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1. T Schreiber Studio - Manhattan

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T Schreiber Studio
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Address: 151 W 26th St #1000, New York, NY 10001

Telephone: (212) 741-0209

Business type: Drama school

T Schreiber Studio: what do users think?

Amirah Inman: Critical:ProfessionalismBe prepared for professional photos, videos. Images or recordings of you could be released to people looking to hire you. I've lost opportunities as a result of mock videos and photos that do not portray who I am being released to directors without my permission.

Amanda Bear: I've been studying at T Schreiber Studio on and off since 2014. I've explored studios and teachers all over New York City and have truly never found a teacher that I've connected with or who has made as big of an impact on my career as Peter Jensen. I think I would genuinely credit Peter with teaching me how to act and with teaching me to love acting. There is no place I love in NY more than his scene study class. He is the most honest, compassionate and caring teacher that there is. His deep understanding of the craft makes it easy for him to communicate with actors on a level that you rarely see from acting teachers. The class always feels like a judgement free zone where we, as actors, are encouraged to explore, be playful and grow. I can't wait to go back in person!

Elsa Dial: You don’t just attend classes at T. Schreiber -- you find a family here. As an experienced but young actor looking to challenge myself and continue to learn, I found a home here. I’ve felt supported to take risks and make mistakes, and the online classes have really sustained me through the pandemic. I cannot recommend their classes more. If you want to become a better listener and storyteller, take a T. Schreiber acting class.

Elise Finnerty: If you're interested in being a professional actor as opposed to having your delicate ego stroked then I'd recommend coming here and studying with Peter Jensen. It makes me sad to see some insecure people cyber bully an incredible, professional, and experienced mentor of mine. He has coached MANY actors through the years who are currently WORKING in the real industry. I now write, direct, and produce, and I almost exclusively cast my films based on whether or not they have trained with Peter Jensen because I know they are professional, reliable and most importantly they are open to being DIRECTED. If you want to grow as an actor and artist this is the place for you.

Patrick Robinson: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueA home for actors to hone their craft. The studio is committed to their students whether in the room or online. The training is inspiring and the experiences are invaluable.

Maggie Lee: Peter Jensen is not professional with international talents. It's very painful to work with him, and he likes to judge you without offering any help. He acted like an arrogant boss instead of a helpful teacher. He didn't know my play at all but he started to offer negative & unconstructive feedback to me. He even said that, with an accent, I could not film a professional reel. He acted like he knows everything, but he does not. He is very biased. All the conversations with him were very harmful.

Laura Wei: Peter Jensen has his own perceptions for what kind of people he wants, and whether or not he is open to someone who is different from the people he is familiar with. I'm sad for the programs here since he tries to choose similar people and make them conform in this way, which is not very good for artistic creativity. He likes to judge people's acting without even knowing the play. He also likes to put a label on you and be mean to you without spending time knowing you. He has no experience working with diverse talents from around the world, and he likes to make you feel hurt and disrespected. Don't come here. Life should be great, and you should go to someone who can see your value, or at least someone who respects you.

Katharine Chen: Both Pam Scott and Bill Coelius are rad! I learned so much and am continuing to learn.

Chantal Lamour: Highly recommended! I've been very pleased with Megan Martinez's Camera 1 class and Bill Coelius' Commercial Acting class.

Gabriela Montalvo: I absolutely love the T Schreiber Studio! Their staff is hardworking, talented, knowledgeable and welcoming. They are flexible and helpful. I've grown so much in their Film and TV program. Everyone should take a class here.

Gavin Hammon: Hands down has been my road to enlightenment. Terry brings all aspects of technique to the table. By far the most useful class, scene study and teacher that I’ve ever had!

Fredrick Hahn: Terry Schreiber is a bastion of the theatre, a nurturing but challenging teacher and an extraordinary director. His studio has it all.

Katharina Rembi: Great classes!

Timea Petranyi: I known them for very long they are nice and very professional.

jamie neumann: i found an acting home at T. Schreiber, a place to learn more than i ever had before and to be supported daily. Peter Jensen has been my teacher and mentor for many years and it has been a pleasure to work with him as my director as well. This place is magic.

M Millan: The best thing I love about T. Schreiber, is no matter where you are in your acting career you always learn something new about yourself as an actor here. I studied under Peter Jensen and Bob Verlaque who are both amazing, nurturing teachers! And what I loved most is that their classes created a safe space where actors can express themselves freely and develop their strengths with honest guidance, and without any judgement, which really empowered me creatively. There's never any sense of competition amongst the students, other than support for each other which is so great about T. Schreiber Studios. Love this studio.

A 2: Worst place you could possibly go for training. If you can't audit before enrolling you know there is something fishy. Bob Verlaques literally set me up for failure. I picked myself back up to go see Tom Todoroff and did not regret it. Terry Schreiber whom I only saw once at the studio is too old to be coaching in the first place, he relies on low life people like Robert Verlaques and Peter Jensen.

2. The Barrow Group Performing Arts Center - Manhattan

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The Barrow Group Performing Arts Center
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Address: 312 W 36th St 3rd floor, New York, NY 10018

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: (212) 760-2615

Business type: Drama school

The Barrow Group Performing Arts Center: what do users think?

Brittany Blum: The Barrow Group is an incredibly safe, warm, and supportive place to embark on your acting journey for the first time or continue the development of your craft as a working professional. The teachers are always kind and respectful and the technique can easily be applied to theatre or film. When you take a class at TBG you enter into a beautiful community that extends far beyond the walls of the school.

James: If you're seeking a grounded, practical and actionable approach to acting or to add to your toolkit this is the studio for you. Every class and teacher I've encountered at this studio have been ego-free, tuned in and try their best to meet you where you are as performer. If you're an actor coming out of conservatory training feeling like you've lost touch with how to "talk like a person" this will help you tap back into your instincts and only bolster the training you already have. The work ive done at TBG has made my selftapes more authentic and natural and has given me space to shed a lot of the performer traps and habits I've built up over time. This is the real deal place to keep those acting muscles active between auditions in a safe, nurturing community.

Gil Cole: I found The Barrow Group through the recommendation of dear friends who are superb theater artists. I had left my career in the theater in the mid-1980's for a variety of reasons, and pursued a different profession. When I retired in 2021, I knew I wanted to return to my first love, but I needed a place to get back into shape and work again. The Barrow Group's classes were the perfect answer.What has been most striking to me is the Barrow Group's approach, clearly set out in Seth Barish's book, "An Actor's Companion." Unique in my experience, and I worked with many great teachers, is the absolute refusal to use shame as a teaching tool. TBG's approach enables each actor to discover a process that frees rather than inhibits. By practicing where and how to place our attention on telling the story of a scene, what emerges- almost in spite of ourselves- is an abundance of spontaneous life that surprises us. In each class I observe colleagues doing beautiful, truthful work. I enthusiastically recommend The Barrow Group.

Dreena Moran: I took the 2 week Intensive Beginner I Acting Class at The Barrow Group this summer, and it was such a great experience. The instructor, Laura Cornachio, was approachable and knowledgeable and created a safe place to explore, learn, and play. It was incredible to see the progress each student made in just two weeks with simple techniques that allowed more nuanced and spontaneous performances. I would recommend The Barrow Group to anyone looking to start their acting journey or hone their craft.

Alicia Roberts: Arielle Is such an amazing teacher and I learned so much in the beginners I acting class. I will definitely be taking more in the near future!!

Sierra Mayhew: I just finished their Acting 1 class, and it was super fun and informative. Everyone is so supportive, and it’s such a safe space to authentically be yourself. Can’t wait for the next class to start!

Vikki Banks: I'm leaving this review under a different name. This is the WORST acting class experience that I have ever had. They have switched instructors multiple times. We spend an hour of each class reviewing things we learned in the previous week. EVERY class has started from 10-20 minutes late. The instructors do not email you back. I am beyond disappointed. A couple other students in my class not including myself has asked for refunds. Someone named Kevin said no. I will just finish the remainder of my four classes VERY frustrated & hopefully that SOMETHING will change. Stay away from this company.

Charlie McNamara: TBG is a wonderful home for actors at any level who want to become more authentic and flexible in the art of storytelling. The teachers I have encountered there have been insightful and caring, using the approach which Seth Barrish and Lee Brock, the founders, have honed for decades. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have found them, and I cannot thank them enough for their guidance.

B R: and took the Beginner I acting class at the Barrow Group. What an excellent decision. Arielle Beth Klein is a fine & very positive teacher, and the Barrow techniques are absolutely practical - down to earth, immediately useful, and not mired in dogma. Highly recommended.

Michael Daniluk: Great Place to learn Acting! I highly recommend it!

Jeff Neckonoff: Absolutely loved the beginner actor class at Barrow and my instructor, Quinn. The philosophy is awesome, which led me to see actual results. Our class had some amazing people as well, I guess, due to what Barrow is about. Very well run organization as well.

J B: The place is nice. The people are great. The instruction is okay.It appears there are too many students crammed into a single section. We ran out of time every class. Some people don’t get to perform each week, which is a shame.

Yes Man: I've already left them two voicemails and they haven't gotten back to me and they called themselves professional?? I think they should call back

Alan Menaged: This class was really fun! A great, hands on way to learn about and practice acting. The instructors were very knowledgable and supportive, and the technique made me feel more comfortable performing week after week.

Megumi Yoshida: Took a class here in December 2021. The last few sessions were online due to Omicron which was a bummer, but the in-person classes with Laura were excellent. Looking forward to the next class!

Gabriela Koch da Costa Aguiar Alves: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueI took the beginner acting class I with Quinn and it was amazing! I had so much fun and learned so much. Such a safe space to explore and play around and try out the tools they throw to you, and no pressure to be perfect. I also love the acting concepts of TBG! Will be returning for beginners II!

julie voshell: The Barrow Group has given me every tool I need to go out and be a successful actor. The training is amazing! And with it I know I am enough as an actor and I'm confidant to do just that. High caliber of incredible actors there. Thanks Seth and Lee!

Jaimie: The Barrow Group has pushed me creatively, while always being a warm, welcoming and positive place to be. The tools and philosophy they teach here have been invaluable to me as an actor, and I have learned to be okay with being myself. Not only that, but I've made wonderful friends and met great people that I've collaborated with on projects outside of class. Love it!

3. Playscripts, Inc. - Manhattan

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Playscripts, Inc.
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Address: 7 Pennsylvania Plaza #904, New York, NY 10001

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (866) 639-7529

Business type: Performing arts group

4. Shakespeare Acting Classes NYC : Deloss Brown | Workshops - Manhattan

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Shakespeare Acting Classes NYC : Deloss Brown | Workshops
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Address: 444 Central Park West #5A, New York, NY 10025

Telephone: (212) 865-1127

Business type: Drama theater

Shakespeare Acting Classes NYC : Deloss Brown | Workshops: what do users think?

Ernest Reid: Deloss is one of the most informative teachers I've ever been fortunate enough to work with.

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