- all came up to be released. How did I know? Because it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my body. For the first time, since I could remember, I started receiving solution based thoughts around things I thought were hopeless. I actually felt the movement of the waves pouring through different parts of my body. After the session was over, I needed some time before I could get off of the table because of how dizzy I felt from the waves. After that session, my life began improving. Awareness, clarity of mind, more positive uplifting thoughts have become the norm. Also an ability to stay grounded in the certainty of my wellbeing, regardless of being in environments that would, in the past, seemingly threaten that for me. I work with Ricardo to this day and I can not express enough how much his gifts continue to improve my life overall. So much love an appreciation to you Ricardo!Sara M.

Kristin Manna: Richardo truly is a magical healer. I have had reiki before but not like this. Not only does he make you feel comfortable, but his energy work is like no other. Even after the first session I could feel a weight lifted from my body. Richardo is very familiar with the chakras and will tell you which ones need a little extra focus. I continue to see Richardo for my energy work and would recommend him to anyone seeking a healthier piece of mind.

malorie bryant: I’ve worked with many healers before, and Ricardo is above and beyond the rest. He is a true healer. I’ve seen great changes in my life since working with him over the last two years. I’ve attracted an incredible partner, deepened my spiritual practice, and my career is in a constant state of improvement. I refer him to all my friends and students looking to truly cleanse and heal themselves. If you’re considering a session with Ricardo, keep an open mind and heart, and blessings will magnetize to you.

Silmo Bonomi: Ricardo is an amazing professional engaged in the mission to help people heal.

Josh Widener: Ricardo is the best healer I have ever worked with! He has helped me release issues that I have been holding on to for a very long time. I recommend him to all my friends!

christopher gutierrez: Amazing experience I need to go again.

Julia Yee: After working with Ricardo, I found my whole outlook and well being opened up and changed from pessimistic to optimistic. Even friends remarked that I looked brighter and seemed much more in the moment rather than worrying obsessively about the next moment. I can't ask for more than that.

Lori Mc: Ricardo is the real deal. He has dedicated his life to energy healing and it shows. This is a true healing experience and not just some person who put a Reiki practice together.I've had a few sessions with Ricardo. I had been carrying a heavy heart for a few years due to loss. The grief and heartache was like a disease that was destroying me.After my first session with Ricardo, the heaviness was lifted substantially.I took the Reiki level 1 and 2 classes with him and after my attunement that heaviness disappeared completely. My heart is healed and I have not felt it since. I can now live with my losses without feeling incapacitating sorrow.His classes are interesting and animated. I enjoyed hearing about many if his incredible experiences as a TRUE practitioner.Thank you Ricardo! It was nice to have someone "save" me for once.Nurse in healing.....

Sharel Lee Bodine: Ricardo is an incredible healer and spiritual teacher.... He touches your soul...

4. Love & Compassion Integrative Healing Center - Manhattan

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Love & Compassion Integrative Healing Center
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Address: 124 E 40th St, New York, NY 10016

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 242-8701

Business type: Acupuncture clinic

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