Best Places To Practice Archery In New York Near Me

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1. Gotham Archery - Kings County

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Gotham Archery
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Address: 480 Baltic St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Schedule: Closing soon: 9:00 PM

Telephone: (718) 858-5060

Business type: Archery range

Gotham Archery: what do users think?

Andrew Peluso: My girlfriend surprised me with an intro to archery class here and we had a blast. She tapped into her inner Katniss and won a head to head competition they had at the end which was cool and exciting! The instructors were friendly and helpful the whole time. Would definitely recommend for a date or a fun group outing.

Martha Guadamuz: My boyfriend and I had a great time. The whole staff was great Ryan the instructor made it fun and we both learned how to shoot which it was awesome. Thanks guys.

Shalaka Sane: .

Dominique Correa: Pull the string back, arch your elbow, and imagine shooting an orc…pure zen. We had a great time at Gotham Archery, the instructors are hilarious and helpful!

Lexington Layne: THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!! not only is the staff super friendly AND super funny, they are very skilled in the way they explain things and take their time to teach every detail. I plan to be here more often with LOTS more people!!!

Nelson Nuñez: ! Very professional while simultaneously being hilarious and helpful. Highly recommend for solo, couples

123 456: love the place, the instructor is really fun, and archery is really fun too.

Steven: It was a great experience. Me and my daughters loved it. The lane was tight because there were a lot of people but we still had a great time. The instructor and staff were wonderful. We went there twice already and about to make an appointment for our next one this weekend.

Wenley Ma: Ryland was such a great instructor! Everything was explained clearly and I also enjoyed the mini games we played at the end too. I feel like I would come back for lane rentals after this intro class!

Miranda Sofia: I went with my boyfriend and fully didn’t expect to have as much fun as I did. I would def come back! Staff was very professional. Lesson is very safe and engaging. Price is great. So much fun!

Jennylyu: Amazing coach! We had so much fun

Sandra Ferreira Reynolds: Fun introductory class. All the instructors are friendly and welcoming. The class goes by super fast, and at the I wish I had more time.The space is a bit small for Archery, specially if your class is at capacity.I’m trying it again, but I will probably go to the other location.

Joe T: lot of fun

kyle: I cannot recommend this space enough! We decided to take the introductory class to try a new activity and felt so welcomed and taken care of.Having never shot a bow and arrow before, there were some nerves heading into the class but were welcomed by a great host who took care of the whole class. They take you through a step by step process on how to shoot an arrow and how to ensure your safety.This is a great outing for friends and couples and a wonderful opportunity to try something new and fun!

2. The Floyd Bennett Field Archery Range - Queens

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The Floyd Bennett Field Archery Range
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Address: Aviation Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11234

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: (718) 354-4606

Business type: Archery range

The Floyd Bennett Field Archery Range: what do users think?

Ashish Satyabhashak: Awesome archery range located inside the Floyd Bennett field. I wish there is some organization when it comes to facilities like this, which means classes are offered to those who want to learn archery. This range needs some social media presence.

Eduard Musheev: Absolutely no chance that you will be able to find a spot on a weekend. Place is crowded. Not the first weekend I'm coming here, waiting on the parking lot and leaving with nothing.

Mark Smith: Best archery range in Nyc. Only come if you have your own equipment, including aiming box and zipties. They only have 2 on the field during Coronavirus but they have frames where you can suspend your box to eye level.Definitely worth the visit. You can also park elsewhere and walk to the range.

Konstantin Shushkovsky: closed. no information when it may reopen. we would cut the grass our self if needed, why did you deny us this outdoor healthy activity?

Chris P. Bacon: there will be a few parking spots available

Anthony Perez: Great people and tons of fun for all ages

EMK: Free parking if you're lucky, fun place to be at

Victor Lucero: Lots of traditional and recurve shooters. Old timers hang out a lot on the weekends. Need a Parking Permit to park your privately owned vehicle. Get the parking permit for $50 for the entire year.

Marcin Konopko: Ots nice place to shoot outdoor close by

TSERING GURUNG: Great place to learn achery 50$ annual fee grt love it

Chaim Hayes: Fantastic archery location.

Aleksiy: Outdoor adventure in the city limit. A lot of options.

3. Gotham Archery - Manhattan

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Gotham Archery
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Address: 73 Allen St, New York, NY 10002

Telephone: (212) 775-0010

Business type: Archery range

4. Pro Line Archery Lanes - Queens

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Pro Line Archery Lanes
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Address: 95-11 101st Ave, Ozone Park, NY 11416

Schedule: Opens at 2:00 PM

Telephone: (718) 845-9280

Business type: Archery range

5. Queens Archery - Queens

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Queens Archery
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Address: 170-20 39th Ave, Flushing, NY 11358

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: (718) 461-1756

Business type: Archery range

Queens Archery: what do users think?

Jack Franklin: The instructor Christian in Queens Archery, First of all, The instructor Christian were completely disinterested and seemed to lack any real knowledge or passion for the sport. The whole setup was fine, but lack of spaces. And let's not forget the lack of safety precautions! I felt like I was risking my life every time I picked up a bow. Overall, archery turned out to be a tedious and frustrating endeavor, leaving me wondering why anyone would waste their time on such a lackluster and poorly executed activity. I leave this a two star because the front desk were very nice and they know better than instructor “ Christian “.

Evan Blanchfield: Exceptional service, true professionalism. Would recommend to anyone interested in archery.

Omer Azhar: Did archery for the first time, Went with a group of 9 at 9pm on a Tuesday and although there was an hour till closing the employees did an amazing job accommodating us. Huge shoutout to the management, great service, great setup, great instructors, very patient and helpful Definitely recommend

Jaclyn Pantojas: Terrible customer service to new clients/ customers. Very messy. Didn’t stick around for my reservation after waiting so long like we didn’t exist. Would rather go to a different range would not recommend. Very disappointed!

sabrina liew: Worth it! And super fun! Came here under reservations with friends. It is cash only and it’s 30$ per person comes with the equipment it’s just an hour of fun. The workers are super nice and helpful. They kept the tutorial and instructions clear and short so we could have time. I learned fast and it was super fun once you get it! Definitely worth it.

Anna Wang: Cool place with great staff. My group and I had a lot of fun!$30 per person cash only

Tykisha Johnson: Every time I go I always have fun. It's definitely a great way to spend time with my family. My boys are so competitive 😆 🤣 😂.

Henry: Mileage will vary based on your instructor. My daughter and I had an amazing time in our first week. Our instructor taught us the basics rules, gave instructions every now and then throughout our lesson. My daughter left motivated and wanting to continue which Im more than happy to invest in. Unfortunately our second experience with a different instructor was not as good as the first and now she doesn’t want to come back. It is what it is.

Peyton Pandemic: Was fun, shot until my arms were tired

Freddy Carmona XO: We Go Every Week! Tons Of Fun. The staff is always so nice!!

Mikie Hay: We live in Flushing within walking distance from this place and we wanted to try archery. I hadn't arched since scouts, so was a little rusty. Sessions are $30/person. We had a lesson included the first time we went. This was the first time I used a bow with a hand guard, so that made things a bit easier.I learned I have a phoria that causes me to shoot to the right of where I am aiming, so I corrected this by shifting my aim to the left, finally able to hit my targets more successfully.We came here twice. The first time was great. The second time was not. The woman at the front desk is friendly and the trainers during our first visit were helpful. The second time we visited, one of the employees was terribly unfriendly, sarcastic, and disrespectful... and I must be honest, he ruined the experience for me.I'm unsure if I will return now.It was fun while it lasted.


Sandra Plumaj: Somehow whenever I try to book a session here it suddenly is closed every Sunday after I have scheduled it. I have been in written communication with Vikki, who originally took my preferred date and time only to cancel it the following week because they had a competition that day. We agreed to reschedule it for the following Sunday and now days before my scheduled time, she informed me that they would be closed once again and that they had booked me under the wrong the wrong day.I had heard wonderful things that had made me super hyped to check it out but after all of this back and forth I have no interest in going here.

Ryan Francis: Great experience, professional and knowledgeable people. My kids had a blast.

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