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1. Brothers Hardware - Manhattan

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64 reviews
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Brothers Hardware
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Address: 26 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018

Schedule: Opens at 7:30 AM

Telephone: (646) 476-3179

Business type: Hardware store

Brothers Hardware: what do users think?

Louis Buitendag: The staff was incredibly helpful, patient and friendly. Great store.

Johnny Wash: Nasty staff …rude

Paul Henan: For many years I only come here.Brothers Hardware has the best service.

Claudia Ziegler: Need a small cordless drill to help me with setting up my new apartment. Friendly, helpful staff got me what I needed. In and out in under 5 minutes. Large selection, reasonable prices. I'll be back!

саня Краус: For something close by, convenient and fairly priced, this is always the place to go. Service and merchandise is a step above average. Thanks everyone for help the other day.

Charles Papalcure: Great service and had everything I needed

Rory Fitzgerald: I've been on a couple of jobsites in the area, and brothers hardware has saved me more time's then I want to admit. The staff is friendly and goes above and beyond to help the people that go in there

Vishma Rampersad: The owner is a real gentleman

Tom: Friendly approachable staff and knowledgeable. Quickly found what I was looking for and reasonably priced.

Road Runner: A great hardware store with great customer service. It's a pleasure to visit this place.

J Stone: Love this store! Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful owner. Talks you through your project. Support Mom and Pop and Brothers businesses!!

Russell Bianca: This store and the people who work in it are the BEST! Helpful, knowledgeable and friendly staff — and a rarity in NYC — and old-fashioned hardware store in midtown. Highly recommended!

Chris Litten: Owners are good people friendly and always seem to have what i need

Sean G: Change your hours to be accurate

Lawrence Andrews: Brothers Hardware has been a huge part of my business from day one. They have proven that they are in the business of seeing others improve and companies grow beyond just providing great equipment and excellent service. Jimmy the owner took his his time and showed me the best tools to use to improve my business and he spoke encouraging words to me to push me forward in my business.

John Meenaghan: The best small hardware store on the city

John McMahon: One of the last real hardware stores in Midtown. I was able to pick up 4mm, 4.5mm and 5mm Klein nutdrivers at a reasonable price when I needed them. Owner's cool too. A++

2. Best Buys True Value - Kings County

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13 reviews
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Best Buys True Value
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Address: 2255 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11214

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (718) 975-7932

Business type: Hardware store

Best Buys True Value: what do users think?

Theresa Ghirardi: I've been doing business with this place for many years, the owner Jackie is great 👍 he always does right by me and his merchandise is good quality and lasts a long time. Thank You Jackie 🙂

Gulrukh Giyasova: Great choice of products for home.

Michael Gonzalez: Always on point local hardware storeI've bought window shades blinds etc and good prices

Gocha: 👍

Julssie Bussie: I bought 2 mattresses and 2 podiums here for a great price, they delivered and assembled my furniture very quickly, it was great! the seller in the store was very polite and kind, I am very glad that I found this store!

Deborah Ruth: If you need area rugs, carpet runners, shades, toilet seats, curtains, etc. this is the place to shop. Searching for a kitchen utensil hanger for weeks. Found a hanger with a shelf that is used for keys but is perfect. Employees are always helpful and polite. There are items you won't find elsewhere.

Ken chan: Pandemic makes this places a tresure find. This store is like a mini home depot with no lines. You will be surprised to see things that you can find in there!

Alan Tani: With the 'True Value' name , doesn't mean True Value as in the Large Chain Store, in merchandise, but had some sand paper, but no liquid wrench .

Mar C: The people who work there are lazy and cashier lady purposely overcharges, I suggest checking your receipt before walking out .

Solomon Betesh: Housewares and hardware, they have so many hard to find products. I love the store, so nice and friendly

Armis Halili: Best products that you can find for your house

Timothy Ou: The place is dirty and make it seem so cramp but it has okay products

3. Fulton Supply & Hardware - Manhattan

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90 reviews
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Fulton Supply & Hardware
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Address: 74 Fulton St, New York, NY 10038

Schedule: Opens at 7:30 AM

Telephone: (212) 587-4088

Business type: Hardware store

Fulton Supply & Hardware: what do users think?

David Feiner: Amazing service!! Jose and Alan stayed after closing to help with a broken water filter. They were so helpful and knowledgeable!

Greta Kim: super organized, great for keys, lots of inventory for a small shop, nice guys

Barry Russell: Like a throw back in time. Small store filled to the rafters. I found what I was looking for. I hope they stay in the area forever

Sean Hu: Knowledgeable staff. Will answer questions. Figure out problems. And carrys small wierd parts. They also don’t overcharge.

Holly Holmes: Antoine and team are super helpful! They went the extra mile to ensure the plumbing under my kitchen sink was working again the same day. Thank you kindly

Rachel Buxbaum: This place was incredible with my key copy issue. They gave me their cell number so I could send a picture of the key and confirm they had it before making the trip down. Alan was so kind, giving me a great price + discount because he knew the low-income clinic I was making the keys for. A warm, lovely environment - even though it's far from me, I'm coming back here if I need anything hardware or locksmithing related!

Shelton Lindsay: Exceptional rude.

Hello Hi: . They have a minimum for cc payment — $10 or $15.

Tristan Kunzle: Went to buy some bolts. They were helpful finding the right size, but I was trying to figure out what length to get because their stock was limited. While thinking they kicked me out five minutes before they were supposed to close. They told me I had to “come back tomorrow.” Needless to say, I didn’t go back the next day. Poor service.

Valerio Villò: Very bad customer service. They have a lot of products but the way they assist customers is awful. There are better hardware stores in the area.

michelledboyle83: Everyone in there is always friendly and helpful.

Matthew Houstle: .

Herbert Medina: They tried to over charge me on a sheet of 220 grit sand paper. It was marked .79 cents they wanted to charge me over $2 for it, and the clerk said I couldn't go by what it was labeled. I had to tell him like three times to take if off, it's not worth the hassle go somewhere else.

Jaime Bills: The prices were reasonable here. I was so happy with the customer service too. The staff helped me find exactly what I was looking for!

Jennifer Nagourney Schuman: LOVE this wonderful store and the people who work there! David is a real-life MacGyver, able to help me solve any problem with innovative solutions. It has the most amazing selection.

STEVE ORTEZ: Poor cheap quality items sold at expensive price your better off going to HomeDepo or Lowe’s besides that HomeDepo and Lowe’s offers money back for returns Fulton Supplies has a credit for merchandise

Eric Kwong: Great service

4. West Side Home Center Inc - Manhattan

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46 reviews
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West Side Home Center Inc
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Address: 778 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 265-1010

Business type: Hardware store

West Side Home Center Inc: what do users think?

K Y: A convenient home center with small home appliances such as batteries, cooking utensils, and coffee grinders, and a key copy can be done in a few minutes.

Georgia Green: I dont think this place is overly expensive or anything however boy are the staff rude lol sometimes i wonder if they realize they are working in a store??? And would it kill them to answer the phone every once and a while...

LPXNOON: As of my experience I had. There's always a way you could leave with an info of what to do, sometimes even though they don't have what you want they will find you something that you need. There's guys who's not much experience but I guess they are learning to be an expert as the rest of the employee.

RS: All the items in this store is overpriced. Especially the garden section the potting soil is twice the price the suggested retail price . The people works in that store has No customer service training . It’s like your in a third world bodega . Everyone is busy on their phone or chatting with each other. It’s already overwhelming in price . They should compensate on being attentive and the staff is lacking on any customer service training. I just hope there is another hardware opens in the area .

Max: Place is power packed with the stuff you need

Izzy D: Been shopping here for many years! Always have what I need.

Saad Ghaleb: One stop shop I were able to find all the things I wanted

bakil alsaidi: I give this hardware store 5 stars cause staff are helpful and friendly also they got everything its amazing

Masayoshi Nakayama: 品揃えが多くいいですよ!ただ狭い店なので高いとこにも商品が並んでいるので探すのが大変かも。

Ricardo Gray: Horrible experience

Weekee Chew: This place is the reason there's no home depot or Lowes nearby.

5. Best Home Center - Queens

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15 reviews
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Best Home Center
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Address: 16594 Baisley Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11434

Schedule: Opens at 9:30 AM

Telephone: (718) 528-2879

Business type: Hardware store

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