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1. Animal Haven - Manhattan

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Animal Haven
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Address: 200 Centre St, New York, NY 10013

Schedule: Opens at 1:00 PM

Telephone: (212) 274-8511

Business type: Animal shelter

Animal Haven: what do users think?

Yasna Rostam Abadi: Not to undermine the efforts for running an animal shelter, the staff here were super disrespectful, irresponsible, and unfriendly. The adoption process is super complicated without any reason. We applied to adopt a cat, and though they said they will contact us until 3-5 days, we didn't find out that the cat was adopted by someone else until we called them 3 days later. This was truly heartbreaking for me, and the staff was rude enough to hang up the phone without apologizing or providing any other information on how to proceed next. At least, they could have told us to follow up ourselves in the first place!If they truly care for animals, they should know that adoption is an important life event and shouldn't be this emotionally draining.

Arya Aminorroaya: Do not recommend this place at all. Absolutely irresponsible behavior.Animal Haven was supposed to notify us about the result of our application, while they didn’t and we finally found out when we called them back. Adoption is a big deal for everyone, emotionally, however, they didn’t even call us back while we were waiting.

Amanda McIntyre-Chavis: This place does absolutely phenomenal work to take care of pets. I adopted my fur babies from them, and they are very careful about the adoption process to make sure their fur babies are going to a good home. They work tirelessly to help injured, abandoned and disabled pets find fosters and new homes. Every dollar donated goes back to the care of these babies and as a donor, I would not hesitate to contribute more. If you're an animal lover or you're looking for a new addition to your family, check out Animal Haven 💕

Mellie Rohr: meant for me would find me no matter how long or short our time together. We find each other. We choose each other. I believe this too for all the sincere, serious, ethical animal loving people wanting to become parents to a fur baby/child they will cherish.If I may offer some comfort and peace. Have faith that your cat or dog is out there. If you were declined whether by AH or another shelter, try not to fight it. Try not to be bitter and angry. Nothing wrong with expressing your disappointment or even asking a shelter to explain why you were not chosen. Perhaps this will educate you and you will gain new insights.Keep putting the positive energy into the universe, God or whomever you call upon for wisdom and guidance. You will be led to the pup or kitty meant for you. Keep trusting that your time is coming. And it is! Your cat or dog is on the way. Keep repeating that. It will happen for you!

Jose Lebron: The pets are well taken care of. They receive lots of love and attention as well as good food. Stop buying pets and adopt a pet from here.

arlu campbell: I loveee them! I adopted my baby from there 3 weeks ago, and I can’t be more happy. They are beautiful people working there to make this baby’s happy.DONT BUY. ADOPT.

Regina Massaro: Thank you for opening your doors to SNIP rescues, for your kindness and compassion. Regina Massaro/SNIP

Elianny Salcedo: I came to volunteer at Animal Haven and was impressed with how dedicated the staff and volunteers are with the animals here. They have a lot of dogs and cats that are all waiting to be adopted. If you're looking for a new pet, this is a great place to rescue one that needs a home.

Shiqi Steven Hu: Very healthy and active cat! I could tell that the staff took great care of them and I am glad I can meet Marty and adopt her!

Donovan Lias: is a RESCUE not a kill shelter, that’s a big difference. I have adopted from kill shelters and you walk in and out the same day with your pet with very little information and no food, no toys, no integration plan. Animal Haven gives you the tools to be successful. This is NYC and like all our large cities people use pets for sport and don’t make them family and animal haven is not having that and I don’t blame them…..Ok I’m done preaching to y’all but really come on there is an application and if you qualify you get a pet if you don’t go to a kill shelter and adopt, there are animals that need your help there as well.I just adopted a beautiful puppy from them today and the staff was nice and welcoming. From emails to phone calls to in person visits. The process was fair conversations about bringing my puppy and 3 year old cat together was amazing. I am overall pleased with the process. I agreed with there policies even before I knew it. Prong, shock, choker collars are simply inhumane and just evil. They give us some food, toys, a leash and collar. My puppy had a fresh bath I paid the fee and we went home so he can meet his human and fur family. Special Thanks to Kate & Rose y’all made this process an enjoyable one.

Derek Dambrosio: *This shelter deleted my comment off their page in less than a minute and blocked me. Guess they don’t want any negative reviews but don’t worry Animal Haven I was coming here next and this is a review you can’t delete or block. Anyway, If you don’t have every single little detail about your passed dogs / animals they'll deny your application. I have a good home, good safe fenced in yard, plenty of people in my family to be home with the dog at all times and have had numerous dogs who have all lived long healthy happy lives but I couldn't provide every single little detail about my passed dogs so I was denied. I feel bad these dogs are in the hands of these people and they set such a long hard process to pass in order to adopt them. It definetly turns a lot of people away because of how pain staking the process is. I understand they want some information to make sure the dogs in good hands but it's just too much and it's ridiculous. My advice steer clear of this place they act like you are doing something wrong when they are questioning or I really should say interrogating you rather than being appreciative that you are trying to give a dog a safe loving home. Not a pleasant experience, I have adopted multiple times and I couldn’t believe how this place handles the process. I couldn’t figure out why their animals don’t get adopted as they seem to repost a lot of the same animals on Facebook but after going through the application process I fully understand why. Poor dogs.

Ali Khan: Shelter that genuinely cares for its animals. Great place to volunteer.

Nicholas M: Absolutely a disgusting place to adopt at. They force you to have to spay/neuter your puppies way too young ! It’s recommended to wait until they are anywhere between 6-8 months. If you don’t like that then they’ll just deny you or take your foster away from you if you were fostering a puppy with the intent to adopt. This is place is solely only about the money and nothing else . Grateful for the dogs that were able to leave here, and it’s heartbreaking to know such a place exists with people who don’t care !!!!

Andrea Acevedo: Cooper Frank DONT ADOPT FROM HERE! They wanted my sister in law to spay a PUPPY. Not good due to health reasons that early…They came and picked up the dog in front of two little boys who just lost their dog. SHAME!

Flossie Butler: Only cats available

Karrie Melody: . It was important for me to choose a no kill shelter. All the pets are well cared and held in clean conditions. They have glass doors in the rooms for transparency. I’m so happy that we were able to adopt our Loki the same day. It took us about 1,5 h to go through application process and I think it’s great that they are taking time to make sure the pet is given in good hands. We had a pet carrier bag with us and we took our Loki home right away. We paid the fee and they even gave us package of food for the cat to make adaptation process smoother as moving to a new home is already stressful. The first days Loki was hiding and didn’t eat much but we made sure to give him some time and space. Right now he is the owner of the house, playing , having fun and exploring his first Christmas tree. We’re very grateful for our newest family member! Highly recommend this shelter! Many thanks to volunteers and staff again!

2. Social Tees Animal Rescue Office - Manhattan

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Social Tees Animal Rescue Office
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Address: 443 E 9th St, New York, NY 10009

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Business type: Animal rescue service

Social Tees Animal Rescue Office: what do users think?

Andrea Torres: , but no communication if the dogs we had applied for were available

Jacob Andrews: Truly love this rescue! They have the cutest Instagram & all the dogs I’ve had are great. Fostered with them 7 times over the last couple years- all the dogs ended up in great spots! Well run & organized group. They didn’t let me adopt when I was under 25, which ended up being a blessing in disguise! Thanks for all the great & hard work you all do!!

Zac Sweers: Social Tees is great. They’re way more thorough than most rescues, and despite what the 1-star reviews here suggest, that’s very much a good thing. They’re focused on the success of the dog and the adopter, and with that comes appropriate vetting.

Eliran Carmelli: .I explained that with the understanding to their concerns - I have years of experience with a home dog and also the problems that they raised

Nicole Greevy: My family had a great experience working with Social Tees to adopt our mixed-breed puppy. They are very thorough in the application process, and it takes some time to get approved, but once you are approved, the approval is good for a year and they were very quick to respond when I reached out about one of the dogs they'd listed on Petfinder. Everyone we communicated with, from the adoption approval volunteers, to the foster family, to the staff at the office were lovely and gave great advice the whole way through the process. For us, we had a video visit with the puppy's foster family, then arranged to meet them and the dog at the Social Tees office. We were able to take her home with us that day. Social Tees was my first experience working with a rescue group to adopt a dog and they made it an easy, kind, and positive experience the whole way through. Our pup is settling in beautifully with us and is a wonderful addition to the family. Thanks, Social Tees!

Amanda Wilson: I went to Social Tees with my two year and the women instead didn't even encourage us! I hope it wasn't because we are brown skinned but it felt that way. Race or not it was extremely unprofessional.

Eve Lingaitis: I adopted my pup, Stevie, from Social Tees in June 2021. She's an extremely social girl and people on the street will always ask what rescue we used, and if we recommend them - the answer is always no. I have had dogs and worked with dogs for 25 years, and Stevie made them all look like a walk in the park. When I initially had her as a foster, I sought out help from Social Tees and they told me I was wrong, Stevie was categorically not a difficult dog. Even though they had met her for less than 5 minutes, they did not take my experiences witnessing her anxiety, reactivity, and biting into consideration. After a few weeks of fostering, I felt that I was the person best suited to continue to work with Stevie and give her a forever home. I reached out to adopt her, and was told a stranger reached out the day prior. Social Tees has arbitrary rules in place in which the person who reaches out first has "dibs". They would prefer to uproot and re-home a dog with unbelievable amounts of trauma because someone reached out to express interest a day before I did. It then fell on me, the foster parent, to interview this person. The potential adopter told me they had never had a dog, and said verbatim "I am not really a dog person" - how their application was approved for a 1 year old rescue dog with severe trauma is beyond me. They also worked 8 hour days out of home, making them a terrible match for a dog with separation anxiety. This all seemed obvious to me but I had to fight tooth and nail to convey my concerns to the Social Tees team. Funny enough, I reached out to let the team know Stevie was having a medical concern and needed to see a vet and they suddenly let me know I would be the one adopting Stevie and could go ahead pay out of pocket. I doubt Social Tees remembers Stevie or this situation, because never once did I feel like Social Tees had Stevie's best interest in mind, or that she was a priority.I'm so grateful I got her out of that situation, where she lives happily as our number one priority. We have found Stevie the best behavioralists in the city since then, and Stevie now lives an extraordinarily life with no separation anxiety, and limited triggers.

Nat Esten: ❤️

Emily Fowler: on their adoption form which took me over an hour to complete. Because I answered honestly that I was forced to responsibly re-home a previous dog that I had owned with a breed specific rescue due to aggression concerns after consulting with a dog behaviorist and my veterinarian, I was immediately rejected. This rescue is doing their animals a disservice. It is now extremely clear to me why their animals are available on PetFinder for months since they do not wish to adopt them out to loving homes.1/24/23 Update - Social Tees responded to my review to tell me that I should have replied to the email instead of writing a review. The email was a “no reply” email and when I sent them a separate email and an Instagram DM, they ignored me. Seems like google reviews are the only place you can get their attention.

Pamela Guzman: They make it extremely hard to adopt a kitten. All the strays and animal in shelters that need good homes but they provide their own rules to what a good home should be for the animals they foster. It’s not fair, they insist that you are not considered a good match because you want to adopt a single kitten instead of a pair, or have to own a cat at home already. If I want two cats that is for me to decide not a animal shelter, but yet they disqualify you. A loving home that can afford to own a pet should be all that matters. I wanted to adopt, not shop but adoption centers make it impossible at this point, it’s very sad.

Meg Larson: from Social Tees and had a great experience! Social Tees takes great care of their dogs to ensure they are matching them with the right home. It was clear to me that they really want to set both you and the dog up for success. The team was responsive to all my questions, both by email and in-person when I met my dog. The team was super knowledgeable and answered every question I had from recommendations on training to vaccinations and how to acclimate my new pup to my home. I would recommend Social Tees to anyone looking to adopt or foster!

Jessica Ryan: These people are crazy. They have dozens of dogs and cats listed on their website who will probably never find a good home because of how extraneous their adoption process is. I spent over an hour filling out their adoption form which included insane and borderline invasive questions such as "when do you plan to have a child/get pregnant" and "have you spoken with a professional trainer about how to acclimate a dog with a new baby" as well as "what do you plan to do if you and your partner get divorced." I understand vetting applicants but these questions were a little loony. They also asked for a letter from our employer to prove we work from home.OK... I was actually willing to do all of it because I fell in love with the dog on their site... then they REJECT my application off the bat because I am 23. I own a home, make over 160k combined income and my fiance is 29. I think it is ridiculous to reject applicants due to a single statistic that the looneytoon boss of this place looked up on Wikipedia without looking at the whole person.A dog lost a good home today because of these nut jobs. You'd be better off going to a breeder.

3. Best Friends Lifesaving Center - Manhattan

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Best Friends Lifesaving Center
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Address: 307 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013

Telephone: (888) 855-0353

Business type: Animal shelter

4. ASPCA Adoption Center - Manhattan

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ASPCA Adoption Center
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Address: 424 E 92nd St, New York, NY 10128

Telephone: (212) 876-7700

Business type: Pet adoption service

ASPCA Adoption Center: what do users think?


Peter Piper: I was very disappointed to find out that as a Shelter Support volunteer I would have absolutely no contact with the animals.. my job would be to do dishes and clean carriers and other tasks of that nature. There are all sorts of protocols in place here so there is no guarantee that you will ever get to frolic with the fur babies at all. What's the point of coming here if you ask me? Hard pass!

Alfred Smith: Good place

Yvonne Lucky-Jethwa: Did not go to adopt but went to get medical for one of our girls.

Anthony Chavez: Mi got was hit by a car her pelvis is fracture VERG send me to this place cuz I can't pay a high bill the vet sow my pet and then spok with a surgeon by phone and saw the x-ray and absolutely by dog need a surgery they book an appointment and 1 hour late called me to say they can operate my dog be cause the surgeon can operate next week and said she doesn't need a surgery it doesn't make sense first need and second no need If I have x-ray and her pelvis is broken in 2 parts now my poor dog is on pain at home drying slowly . I told them I can't pay 7k and just said go back to VERG seriously!!!!!

Maria Alejandra Sierra: I adopted my beautiful senior here. They were so helpful in the whole adoption process that even after months of adopting him, they were still in contact to make sure everything was going well!

Jayce Medinaxdd: hope bandit is doing good

David Brocks: Everyone was very professional and friendly. Nice place to adopt a future family member.

A L: 👍

Mark Vanderpool: My cat was very sick and I feared the most. I immediately responded to the ASPCA in Brooklyn. After they checked him out, it was determined that he may need emergency surgery. The ASPCA set up an emergency appointment and I then reported to the NYC office. They confirmed my cat needed the surgery and he was critical. Tyrone is a family member and I would do anything to save him. My main concern was the cost since I'm on disability with limited income. Surprise, the fees were within my budget and the help that the doctor and staff was amazing. Tyrone after surgery and 5 days later in in great health. Thanks to the ASPCA.

Melinda Levine: ASPCA is a first stop if you’re looking for a new best friend, volunteer work or a professional & knowledgeable staff. Rules have become a little more strict regarding the adoption of animals. But in general, the ASPCA is top-notch. They also accept donations of blankets, food,towels, toys, etc., but you’ll need to check the website for current needs.

Monica Morris: No help at all

M West: Caring folks who do their best.

5. Bideawee - Manhattan

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Address: 410 E 38th St, New York, NY 10016

Schedule: Opens at 11:00 AM

Telephone: (866) 262-8133

Business type: Animal shelter

Bideawee: what do users think?

Laurie Henrich: Found the light of my life here. I appreciated the intake form they require. Helped streamline process and this way, you are only considering animals that are a good fit. It was fast, easy and yet responsible. Thank you Bideawee!!Laurie Henrich

C. Cruz: The process was swift and effortless, and the staff provided exceptional assistance throughout! We were fortunate to adopt two adorable kittens, both just a few months old. The best part was the same day adoption, along with a few essential starter supplies. The cost was $180 per kitten, but there was a fantastic offer: if you adopt two, the second one is only $90. Moreover, both kittens have already been spayed/neutered and vaccinated for their well-being.

Tessa Tyo: Adopted my pup through here! The adoption counselors are friendly and able to answer questions about any animal in the shelter. They let you play with the pups you’re interested in adopting to make sure you pick the best fit for you and your family. I’m white passing and came with my partner who’s a POC, and we only had the most pleasant interactions with the staff from beginning to end. Their website answers anything you need to know prior about bringing leashes/collars/documentation/etc.

Steven Kennedy: Best place ever got my cat here 11 years ago they had the coolest staff and helped with a seamless process

Brigitta Danyi: Great place with amazing people!Yesterday my daughter chose a puppy,and we bring her home. They did it fastall the paperwork,and also make sure the whole family was on the same page with having a “newborn” at home. She still can’t go outside like for a month but we don’tmind. We went back a couple of times, they explained everything and were patient with us since choosing a baby puppy is a big responsibility.We’re glad she is the middle of attention in the family. The shelter nice and clean they give us wet and dry food for the following days,puppy bag to take her home etc.She’s follow up with shots, and spayed. Can’t say enough thanks, we appreciate for the the team!

Mahrukh: I adopted a bonded pair a year ago. The cats are the light of my life. The staff especially the vet responded to my inquiries on my initial visit. They showed me which cats were available. I see a lot of negative reviews that they are r*cist. I am a brown hijabi. I didnt think they had any extra steps/instructions for me. The staff is only concerned about the shelter animal's well being and therefore require people to bring proof that multiple pets are allowed. Sometimes just the lease allowing pets is not enough. They ask to bring a carrier. You fill out one form and thats it. You can also call them if you are having problems .I didn't think they made the adoption process hard but only more secure. Animals undergo a lot of stress when they are adopted and returned instead of taking these personally one should understand. Thank you Bideawee.Attaching a picture.

diana germosen: I had a wonderful experience with Bideawee from the very beginning I was explained in detail about there adoption process and I was teamed up with a perfect match the girls at the center were fantastic and in the end I got my beautiful puppy named Jackie she is 4 month and she adores my girl the whole family we are very happy we adopted her with Bideawee.

Jadyn Herry: Do NOT adopt here if you are black, brown, or Asian. In my experience after finding out we were two POC adopting Bideawee continued to add/change the requirements. They insinuated that we could not afford or care for the cat we wanted to adopt and love, despite providing them with all the info they asked for. At the shelter we were ignored despite other customers being approached and helped. If you are a person of color GO ELSEWHERE.

M.R.W: the volunteer kept insinuating that we were going to “return the kitten/get evicted from our current apartment/ kept saying

Lo O: OBSERVATION OF PREJUDICE PRACTICES: So I thought the front desk people were super knowledgeable. They showed me around the office and I saw a few dogs. However I thought it was worth noting that the woman who showed me around was pretty discriminatory in a few instances and this wasn’t a white woman. It was a Hispanic woman. People adopt animals same day with this “rescue center” and all they as is for proof of residence and id, but suddenly when I got there this woman said I needed :Written confirmation from my landlordApproval from my roommatesOf course I didn’t have that readily available in writing but I tried to explain to her that I actually went through the process with another rescue center so I do have back and forth. She gave me an attitude and said “I’m not…”. The mere assumption that I was trying to swindle her before I could even EXPLAIN was racist in and of itself. The fact that she was coming up with new rules on the fly was racist in and of itself.🙃 there are better and CLEANER places to adopt OR FOSTER from like Muddy Paws.

Christine Murray: good

Erma George: Very wonderful, and I enjoyed every moment as soon as I walked in. The staff was very helpful and great explanation of everything you need to kno.Thank everyone. The cat that I adopted is so adorable. Her name is Blossom.

Allison Lin: I love volunteering at this place and then people who work there.

Sanic Powers: I adopted my best friend from here and I'll never be thankful enough

Mark De la Cruz: Adopted the most precious doggo today. Staff was amazing and we really appreciate them taking us through their adoption process step by step. Couldn’t be happier, thank you Bideawee team!

Quentin Richardson: My puppy was sick when I adopted her. Once she was severely sick I had to take her to the ER and Bideawee was completely unprofessional and took weeks to ever give me a response back. Once they did they didn’t care to fix the mistake that they caused. Do not support this shelter. The workers here are unprofessional and do not care about the adopters once the animal is out there hands.

Yolanda Torres: I adopted my Jack Russell five year’s ago. And ever since then she has been suffering with different illness. I have grown to love her so much! But I definitely believe they knew she had difficulties. Heart broken

6. BARC Shelter - New York County

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BARC Shelter
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Address: 86 N 1st St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Schedule: Opens at 12:00 PM

Telephone: (718) 486-7940

Business type: Animal shelter

BARC Shelter: what do users think?

heike kelman: We adopted a cat in 2001 and he passed away this week. We are so thankful that we got are wonderful baby boy for 22 years

Deirdre F: They are closed.

Nancy Nowak: Could not find proper entrance.I had to leave my pet food donation outside address door. Also listed phone number is disconnected. 😐

Mary Ozga: My brother adopted petey there were two lumps on his head which Rob assured him were just a birth defect nothing to worry about . It turned out to be brain cancer and he will have to be put down. I wouldn’t adopt anything from these people they are not honest and don’t know much about animals.

RIon Reynolds: Tried to volunteer, but...

Lillian Gist: can u adopt a ferret from here?

7. Anjellicle Cats Rescue - Manhattan

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Anjellicle Cats Rescue
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Address: 340 W 49th St, New York, NY 10019

Telephone: (646) 457-2130

Business type: Animal rescue service

8. City Critters - Manhattan

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City Critters
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Address: 1107 Broadway, New York, NY 10010

Business type: Pet adoption service

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