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1. Garnish Music Production & DJ School New York - Kings County

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Garnish Music Production & DJ School New York
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Address: 342 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Schedule: Open until 10:30 PM

Telephone: (347) 746-4604

Business type: Music school

Garnish Music Production & DJ School New York: what do users think?

Prince Osho Taragi: I was looking for a producing school, I found Garnish. I would definitely recommend this school. The instructors are amazing and super friendly. Any music producers out there looking for production school, I would choose Garnish.

John Anthony Bonilla: Prior to enrolling at Garnish, I felt very insecure to take the lead on producing my own music. Safe to stay after the 360 Academy that no longer is the case. Dave was excellent in reassuring me I would be set once the course was completed and so it was. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and welcoming in making sure everyone is up to speed. I haven't stopped recommending it to any music friends feeling hesitant to take the leap. Thank you Garnish for giving me the confidence I needed to work on my EP!

Matt C: , the quality of equipment, and the stellar instructor

Jeff Chen: Took the intro ableton class with Chicky Reeves. He was brilliantly insightful and took us onto a journey of sound design, mixing theory, music theory and much more beyond the basic functionalities of the application.

Mohamed Shaban: I did some classes remotely with Garnish. The experience was amazing. They have these special cameras, which pan to whoever's talking in the room, so you really feel like you are in the room with the in-person students. I don't think you'll get that anywhere else

Elijah Smith: and he knew how to make the class fun, informative and as interactive as it could be while online. Which is no easy task especially because this whole online thing was new to everyone. Nathan also played a big roll in getting the courses ready for online teaching and I know he must’ve been pulling his hair at points because he did so much work to make it work and to make sure you were satisfied with what you were getting. So did Dave Garnish. Everyone at this school put so much effort into making it just as good online as it would be in person. Another thing that I’ve read about this school and can now can attest for is the family you build with the teachers and class mates at Garnish. Something I don’t think you’ll get at some of these bigger university and music schools. They make you feel like you're apart of the Garnish family from day one and that’s priceless to me. I can’t thank Dave, Nathan, Scott, Zack, Apu and anyone else behind the scenes that I don’t know about for how much work they put in this crazy past year.

James Robinson: Great mixing/mastering course. Learned all the ins and outs at a professional level!

Vivaldi Cristian: This school has been amazing! Very useful for the money spent, you won't regret coming here!

Uliya (AKA DaddyPrincess): Jordan is extremely well versed in his craft and that shows clearly in his mixing class. He is both educated formally in what he teaches and has years of experience through trial and error. His approach is humorous and impassioned. His confidence helps us feel more confident but he’s not egotistical as to intimidate. It’s easy to relate to him, but he nevertheless treats himself and his work seriously and professionally. He has helped motivate me to keep learning and set and achieve a higher standard for myself.

Alexander Harper: I have been taking private courses for Machine and Ableton at Garnish since October of this year. Not only has my understanding of the software rapidly improved, my ability to make music seamlessly has been amazing. I truly recommend Garnish to those seeking to better their music in anyway, and to gain knowledge of software that will prove useful in every aspect of music production.

Evan Streusand: I was looking for a serious place to study music production so I was delighted that Garnish opened in New York. I'm so glad I went to the real deal and not one of the hobbyist places that have recently sprung up in the city.

Jason Kapler: Great Ableton class with seriously good staff at Garnish. So glad they made it to NY and I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Steven Yambra: When I heard Garnish had finally opened in New York, I was so happy and booked their very first Ableton course. It was even better than I was expecting it to be and I'm now seriously considering taking a sabbatical and doing their full diploma program from September!

Dory Benami: I took the Mixing & Mastering class because the quality of the mixes were lacking before. But now after this short course, they sound so much clearer and punchy. It was an honor and pleasure to learn from seven time Grammy winner Brain!

Jon Knapp: We scheduled some private tuition as they were not quite finished with construction. My Ableton instructor was amazing and I look forward to taking their SDP course in the summer!

2. Scratch DJ Academy - Manhattan

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Scratch DJ Academy
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Address: 32 Cooper Sq #2, New York, NY 10003

Telephone: (212) 353-0970

Business type: Music school

3. Electronic Music Collective - Manhattan

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Electronic Music Collective
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Address: 28 Broadway, New York, NY 10004

Schedule: Closing soon: 9:00 PM

Telephone: (646) 747-0144

Business type: Music school

4. Rock and Soul DJ Equipment and Records - Manhattan

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Rock and Soul DJ Equipment and Records
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Address: 10 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018

Schedule: Opens at 9:30 AM

Telephone: (212) 273-9630

Business type: Record store

Rock and Soul DJ Equipment and Records: what do users think?

Rodrigo Fidel: The best Place from the djs !!!

Maria Eidenback: Super nice staff. I like that they have a record player In which you can play/listen to any of their used records before buying.

Jenna C.: My friend and I stopped in to Rock and Soul on a very busy day. Despite the mayhem of RSD at the time, the staff still made us feel incredibly welcome and supported. As a relatively new vinyl record collector, sometimes record stores can be a bit overwhelming with the plethora of products and little space, but the staff was beyond kind, helpful, and knowledgeable! So thankful for my Folklore Long Pond Studios RSD vinyl. Definitely worth a visit for vinyl record enthusiasts, new and experienced!

Fedan: This store has a huge variety of records: old and new, lesser known and old time classics, jazz/rock/pop/electronic… you name it and they probably have it. I didn’t even start with electronics which is also something worth mentioning. Overall it’s a musician’s paradise but even if u just wanna buy some records, there isn’t a place more perfect than this.

darya: This place is AMAZING! The selection is enormous and the people are super nice. Found everything I was looking for and more.

Gary Lapidus: Found this store on the internet when I missed out on some record store day releases. Their web site was up to date, accurate and staff very helpful. Product was well packaged and delivered timely. While transaction was by mail, I’ll definitely be stopping by in-person next time I’m in NYC & will continue to be a remote customer as well. Highly recommended.

rob simpkins: Just an awesome spot for vinyl. Some incredible rare jazz and hip hop cuts in here - found so many dope records that I came back to buy more before I left NYC - massively underrated spot and the staff were super nice friendly and helpful. If your into dope hip-hop and rarities then this is highly recommended - totally my cup of tea and couldn’t speak higher of this place - will be back here next time I visit NYC as a priority 10/10 for prices and curation

Felipe Mejía Zugarramurdi: beside to vinyl machine if he can help me. He said "do that at your home" and I explained him that it is a gift and I don't know how use that machine. Then I asked him if he can help me with the machine and he refuses to help me replying that I must do that by myself. Rude men.After a blonde girl

G-Money Estebands: Y’all are amazing! Thank you for being a crucial part of Record Store Day!

Lorenzo Antigua: Came back here after I found out one of my vinyls were warped. First lady I spoke with offered to help me and told me to get another one and try it out on their turntables but I was then immediately "frowned upon" by another employee who said "I can't open more vinyls for you to see if it's warped, you have pick something else" Didn't even try to offer me an exchange or anything. I ignored him and just kept doing what I was doing with the first lady. Left a sour taste in my mouth for this highly popular record store. Turntable lab might be my new go to spot now.

Javier Hernandez Mendez: Good variety of vinyl.Good customer servicegood prices

johnny mendoza: Rock & Soul best Electronic and music store to still be around for so many years and still holding their own much respect. I want to say to everyone at rock & Soul and customer service thank you for my easy going smooth transaction. Highly recommend Rock & Soul to everyone to make a stop by if you are in New York or shop on their website they have everything and anything you need, Thanks again to everyone at Rock & Soul you guys Rock, Shout-out to Erlyn.

Calvin Gray: A scrappy record shop with good deals and fascinating finds for the dedicated vinyl aficionado. The staff are friendly and helpful; they always did right by me, even in the cutthroat chaos of Record Store Day. It's always worth paying a visit when you're in the neighborhood.

Nicki Kuba: Very friendly, good prices, good stock, good selection.Something you wish for more in Germany.

rajesh ramsaroopsingh: I had a wonderful experience with rock and soul although its not my first experience i had bought from the back in 2008 i think but anyway they don’t play around they are precise with there promise. I preordered a djm v10 mixer they told me il get it in February and so done. Kristen is so professional and helpful big shout out to her. Rock and soul rocks 💯👍🏾

Yael Amrami: Best store for music equipment! Love the stuff too they're so nice 🙏🏼

Oluwaseun Oluwasegun: A big shout to the team. Please keep up the excellent work you guys are doing

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