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1. ARROJO Cosmetology School - Manhattan

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ARROJO Cosmetology School
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Address: 56 King St, New York, NY 10014

Schedule: Open until 9:30 PM

Telephone: (212) 242-7786

Business type: Hair salon

ARROJO Cosmetology School: what do users think?

sagrario espinoza: I found arrojo cosmetology on google as well. I visited many schools prior to choosing arrojo cosmetology school and I fell in love with this place. The process to enroll was very easy and smooth . They give you many schedule options full time or half and weekends. The teachers are beyond talented and they help you so much with everything. My biggest thing was class sizes and with this school it was just perfect. I 100 percent recommended this school if you’re thinking about it.

Sofia Castaneda: I had a great experience, made wonderful friendships and met some pretty cool people and most importantly learned a lot of great education If your thinking about going to cosmetology Arrojo is the place ❤️

Suzanne Demaidi: One of the best experiences I’ve had when it same to education. They offer the basic skills that’ll help you in the hair industry.

Veronica Lau: I just had a facial by an Arrojo cosmetology student, and it was so amazing! Super relaxing & my skin feels great!

Lindsey LTMN: I am currently a student at arrojo cosmetology school and I can say that hands down it has been the best decision to attend this school for this program. Best teachers and staff that are currently in the industry and very successful, we learn from the best 💯

Mel: I’ve been at Arrojo for 3 months now, and it’s the best!

Remi Hajzeraj: For the future students.This school is totally a joke, they charge me $20k for cosmetology classes which includes Hair, Nails & makeup.During the 7month learning they only teach us for hair in theory and practice.for nails they only teaches us theory basically you have to read a lot, but not the hands-on no practice at all no even one single day in practice same think in makeup.They don’t have every day plan, most of the time you just need to stand and pretend you are doing something.So if you are thinking to do cosmetology classes you are going to waist a lot of money in the end you only going to learn doing hair.

Rawan Rofaiel: Amazing school!!! I’m currently enrolled here and the teachers and students are all very welcoming and kind. Definitely recommend going here!!

Joey Mothersil: I’m currently a student enrolled at Arrojo and the atmosphere here is very welcoming. I am beyond happy being here and I know this will be a great experience.

Liraz Fachima: I am currently in Arrojo cosmetology school! First off let me start by saying I love this school. It has a great atmosphere and everyone is so nice! We put some products in our hair yesterday and I’m obsessed!

Kathleen L: I am a student in the Arrojo cosmetology school and I really encourage everyone who is considering cosmetology school to come check Arrojo out. It is an awesome environment to learn in and express your creativity.Service:Hairstyling

Chisa Byrd: I love Arrojo. I completed a month already and I’ve learned so much and have gotten hands on experience already. The classes are great and the staff are very knowledgeable and talented. Great energy overall.

Heather Wood: Walking through the doors at Arrojo, everyone seems so focused and professional. Very clean, organized and modern environment. Highly recommend to those who wish to get the best of the best beauty treatments.

Avigial Saacks: I’m currently a student at Arrojo Cosmetology School and I love it!! The atmosphere is so wonderful and the staff is so supportive! I love coming to school and being able to do hands on activities and workshops. I highly recommend this school!!

Taylor Ballenger: I have just finished my first month at arrojo cosmetology school and I have been incredibly impressed by the staff and teachers here. They work with you individually and genuinely care about students and their needs! I highly recommend this cosmetology school to anyone looking to get their license! I am very happy with my choice to come here!

maria salas: Arrojo is an amazing cosmetology school, the curriculum is outstanding and strives to provide their students with not only practical work but Theory that allows for proper knowledge of the industry. I highly recommend attending!

menucha kotlarsky: I’m currently a student here and I’m having such an incredible experience. My teachers are so knowledgeable and kind, and classes pass by so quickly because of how interesting the teachers make it. Right when we started school, we starting working hands on as well, which makes it so fun. We get to practice different techniques on each other, and also model for different things like haircuts by our teachers! Our teachers are all so passionate and successful, and they inspire me to work hard and do what I can to be successful. The energy in school is also so warm and friendly, and it’s a very comfortable environment. 10/10 recommend!!!!

lizzie sklar: i am a current student here at Arrojo cosmetolgoy school and I love it here so much I am speechless! the teachers have amazing teaching styles, I love how inclusive it is and how the teachers make me feel at home. they really care about each student's well being and help unlock each students full potential. this place is an amazing place to learn and grow and this place will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart.Service:Hairstyling

Olivia Panepinto: I am a current student in the full time program for cosmetology and have already learned so much in my first two weeks here. I can honestly say the teachers here are the most helpful and kind teachers you can ever expect!! Highly recommend experiencing your education here!Services:Hairstyling,Hair coloring

2. Tigi Academy - Manhattan

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Address: 466 Broome St, New York, NY 10012

Telephone: (212) 702-9771

Business type: Beauty school

Tigi Academy: what do users think?

Moeed Tahir: Inspirational saloon

Jessica Martin: Always a truly inspiratinal, motivational experience. Never less than amazing. Much love.

Danielle Riechers: These guys are amazing! Best hair in New York

3. Carsten Institute of Cosmetology - Manhattan

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82 reviews
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Carsten Institute of Cosmetology
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Address: 290 Madison Ave 5th floor, New York, NY 10017

Telephone: (212) 675-4884

Business type: Beauty school

Carsten Institute of Cosmetology: what do users think?

Monica Ibacache: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value

Kristen Negron: I just graduated from Carsten and anyone looking for the best cosmetology school this is it !!! it was the greatest decision I’ve ever made the teachers there keep you on your toes and always has the clients and the students happy and informed , i wouldn’t have graduated if it wasn’t for ms. Gloria and mr. B and I’m always thankful ! I would recommend to anyone that wants to start the beauty business

shannette walker: Carsten institute Is a beautiful and clean environment.carsten institute of cosmetology was very patient with me in completing my courses. Carsten institute of cosmetology helped me to be a better person and help me learn all the skills I needed to learn to be a better cosmetologist. I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to be apart of the beauty business.Thank you Carsten institute of cosmetology for helping me in my journey thank you Ms.Gloria, Ms.Fayonia, Ms.Paola, Ms.Deniz, Mr.B, Ms Kirsten

Philip Koch: The student named Michael was very very excellent first time. Very proficient, very attentive. The second time he cut my hair, he absolutely destroyed it..! He cut off 3 and 1/2 inches too much.!! I will never go back to this place. Ever; as long as I live.

Mr.b Chivpat: It was great! As always! Be bk soon.

Brittany Diaz: will come in to do a demo and chat with everyone about their field. The school keeps students creatively challenged with interesting competitions monthly and more importantly prep you and help you with finding employment. I wanted to get my license to only further my career in makeup but ended finding a new passion for hairstyling I didnt think I had. After spending a few short months here I'm graduating with a few employment opportunities and a new career road to follow. If you are interested in pursuing a career in cosmetology please come visit Carsten.

Shanice James: After touring many other schools, I've decided to complete my 1000 hours at Carsten. When I arrived for my school tour I saw instructors and students working together on clients. Immediately I decided that this was the school for me. I've learned alot through out my time from every instructor there. All the instructors are AMAZING! They really do care and have deep passion for the business. When I started I knew very little, but, after the instructors helped me I didn't just learn alot of knowledge, but they really helped me to boost my confidence and now I just wanna do it all! Another great thing about Carsten is that the clientale is very wide doing all types of services, which allows you to gain enough practice on everything. I highly recommend Carsten and when u so start don't be afraid to ask questions. The instructors are always happy to answer and help in any way they can. I walked in as a curious student and I'm leaving as a great and confident stylist

Lilian M: shes really nice.She also recommended me to one of the top high end salons that I’m currently training for. I would definitely recommend this school for anyone who’s willing to take it seriously.

Alexandra Garguilo: The best investment I ever made! Nothing but praises for this institution. From the classrooms, to the curriculum, to the staff and teachers...Carsten is the best cosmetology school there is.

Melissa Rose: This school is the best school ever! I learned a lot from everyone. The teachers are very helpful and I want to thank Ms. Gloria for helping me find one of the best salons to work for. This school has many great opportunities. Thank you Ms. Gloria, Mr. B and all the teachers for everything.

Surya Gurung: I walk in to this place for the first time , cause I want to experience the haircut from the students and I love to support the students too.and I went in and got good costumer greats and the person who was going to take care of me was NEEMA LAMA . She was very sweet and she did took good care of me , she did work very hard on my hair by help of Mr B, thanks to both of them , I would like to share my wounderful experience And definitely u guys come and check it out .

Orlando Santana: Best school ever!! Great service great education amazing location, graduates work with clients like a professional salon of course you must pay an small fee for the products and services, allowed extra time is you go here as a client and be patient with students they are learning. And don’t worry the teachers are always there to check the workI always stop by to get my haircut.❤️❤️

rosemarie rodriguez: Amazing school! I completed my 1000 hours here with help of Mr.B, Ms.Gloria & all the other great instructors. Very hands on and really helped me me gain the confidence I needed for the Real world.

Gloria Hortua: 5 stars because:-Because we care about our students future-Because the students trust us with their careers in the beauty business-Because we have an amazing team that master the craft in the beauty business-Because our graduates are the best advertising-Because a high percentage % of our student body —was recommended by a graduated from Carsten Institute of Cosmetology-Because we build the wall of fame of our graduates with successful professional careers

yasmin bercia: love what they do with my hair, coloring, styling and cutting

Benya Chivpat: Great place for colors, cuts, mani n styles...

Yassema Amos: I used to go there for a whole 6 months and I paid $20 for a shampoo and wash. Then I stop and I went back this week. When the student gave me the paper to sign it was $25 then mr. B went to see her and I heard him say why $25 she said because her hair is long. I didn’t say anything. Then when it was time to pay, she say it’s 35 because you have a lot hair and next time it will be $50. If you are not happy with that go see mr. b. The price is not expensive so I did not say anything, but you cannot Charge a price and then switch it like it was my first time. They should of tell me upfront it would be more. Plus the student took more than two hours in my hair and I had to blow dry my own hair cuz I was getting irritated. I got there since 4:15pm and I had an appointment and no one available until 5:15pm. Then I left at 9:15pm with poor result and non professional student who made the price like she owes the place. I will never be back to this place again.

Nuni B: Wow!!! What a fantastic place to get your cosmetology education. Thank you Ms. Gloria and the other faculty there for creating such a wonderful place to learn. The teachers are all so dedicated about what they do. The support I felt through my journey was a real treat. I learned so much and feel ready and confident to take my state test. I could not recommend this place more!

4. American Beauty School - The Bronx

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78 reviews
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American Beauty School
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Address: 1380 Metropolitan Ave, Bronx, NY 10462

Schedule: Closing soon: 9:00 PM

Telephone: (718) 931-7400

Business type: Beauty school

American Beauty School: what do users think?

Jessica Star: I stopped by with my sis to see one of the teachers. She gave some awesome advice. She really knows her stuff!

DorianEros Ramirez: I’m being given the opportunity to chase a dream I believe in. And this school wants me to succeed. That mutual faith in ability will get me far

Felix Lezama: Mi pregunta es que se necesita para un curso de corte de pelo soy hombre e visto que es más como para mujer

Debra Torres: Awful , ghetto & poor mgmt .

Eugene: Great service ,students are taught well and a doing fantastic job .

Destiny Robinson: This was my first time at the beauty school and I will definitely be going back. Tina greeted me and helped me sign in and two students Eliza and Ashly blew out and pressed my hair. Honestly never talked so much at any salon, that’s how comfortable they made me feel. Everyone was so pleasant and the environment was friendly. The music was going and the students were doing their thing! I would recommend customers give these students a chance and anyone interested in getting their license to check this place out!

Janice Lambright: I will not be coming back to this salon. Since it change hands. The quality of service has gone downhill.recently went in for a color treatment. Was given permanent hair color. My hair has fallen out and breakage of my hair.That has never happened before. I am upset.I have been a faithful customer for years. When ms Wendy was the owner. Now change of ownership. Won’t be back.As a follow up to owner response.Yes, I was in your salon in February 2022. Plus I was in your salon in April, 2022. One time was for coloring. Semi permanent color. Another was for a relaxer. The last time was for color.I remember you telling me that you no longer have beautiful brown hair color. You will give me permanent hair color. I remember asking you will it make my hair fall out.I have never done permanent hair color. Always semi permanent color. You said no. It will not fall out.But my hair did fall out. I research and found out that permanent hair color has bleach in it. And it strips the hair and cause breakage. Which has happened.No I will not call you nor come back to your salon.You did have talented hair stylist whom have since graduated. On this given day, in which my hair was ruined. I was given a new stylist who must have been a beginner. I did not know the effect of having permanent hair dye applied to my relaxed hair , would cause this much damaged.

5. Brittany Beauty Academy Brooklyn - Kings County

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22 reviews
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Brittany Beauty Academy Brooklyn
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Address: 375 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: (718) 745-1000

Business type: Beauty school

Brittany Beauty Academy Brooklyn: what do users think?

Mariam Tsikvadze: Happy with the haircut!

D Lit Effect: Front desk lady was VERYYY unprofessional and rude.

Angie: Terrible school please run!!There’s this group currently going around the media of multiple students who are all looking to take legal action on this school. Please do your research before picking this school.

Stacy Mc Arthur: Attention all future students please do not choose this school. They only care about that money once they receive your money that’s it. All the good reviews are not real

Shana B: Terrible School !!!!! I had the worst experience with this school. If I could go back I would’ve went a different route.. please choose wisely before choosing a beauty school. Make sure to read all reviews you can tell which ones are real VS which ones are fake. Way your options out BEFOFE choosing this school. Remember it’s your future and your money!

Roger that brown: I can’t speak about the school academically , I used this facility for my state board cosmetology exam , school was clean everything is modern , they actually give you a booth with a mirror instead of just a table compared to some places , hands down I had a great experience and I passed fully licensed

Ty Ty: If you're considering this school please RUN!!!! They lie it’s not going to be anything they promised. The staff is rude and unprofessional,very unorganized, they do not follow Covid 19 protocol at all. It’s a money thing for them that’s all they care about is getting your money. No real effort into the school it’s so much students to a class with not enough lockers. You can tell that they don’t care.Trust me for 10,000 is not worth no certifications are given. When leaving this school you’ll have to pay for extra/advanced classes outside of your tuition. There’s not even graduation for the students. The Owner of this school Vincent doesn’t care about the students or the teachers. So many teachers quit because of them. There’s a group right now about them where everyone who went here including the teachers who quit will tell you about the incompetence of this school.The kit they give you is garbage especially for 10,000 you’ll have to buy so many things outside of this kit that you’ll need. Their not flexible at all, they will feed you a bunch of lies and makes promises to get you to sign up, and once you do that’s it.If you’re looking for a great beauty school to become an Esthetician please call Christine Valley it’s a great school you won’t regret it at all.RUN FROM THIS SCHOOL!!!!! All of the good reviews are fake!!!

Irina Vero: I’m a student of Brittany Beauty Academy. And I would like to share my opinion about this school. If somebody is looking for a great study and preparation for license state exam for Esthetics career- this is the one. Great history, location, amazing management and teachers. Always supportive and knowledgeable. Thank you for your professional approach!

Rachel Figueroa: , and so much more that would be otherwise challenging to learn online. So if you can make time to attend the class in person, I recommend it 100%.When it came to the the State Board Exams, I passed with flying colors. Ms. J really made sure that the procedure was drilled into us and if you take the exam immediately after graduating, the better your chances in retaining what you learned in class. The state exams was something I was very nervous about the whole time while attending the course because it's what you're constantly being reminded you're working towards, but I truly feel in my heart that Ms. J did a SPLENDID frikking job making sure her students were prepared and knowledgeable for the exams.Also, after graduating, I was able to get a job which I am now in training for, with the help of Ms. Liz. She helps graduates with job placement and is such an understanding individual. The school really set me up to have a career after graduating, it's really amazing.I just finished my written exam earlier this week and the very next day, I received an email saying I passed. Every education is up to each student to make the most of but Brittany Academy really helped me every of the way.

Shakiera Bright: Everyone at this school is so very unprofessional, has horrible communication & customer service! You have to literally harass them for information about their programs! Claimed they would put my contract together & email it to me & that was a month ago & I've missed another start date , guess I’ll try again next month with EMPIRE & take my $16,000 there! Don’t waste your time! Go to a school that actually cares about your future & can conduct proper business & education.

Fancii Estevez: The instructors are great. But they need to get rid of Ms.Jo. That woman is brash and rude. She supposed to be the face of the school and the way she talks to people is disgusting. This school needs a revamp with administration asap. Word of warning, this school is disorganized and they do not work with your schedule or are flexible. I wish I wouldve went to another school to avoid the headache. This school kept mixing up my hours and attendance, and kept threatening to drop me. The instructors Ms.Alexis, Ms.Maria and Ms.Tova are great.

6. Empire Beauty School - Kings County

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49 reviews
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Empire Beauty School
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Address: 2384 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11214

Schedule: Closing soon: 8:30 PM

Telephone: (718) 502-9633

Business type: Beauty school

Empire Beauty School: what do users think?

jake winston: if this place could get zero stars IT WOULD! lied about the entire application process and classes starting. seems like a huge scam, the place looks overly cluttered as well and had to call several times to get an appointment to enroll and it was with hubbard which is incredibly unprofessional, disgusting attitudes and unprofessional!

Saintil Marley Dayana: est ce que vous donner tous les cours comme il le faut?dans les commentaire jai remarque vos cours de cosmétologies dépendes seulement des coiffure.faites moi savoir?

Lovell noel: The staff members at Empire are encouraging and very helpful and informative. Can't wait for the journey ahead. 😊

Janee Butler: The staff is AMAZING very patient and helpful. Excited about my journey with Empire.

Ciara Holloway: Empire beauty is a great school! I am so grateful to be able to attend this school. The staff is very nice and helpful. Everything is explained step by step and efficiently. I super excited to start my journey and I would highly recommend the program.

Pandora Primo: The orientation was a breeze. Explanations were understandable and the adult/managers were cool.

Samyia Spain: Every question I could think of was answered great presentation everyone was well spoken 👏🏽

Amaja Tyrell: Empire beauty school is a beautifully diverted community/ school that is very welcoming

Melony Viera: Very straight forward felicia is always great.

Eliza Jimenez: Very welcoming! They made me feel and of importance to be here.

audrey bernard: Joann has excellent service, exemplary skills and outstanding personality.

Crystal Del Villar: Everyone here is very friendly and professional! I’m very excited to start my journey here !

Nyjia Hunter: They was so patient with me and gave a another look at life . I’m thankful for them and giving me this opportunity.

Jaylenne Hernandez: of who their instructor is and what days they will be on the salon floor to avoid any unpreparedness. It would also be a lot more helpful if they had assigned lockers before the first day of school

Haley Dellatorre: great atmosphere, lovely people , great teachers !

7. Brittany Beauty Academy Manhattan - Manhattan

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61 reviews
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Brittany Beauty Academy Manhattan
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Address: 29 W 36th St 2nd floor, New York, NY 10018

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: (212) 868-7171

Business type: Beauty school

8. Midway-Paris Beauty School - Queens

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30 reviews
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Midway-Paris Beauty School
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Address: 54-40 Myrtle Ave, Ridgewood, NY 11385

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: (718) 418-2790

Business type: Beauty school

9. Empire Beauty School - Manhattan

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145 reviews
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Empire Beauty School
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Address: 22 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001

Telephone: (347) 809-3292

Business type: Beauty school

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