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1. Mount Sinai Hospital - Manhattan

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Mount Sinai Hospital
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Address: 1468 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10029

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (212) 241-6500

Business type: General hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital: what do users think?

Yu ._.: One of the nurse there made fun of my body hair while I was doing the echo test. Made me so self conscious and felt extremely humiliated. AWFUL experience. As a patient I don’t think it’s right to PICK on how our bodies look as we are sick and came for treatment not a modeling agency. Extremely disappointing

Rebecca DeChabert: Didn't have to wait to long for service. Reception staff was very receptive also.

leonard smith: Good hospital

Mani Perez: ZERO STARS!!! RUN! If I can give Zero Stars I would.. Went in with sneakers left with NO SNEAKERS AT ALL! Had to walk blocks shoeless! The nurses stole from me while I was unconscious and in need of care! I will be taking legal actions. I have witnesses that saw me go into the hospital with my sneakers on my feet as well!

Anastasiya K: These guys can't even put on a simple cast properly - the whole hand got swollen and everything had to be replaced for the sake of health. Completely incompetent doctors AND nurses. Shame on Mount Sinai!

sevara akhmedova: I still can't forget the bad experience with youIndifferent attitude, waste of time, unprofessionalism. A lot of pain and bad memories - my beloved dad left you. Doctors without a heart

Hi There: The knight died here RIP December 10 2022 Rip batman.

mimi love: For all your emergency needs they have special care units the best medical staff in nyc

Manson Jtiger: It is the worst hospital in New York City, racism and abnormal negligence in the emergency or inpatient departments, and the worst doctors in the field of liver.if you Wana to die quickly, go to them.

2. Mount Sinai Beth Israel - Manhattan

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Mount Sinai Beth Israel
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Address: 281 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (212) 420-2000

Business type: General hospital

3. Mount Sinai West - Manhattan

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Mount Sinai West
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Address: 1000 10th Ave, New York, NY 10019

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (212) 523-4000

Business type: Hospital

Mount Sinai West: what do users think?

Sara Subhani: I went to their detox center for a few days and the it felt like a psych ward meets prison. No one listened. One of the other patients threatened to kill me, so I reported it to the head nurse and suggested that she be relocated to the psych ward instead of the detox center, but that didn't happen and she continued to follow me around. Then another patient who probably had severe mental health issues kept threatening to assault everyone. Again, nothing was done. What they did do was discharge anyone who had the ability to speak out against these atrocities. This isn’t a detox center, it’s a spillover of the psych unit. If you’re looking for actual mental health care and to heal from your addictions. PLEASE go anywhere but here. I was fortunate to make a few good friends here, we all left before our official discharge dates, because this was one of the most terrifying, unsupportive environments I have ever been in. 0/10 recommend to anyone. You will leave here with more trauma than you came in with. Full disclosure, I’m a Columbia student who has been to several treatment centers. I cannot even find the words to describe how awful this experience was.

Michelle Thompson: Lack of compassion 😢 too many exchange students govern institutions creating concepts of false narrative 😐 Silly me I need to Really read consent form im given to sign upon treatment ☝🏾instead of statistics of wrongful treatment .. Went to Emergency department for what i thought was A jam finger..Was sent home after x-ray stating no broken bones 😍 sent home w/ splinter wasn't given proper instructions on finger but was waiting on Hand clinic.. 6-12-23 To vaguely sum this up why i feel Black Ppl's get third country treatment oppose to decent healthcare.. I went back to emergency 3 times concerning my finger. Dont want to lose my finger.. Each time i was told i had to wait for my appointment w/ Hand specialist on 440 Amsterdam ave 114 street .. 7-21 -23 .. finally the day came 😡 Why this young resident told me i had only 2 choices NOW because the ER doctors inform me wrong and that they fail to give me proper care until my appointment w/ specialist because now my finger is deformed 😡or physical therapy 3 months and even so my finger when fix can no longer bend😡 America is a laughing joke consume w/ low level entitled leading America to generations regrets that will soon give rise👍🏾keep up the good work.. absolutely stunning

Simcha Marks: This place is terrible the worse hospital I have seen in my life it is not well kept the rooms were the patients are not clean it is very old from the 1800 the doctors in residency are not experienced specially the doctors in cardiology they give too much medication too much anticoagulants without. MONITORING the patients even an hospital in third world countryis better the patient kept bleeding and still give give him the same medication it is a shame to have this type of hospital in the USA even the hospital in France are better equipped than this mou t sinai westDo not let your patie t go there

Matt Tompkins: Little Big’s League’s “Night Nurses From Jersey” were more competent than the L&D night nurses at Mt. Sinai West. My wife was traumatized.Ladies, give birth elsewhere.

nia Rose: I delivered my first child this June 2023 and Nurse Dorothy Chin made my stay beyond great. Nurse Dorothy Chin I can tell loves what she does. She has a great sense of urgency and a genuine heart to help. My husband and I felt we wanted to take her with us on our last day. Being a new mom, I feel confident because she taught me alot...from breast feeding to taking care of myself post delivery. I really hope to have her as our nurse again when we welcome baby number 2.

Margaret M: My dad is hospitalized right now and I’m writing this review because I don’t even know how to handle the frustration I feel. To start with, they failed to give him an important medication for his dementia since the day he arrived even though I gave them a full medication list, and they already had that list in the system anyhow since his internist is with Mt Sinai. When the mistake was discovered it took some arguing and needling on my part to get them to administer the medication as soon as possible, because sudden withdrawal from that medication can cause intense hallucinations, which he has been having. That’s horrifying enough but there are also other issues as well. He was on the 9th floor when he arrived and I asked that he be moved to the window after his roommate was discharged. They said possibly - then didn’t do it, and when I asked why the answer just seemed to be along the lines of “too much hassle”. Now we are paying $600 a night for a private room, and the food orders each night are missing items and never as I had ordered them, which is important because getting my dad to eat has been a struggle. If they serve him mashed potatoes that I didn’t ask for and omit the soup that he likes, it’s more likely he won’t eat it. For $600 a night? Most of the nurses are kind and I hope the doctors are trying their best but there doesn’t seem to be a good system of double checking things to ensure crucial mistakes aren’t being made. I also get the sense that they’ve only got residents and interns working on his case because those are the only people they’ve been sending me when I ask for updates .. and at times I’ve even been told things like “I am not really familiar with your dad’s case but they asked me to speak to you.” What? Why not send someone who is familiar? I feel very powerless here and the person suffering unfortunately is my dad, who can’t advocate for himself

Rosalba De La Cruz: I started going to Mount Sinai West in 2019 when I gave birth to my daughter. I have been to this hospital more times than I like to say but my stay here is always pleasant. The nurses on the 10th floor are amazing and I couldnt ask for better care than the one I received at Mount Sinai West!!!

FINER GANO (RNP): Literally the worst hospital/rehab facility in the world come here if you want to die. I’m literally still a patient here holding out because im almost done.but the amount of unprofessionalism i have experienced here is ridiculous from ignorned call bells to disrespectful staff is ridiculous. God forbid you say something they dont like they will leave you to rot or confront them on something like in my case. This place is completely disgusting and understaffedAnd they staff they do have completely incompetent or dont care. Please do not come here if you value your well being. EDIT I JUST CALLED AN AMBULANCE TO COME RESCUE ME. DO NOT COME HERE

Andrea María: Waiting time at OBGYN and Ultrasound is ALWAYS more than an hour, sometime even more. A nightmare!

Yomairy M. Vargas Hdez: I was taking care of through my entire pregnancy at this location and I also gave birth there honestly I had a great experience, it was in year 2020 therefore appointments were a bit far apart but even after birth they always called me to check on me and the baby; provided me with some free stuff postpartum and diaper for the baby. Nice comfortable and spacious room, I truly enjoyed the experience.

lostinspace: Was admitted for GI issues and fainting and falling while in hospital I wasn’t given my meds for sleep until after 3 hours on unit and was given it in increments so didn’t get all my till 4:45 in the morning then was treated like I was not human this hospital says there sorry but actions speaks so I don’t need an apology I would prefer positive actions so please save your sorries

Susan Schulter-DeLuca: Dungy, old, staff not too friendly. Surgeon excellent.

Dan Kenny: Started off a bit rough, some staff has no business working with people but spoke with management and got the best help I could ask for.If you are willing to advocate for yourself. This place is amazing. Doctors, nurses, consultants and just everyone were great.

NEKTARIOS BELLAS: Simply unacceptable and careless behavior! I arrived an hour ago with severe chest pains and looking pale. I had to wait for 15-20 minutes with others on line because ‘the admissions person went to get something.’ Terrible attitude and they do not care. Same happened last time when they sent me home and refused to treat me because my situation happened in the past. SHUT THEM DOWN! Going to Lenox and I hope I make it ALIVE!

S Kennedy: This hospital almost killed me !!!!I was admitted on a Sunday for high blood pressure they had me on this magnesium drip for two days as I was in labor and they told me the only side effects was drowsiness and fatigue. I ended up having an emergency c section because I wasn’t dilating they told me I would only feel tugging from the c section I felt EVERY THING and I told them that and they did not listen. Hour later I started to bleed I told the nurse who said it was normal but the bleeding became uncontrollable . I began to hemorrhage and had to go under emergency surgery to stop the bleeding they didn’t even explain what happened until I started to ask questions days after my surgeries and a doctor admitted that magnesium drip is a high percentage in hemorrhage. That is so neglectful not to disclose that information I trusted mines and my babies life in this hospital. They discharged with a blood pressure of 157/100 I asked what can be done to lower and they told me it was okay . I went for my postpartum appointment to have my blood pressure at 180/100 and had to get readmitted to the hospital. It took them 7 hours to get my blood pressure down. They should’ve never discharged me without blood pressure medicine in the first place.If you want good prenatal care or labor and delivery experience go to another place.

Yale Zhao: Mount Sinai West has the most incredible team of doctors, nurses, residents, and support staff. Everyone was incredibly caring, kind, and professional. It’s never pleasant to be in a hospital but the team here makes it as positive of an experience as possible.

4. Mount Sinai Kravis Children's Hospital - Manhattan

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Mount Sinai Kravis Children's Hospital
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Address: 1184 5th Ave, New York, NY 10029

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (212) 241-9500

Business type: Children's hospital

Mount Sinai Kravis Children's Hospital: what do users think?

Priscila Marcela: Mount Sinai e a cidade de New York mantendo minha filha viva por mais um dia. Deus abençoe a todos!

Tatiana valbuena: I will never forget the trauma I experienced here. Although, my doctor and his team successfully repaired my daughter's spine, some of the staff and nurses here are bad.

Nafa Naji: The best hospital for children

Karma Karma: Bad

Shatila Chowdhury: I have worked here before and I love this place.

AAM CHOWDHURY: I went therewith my 2 years Baby boy. I get very good service and well behaviour. thanks to all stuff.

Kerlyn I: What a bad experience I have had in this hospital. They see that my child is crying a lot and it takes longer, after a while they give me the stretcher the doctor arrives, looks at him quickly, they don't give him any medicine and that everything is fine. Then I fill out the usual paperwork and wait after almost 2h 30min, they discharge me and I'm going to ask, already angry, I'm pregnant and the child without medicine. To top it off, they tell me if it's still bad to take him to the pediatrician. I told them, I better have taken him there a while ago. The worst thing was that there weren't many patients and it was the same for other mothers. What a disappointing hospital. The only thing they know how to do is charge the insurance and more when you work.

Lara Barak: We unfortunately had to take our 10 week old daughter to the ER and were admitted to the 5th floor. Every single person involved in our daughters care was so empathetic, kind and knowledgeable. We felt extremely lucky to be with such an amazing team during a very scary moment. Kudos to the pediatrics department at Mt Sinai and especially to Dr Stephanie R and nurses Elianna, Chris and Rena. They are the best.

Jennea Perkins: Not the best experience. I would rather travel all the way to Brooklyn instead. The staff were not empathetic at all.

Theresa H: Never do housekeeping here or work here. It’s like high school and a lady by the name Anna which is the manager of housekeeping. She would use the hell out of me.They will have you stay overtime and expect you to come the next morning and don’t wanna pay you. And make up a story in order to get you fired. But she said she couldn’t tell me why I was being fired.? I was there for four months and Anna kept pushing my probation back. I repeat stay as far away from here …don’t ever work here it’s the worst place I’ve ever worked at.

Ashfaq Ahmad: If your child is in emergency or ICU and the nurse is Abby.Request for the nurse change right away or take your kid to a different hospital.My kid got traumatized because of that rude and unprofessional nurse.I’m still giving three stars just because all the other staff and doctors at this hospital are great and professional.Remember the name Abby. Keep her away from your kid. I’ve a lot to say but I will stop here.

Rajib Ghosh: I called more than 20 times , I left voice message, I filled up online from for appointment. I unable to contact with them. They never replied. Unfortunately I’m unable to get appointment. So far their customer service is worse than I expected. I hate to call them back.

Joe: My two children were delivered in this hospital. Not the fanciest hospital but at least the staffs are nice.Some of my complaints are rooms not clean, both deliveries we encountered epidural issue due to human error, and loud noises in the hallway.

jeff goldberg: Annoying wait to get in.Otherwise, staff is super professional

Toni Burrows: I cannot thank this hospital enough for how thorough they were in pinpointing my 4month old's infection.On top of that the care she received was amazing from all of the staff, special shout out to Jay, Sarah, D, Amanda and Samantha who were her caring nurses.As a parent I also received the mental care and stability I needed whist we were moving through the process of eliminting any serious illnesses.Thank you again to all of the Doctors who worked on Evelyn's condition.

Jorelyn Morales: Can i be a a Patient Care Techenician phlebotomist?

Sin Griifey Jr.: had to wait because she wasn’t an “emergency “. They made me feel extremely small and unimportant. The one black nurse here had the worst attitude ever. I guess you have to be white to get proper service. I traveled far to come here because they said it was the best but I guess they’re the best to certain people. I’ve never felt so ignored in my life.

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