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1. Bleeker Digital Solutions - Manhattan

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Bleeker Digital Solutions
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Address: 85 Kenmare St Ground Floor, New York, NY 10012

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 254-4345

Business type: Photo lab

Bleeker Digital Solutions: what do users think?

Justin Raymond: Speedy development of my disposables. Digital copies looked great. Friendly service, quite a few people seemed to be working here. Cool to see.

Rachel Lee: Appreciate how I always know what I’m getting and the service is always consistent. A dependable place to get my film developed!

Christine Jemison: Had a old negative of my dad developed, turned other wonderful. Now the picture is sitting in a beautiful frame.

Julia Sokoloff: I have been purchasing my film and getting my photos developed here for over four years without fail. Each photo is delivered quickly and with crisp imagery. While there are a few places in the area to develop pictures, this is by far the highest quality for the best price. 10/10 always!

Hong Kim: . I highly highly recommend this shop! You won’t regret it!

Chae Reen Lee: amazing customer service & love my photo print outs.I only come to them and it's been a few years now.

David Li: I’ve been going here for the past 3 years to process film and they are always timely and reliable with scans & prints! Family owned downtown treasure with excellent customer service, highly recommended for your creative projects!

Judy Liu: I have tried multiple places but this is my favorite place for developing film! The people are super helpful and friendly and the negatives if you ask to keep them are always very organized

Veronica Kays: High quality and consistent service and very nice and helpful employees.Bleeker Digital is very easy and always provides quality scans on time!

Stephen Cardone: This place is exactly what I was looking for. The staff is friendly, the prices are fair, and the turn around time is really quick. I love the quality of the scans. This is my go to lab in the city.

Noele Charles: Had a fabulous experience at Bleeker Photo Studio. I needed two passport photos and I was just tired of looking terrible for the next 8 years. I went to Bleeker Studio after doing some quick research, it was in the neighborhood. They took my photo, I didnt have to wait long; they allowed me to preview it but I truly had no expectations. I left thinking, the photographer is going to choose the wrong photo and I am going to look terrible. When I tell you! I picked up my photos and became a model! IF YOU WANT ACTUALLY GOOD PASSPORT PHOTOS! GO HERE!!!

Bailey Bowes: Bleeker Digital is the best! Fantastic scans and reliable. Been going to them for a few years now and love them.

XISN: Fast processing speed.

Stanley Feldman: a chance, but this is by far the most friendly film shop with the fastest service and best quality scans/prints I've seen. I've been going to Bleecker Digital Solutions for roughly five years now and I drop off film to be developed there every week. I highly recommend them!

jean pina: I have been coming here to get my film developed and scanned since high school and 20 years later they are still the only business I trust to give me the best customer service and quality. I've had projects that needed a quick turn around and I was accommodated and delivered on time on more then one occasion.It's really refreshing to see a mom and pop shop owned by people of color thriving for so long in such a hard area to keep a business going. I hope we all continue to support them!

2. Pro Image Photo - Manhattan

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Pro Image Photo
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Address: 2510 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 222-6001

Business type: Photo lab

Pro Image Photo: what do users think?

William Zheng: Always go here to get my film developed. Generally they do a good job. They will throw away your negatives after 30 days of not picking it up now.

Roy Luo: I always have my b&w films developed here. Good quality and good price, and it’s quick to get the photos done.

Juan Carlos Párraga: The worst service and the customer service is terrible, I went for visa photos for Spain and they gave me the wrong size for $36 😡 no recomiendo esté Lugar.

sethmalkin: Argumentative. Incorrect visa photo size. Refusal to provide refund. Unacceptable for a neighborhood business.

Brianna Huertas: i got digital photos printed here and they 1. look amazing and high quality 2. were printed in way less than the 2 hours i was quotedi'll definitely be coming back

Brynn Mongeon: This place is the best - went to CVS to develop a disposable camera and they told 3-5 weeks, came here and they told me 24 hours. Super reasonable pricing and great service.

Tom Wilton: Very poor service all round. I took a Betamax to the store to be transferred and was told it would be ready in one to two weeks. I received a phone call two weeks later, where I was told that the transfer was completed and the Betamax was back in store, only for the assistant to then realize they had never sent the tape in the first place. Fast forward to now - six weeks later - and Pro Image have told me several mistruths about the transfer process, the latest being that the machine doing the transfer was broken and that it would be another two week wait - effectively 8 weeks after I took the tape in. While Elizabeth is very helpful, the other staff I’ve communicated with are lackadaisical at best, and at other times, just plain rude. I get it - I worked retail jobs for a very long time, and I know that things can be stressful and customers annoying. But this team is coasting - and it absolutely shows.

Boris Deniau: I arrived with a double stroller and none of the two employees thought they could help while doing nothing. Then after concertation, they told me passeport photo would take to much time and I should come back tomorrow. It was 20 minutes before their closing time. I went to cvc and they did it with a big smile in ten minutes And with a good quality.

Arik Slepyan: , and affordable. Also give a student discount if you show ID.My new go-to spot for developing film.

Marc Howard: Fast, professional, and good with our kids! Got our passport photos, and it only took a few minutes!

Benjamin Wopperer: I'm an aspiring model who needed enlarged photos for my portfolio. Not only did the pictures come out excellent, but I ordered this yesterday around 1:00pm and I got this today at around 11:00am. It is truly incredible that it took less than 24 hours for these to arrive in the quality that they arrived in this fast. Truly appreciative of the great product and service this company provided me.

T L: I went for the passport photo. The photo failed to meet the US passport photo standard as it is overexposed. I have adjusted it myself to get it done. Overpriced and basically and working.

Ben Harrison: Amazing film scanning services. Super high quality scans and fast turnarounds!

Som Tharuedee: I thought they have the same standard as I am the regular at Broadway location. The staff is more friendly and the service is much faster there.

Edwin OBrien: Great job developing film. Nice print quality, easy online ordering, nice and knowledgeable staff. I love this place.

clarence johnson: Very good

Dalton: Fun experience and fantastic results from the studio session!

3. Luster Photo & Digital Inc - Manhattan

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100 reviews
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Luster Photo & Digital Inc
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Address: 121 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 979-1669

Business type: Photo shop

Luster Photo & Digital Inc: what do users think?

Leah Taylor: I've been coming here for a few years and by far the best and quickest film developers! Such high quality scans, super quick turnaround time, and on top of that, incredible customer service. If you are looking to get your film developed somewhere, you must go to Luster!

NWP Films: There’s nowhere better for actual Film Photographer professionals. Efficient, communicative, and high quality. No other company has come close to Luster for us!

Victoria Urrea: Always reliable, always great quality, and very transparent if they're ever a little backed up but usually they are super speedy!

Hannah Grace: Wanted to get a roll of film developed from a disposable camera; Luster was able to do it in under 24 hours and the photos turned out great! They scanned them to my USB and provided me with the negatives at pick-up. Will definitely come here again.

Christian Caldwell: Passport photos for only $20 and took about 5 mins total.

Frank: This rating is for their passport photo service. This place provides a perfect passport photo for $20. Don't get your picture made at a CVS or post office—I worked taking passport photos both places in the past and they are ill equipped to take a proper passport photo. You don't want a rejection because the background isn't white enough or something else is off do you?

Skate Donate: Overpriced!!!! For rich white kids

Washington Rosado: Expensive

Alex: Speedy and great customer service. My prints were fantastic quality— this will be my new go-to place for getting film developed.

Allie Mierau: The best film shop — I’ve been coming here since I moved to NYC in July. Typically develops a roll in 24 hours and prints always turn out beautiful!

Pijus Valiukenas: Went here to get 4 rolls of 35mm film developed and scanned. They were extremely helpful and it was done quickly.

4. Photo Mission Framing & Photo Lab - Manhattan

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115 reviews
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Address: 34 E 39th St, New York, NY 10016

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: (212) 972-8701

Business type: Photo lab

5. Quick Color Custom Photo Lab - Manhattan

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101 reviews
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Quick Color Custom Photo Lab
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Address: 119 W 23rd St #503, New York, NY 10011

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 253-5071

Business type: Photo lab

Quick Color Custom Photo Lab: what do users think?

Sara Cuozzo-Gonzalez: Best place to get headshots and resumes printed in NYC! Always fast, reliable, and great prices!

Liz Mallinson: Great service and quality for film development. They got 4 rolls developed and scanned in less time than originally expected. Dropped off midday Saturday, received scans before EOD Tuesday.

Ash Mayers: Always love coming by here for headshot prints! Very kind staff and always happy with my photos.

Dolly Pratt: So incredibly kind and quick! I highly recommend this place for all your photo needs!

Aarya Nukala: The uncle that work here and his team are awesome. So kind and honest, quick turnaround time, great quality scans, and weee even willing to help me figure out an old Olympus film camera from the 90s. They also sell film! I’ve been loyal to them since I moved to the city, you should be too.

Cadence Collins: Great place to print headshots/resumes! It’s my go-to spot

Jordan Reynolds: Printed some photos, all wrong size, so many years in business still acting stupid.

Jackie Theoharis: I LOVE these guys - I always get my headshots printed from here. Great prices and fantastic quality. Thank you!!

Ashley Brown: Bobby was efficient and quality was great. They stayed late to push out some last minute prints for me.

Amghy Chacon: Dropped off two rolls of film at this location for dev + scan. Photos came out so nice. The location was a little tricky, as other reviewers mentioned, but the entrance is right next to the museum, and there is a door manager as well inside the building who was very helpful. It is a small operation in there, I could immediately tell these folks are here to get the job done. Not much into small talk either, I respect that. Happy with my photos and will come by again for sure.

Minh Z.: It was a bit difficult to find the place, but it’s in a building next to a gallery in the 5th floor. The service was fast and they send your film scans via email. The colors and results are amazing! High quality. I totally recommend this lab 📷 🎞️

Taylor Pardell: Excellent quality and customer service!!!

Alana Pereira: Honest price and super professional

George Liopetas: Quick Color is an amazing film lab. The people who work there are absolutely friendly and helpful. The best dev and scans I have had ever in NY.Totally worth it. Thank you guys!

David: These guys helped me out when I needed it, and run a great service right in the heart of the city - definitely bring your film & printing needs here!

6. Photoreal - Kings County

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96 reviews
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Address: 52 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: (718) 875-1776

Business type: Photo lab

Photoreal: what do users think?

Aili Nicholson: THE BEST passport photos. I was in a rush and they delivered within 10 minutes & were also kind enough to help me print my itinerary so I could make it to my appointment in time. 10/10

Greta: I’ve been coming to Photoreal for awhile now. I’ve had my partner and sons passport photos done here. They came out great. Personally, I also come here to develop, scan my negatives being as tho I shoot film and will continue to do so. The owner Jay is such a nice man. He has most film stocks. I recommend Photoreal any day!!

Spencer Geiger: My go to spot! Friendly and helpful staff, quick service, great prices. Usually get 35mm scan/print completed in 1-2 days. Wide selection of film in stock.

D'Arcy Anderson: Cheapest film development I’ve found nearby. Friendly and quick service! They also sell film.

Jbret85: Great! We went 2 times during our stay in NYC to print film. It costs $13, it's done in 1 day or sometimes even the same day! I recommend 100%

Julian Guevara: Fast and fair priced film developing for 35 MM. also a wide selection of different film. Nice and helpful staff as well

Isabella Spiridigliozzi: I’ve been here several times for passport photos, various visa photos, and disposable camera developing and this place is great. They were familiar with all the different visa requirements for the countries I needed, quickly printed the passport photos, and the staff is very helpful. I was in and out in a timely manner every time.

Benjamin Wittwer: They took my money and never developed my photos/emailed them to me as promised. Now when I try to call, the number doesn't work.

Lisa X. Liang: Always fast, friendly service and great quality. The team is fantastic with toddler passport photos as well

Jeremy Keehn: I came in needing US and Canadian passport pics for my daughter, and the photographer went out of his way to help, even accelerating the developing process after a minor equipment hiccup led her to have to sit a few extra minutes. My daughter was also delighted when he let her try the photo cutter. Highly recommended.

Claire Shriver: I was nervous to trust a new place with film developing, but they did a great job!

Andy Mansoor: The color of my photos were altered and everything has this horrible redness to it.Cannot believe they pre-edited without warning or consent …What’s worse, is they are not answering my emails and the phone number is not working for me to discuss with them & seek resolution :(So disappointing :(((

Leah Bronstein: They processed my film quickly and for a fair price. Would definitely go back again.

7. Trilogy Photo Lab - Manhattan

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55 reviews
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Trilogy Photo Lab
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Address: 111 Chambers St # A, New York, NY 10007

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 693-0210

Business type: Photo lab

Trilogy Photo Lab: what do users think?

Kaity Gahrmann: Just wanted to give the biggest love and shout-out to Trilogy Photo Lab! They operate a great business with an obvious love of photography. I had gotten engaged and taken our engagement pics on 35mm film - Trilogy was able to get my photos back to me within a few hours, despite it being a holiday and I can't thank them enough for the care they took & their kindness throughout.

Y HiHowAreYou: The folks here are super helpful and kind. They are always willing to give advice on how to make your images better or just talk with you about your photos for a bit. Great selection of film, batteries, and disposable cameras.

Varun Gangal: This is an amazing and very convenient place with very friendly and kind-hearted as well as experienced looking people running the store. They truly care work with you to get the photos done for whatever typical purpose you need it and are very well versed with most cases [passports, visa and more]. They provide both digital and hard copies as required, and have both available in a spin.

Jonathan Klein: I had lots of issues with my Canadian passport photos at CVS/Walgreens. I found Trilogy and they took great care of me! Everything went smoothly and the photos were accepted! Highly recommended, Trilogy will be my go-to for all photo needs from now on!

Darryl Granger: Amazing experience. Best place in the city to get headshots. I was in a bind on a Friday afternoon and needed headshots the same day. Mark worked with me to get the best shots printed fast.Don’t go to the corporate printers. The best service is here.

Keegan Govender: Quick and quality passport photo. Friendly owners who have been running the business for 20+ years.

Arnab Banerji: Extremely fast turnaround on photos from a disposable camera! Had scans in my inbox within a couple of hours, incredible compared to CVS.

Inversiones Trebol: Always amazing. My entire family goes there for years.

Stephen Yang: Very good price, quick and easy.

Alex Sisk: I went for passport photos and it was quick, easy and the pictures came out great. Also seemed to have a lot of photography supplies.

Mabel Fritz: been going here to get film developed for years, great place, very quick turnaround, and gives tips for better quality photos

McSteve Ezikeoha: Customer Service needs a LOT of work

August Ciofalo: Amazing service - I would definitely recommend. They are extra friendly and quickly get the job done. They also provide a range of different photo services with very good prices. I love that they are family-owned as well. Will definitely be back!

Sel Ng: I called ahead to make sure that they took a particular country passport photos and they gave me really clear instructions on what to wear and the price. I walked in that afternoon and they made sure I looked fine, no hair out of place and were super friendly and professional. All in all it was about a 15 minute process from beginning through to getting the actual printed photos. A great experience. Highly recommend. Mark there is super friendly and amazing to work with.

Evan Kriskovic: Not many choices of film stock, prices aren’t the best either.

8. Photo Printing Center - Kings County

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18 reviews
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Photo Printing Center
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Address: 6212 11th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11219

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (718) 238-1962

Business type: Photo shop

Photo Printing Center: what do users think?

Freaky: Very RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL MAN! I'll never ever go back again

Ximena Rlzz.: Best place! I got my passport photos here in less than 10 minutes. Great experience

bichiko jailava: Thanks for everythingThey know what they do 👌

Razumd: everything is very expensive

Wilden Barrios: very excellent service, the gentleman who served us very professional

Robert Chester: Very helpful, fast, and knowledgeable for passport and citizenship photos! Much appreciated and we will be back soon for more.

جیان زاؤ ژینگ: Enthusiastic and considerate.

Amy Wu: Overcharge

michael yang: have a bad attitude

José Alfredo Diaz: The best service

fang Ling chen: It's so sloppy, the whole face is deformed

Nicole Martinez Perez: Really good and quick service.

Louis Citro: People that work there are great they really know what they're doing

May chen: . The photographer advises me exactly what to do, so I get great pictures.

9. Sammy's Photo Lab - Manhattan

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70 reviews
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Address: 27 Essex St, New York, NY 10002

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 995-9890

Business type: Photo lab

Sammy's Photo Lab: what do users think?

joel lum: Paid way too much and gave me back warped scans

Maxine Williams: Amazing development and such a fast turnaround without sacrificing quality!! Definitely go here for all your film needs!

Maria Carrasco: Film photos I took look so good! I’m so impressed with the quality

Alice Zheng: Got my scans today within 6 hours of having dropped them off, love the color grading and I will definitely be back!

Joe (JoKage): This is the #1 spot to get your film developed.

Tadzio Dlugolecki: best film development in the city. incredible turn around time and even better colors. martin is always so helpful and i genuinely enjoy coming by to drop film.

Matt Ryckman: , and scans were excellent and hi-res. Will go here from now on!

Will Pergola: Great turn around time, great price, really friendly

Stephanie Cheng: $11 for 2 Passport photos. And I looked really good.

Alex Alubaidi: and the scans - if you elect for those - are high quality

May Zou: My go-to place to get my disposables developed! Even when I drop my film off close to the store closing, I have the photos emailed to me by ~9pm that night. Only $20 cash for a seamless and efficient process - thank you so much!

Angel King: We were here two times: the first time the photographer was sitting in front of the computer and he didn’t move or say anything. We were waiting for 1 minute. Then, we are so ignored and left the store.The second time, the photographer finally got chance to work with us. But the angel of photo came out badly, it didn’t placed in the center. And I asked he to re-edit and reprint one. I appreciate that he did that. But the photographer was full of attitude.So I got a okay quality photo down with 2 hours of waiting.Won’t come back again.8 passport pictures, 30 dollars. /:

Tristan Flanagan: My go to place to get filmed developed. Super fair prices and very kind people working here. Usually get scans emailed to me within a few hours of dropping off the film. Can’t recommend this place enough!

Ashlea Mayne: Had pics printed direct from an album on my phone - couldn’t be easier - really affordable too and great service

Meghan Hendrix: Quick developing and scans—no complaints!

Snake Person: Love this spot! Super fast turn around just remember to bring cash😊

10. Eliz Digital Inc - Manhattan

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94 reviews
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Eliz Digital Inc
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Address: 77 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10013

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 343-3669

Business type: Passport photo processor

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