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1. New York City Guitar School - Manhattan

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New York City Guitar School
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Address: 251 W 30th St 7th floor, New York, NY 10001

Schedule: Closing soon: 9:30 PM

Telephone: (646) 485-7244

Business type: Guitar instructor

New York City Guitar School: what do users think?

Jonguk Kim: at Manhattan studio. Since I've always wanted to learn the guitar, I signed up for an Absolute Beginners' class at NYCGC. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. At the first class, my teacher taught us from the very fundamental things so that I could completely understand even though I had neither experience nor knowledge of the guitar - we played the songs at the first class!! In addition to the amazing class and teacher, NYCGC's Absolute Beginner book and online video library are the excellent resources. The book reads like a novel and I can practice and play along with online video courses. I'll keep learning at NYCGC. My dream is to play Brian May's guitar solo in Bohemian Rhapsody and Eddie Van Halen's in Beat It. THANK YOU, NYCGC!!

Andrew Cortese: If you're hesitant about joining New York City Guitar School, don't be! For years, I've been wanting to learn the guitar but didn't think there was a place that would fit my needs, schedule, and budget. But from my first day at NYCGS, I knew this was THE place. The instructors are so cool and patient and make the learning process fun. I surprised myself with how much I learned in such a short amount of time too. The atmosphere is super chill, but everyone is committed to making you a rockstar! It's a very welcoming and motivating place and I highly recommend it for everyone!

Vered Segal: This is the best school! Their staff are incredible. My daughter trained in voice, guitar and song writing and is proficient at all three. She loves to practice. They have live performances in which build confidence in the students and is so much fun. My daughter loved every minute attending this school, and the summer camps as well, that she came back to intern in the Summer and is taking music theory in college. It was such a great experience. The owner is a very special person that has a high level of integrity and built the school on values. They also have financial aid opportunities to make sure they are inclusive. I cannot say enough good things about this place.

Jenny Ryan: I have learned SO much in my year and a half of taking lessons with Josh Torvi at NYC Guitar School. He is such a patient, fun and highly skilled teacher. When I started taking lessons, I had a very rudimentary understanding of guitar and shied away from anything beyond the basics because I found it all so intimidating and complicated. But he is so encouraging and always pushes me to figure out the more complicated stuff—and I’m so glad he does. In summation, five stars, no notes. If you want to learn guitar, I cannot recommend him enough.

Jeff Detweiler: NYCGS is an amazing community for anyone who loves the guitar, regardless of your skill level. The instructors are both amazing musicians as well as amazing teachers. Perhaps more importantly, they're amazing human beings. Can't recommend NYCGS highly enough.

Shantal Bodero: Nyc guitar school is an amazing place to be if u want to learn guitar!!! They have amazing staff amazing teachers amazing students who comes from all over the world 🌎 just to be in nyc guitar school!! I learned soooo much in a year and I’ll be here for more years to come!!! When I first started I didn’t know anything about guitar…now I know many chords and many different strumming patterns….I finally learned how to sing and play guitar at the same time!! That was freaking hard but I did it lol mr. Dan is the founder of the school and he has soooo much passion to help students learn how to play guitar !!! Thank u nyc guitar school and teachers and mr. Dan!!!

Keith Kelly: Kids are loving their classes for Guitar and Ukulele.

Alejandra Pena: The teachers and the staff at the NYC Guitar School are incredibly professional, passionate, knowledgeable, and engaging. The school provides outstanding courses and private lessons all year-round, and they offer one of the best Summer and Spring break camps in NYC for kids and teens. My two kids joined their guitar camp for beginners in 2016. My son was 12 and my daughter was 8 years old. They did not know how to play guitar at the start and after a few days, they performed a couple of songs in front of a small group of parents and friends. I was amazed by how fast they learned the basics. Thanks to the NYC Guitar School they discovered their passion for music. They have done other camps and private classes there, including Rock Band camps, songwriting, guitar, bass, drums, piano, keyboard, and vocal lessons. My daughter loves her on-going piano and guitar private lessons and is having a blast at her Rock Band camp this summer. The NYC Guitar School really ROCKS!!!

Mitra R: We found the guitar camp online and took a chance. My kid had an awesome experience and signed up for a second week. I especially appreciated Jen's thoughtfulness in matching her with a great groups of kids/ fellow musicians, with similar musical tastes.

Inessa Spencer: My shy 12 year-old son had a wonderful experience connecting with fellow music lovers at this camp. The staff was especially supportive and made him feel like a rock star!

Alice “Nomi” Kaplun: This place is THE BEST. And my teacher is amazing. I’ve been studying with Clayton for about half a year now and I would have never thought I’d get to where I’m at. He inspires me to get better without pressuring me. I’m sure all the teachers here are great so you can’t go wrong. The vibe is so chill and welcoming when you visit the school. Personally I take zoom lessons and honestly it’s just as good as in person if not better because the Screen shares are super helpful and informative and saves much more time than the teacher drawing everything out in person. The lessons are super affordable too. Great teachers, good prices. What could be better?

Maya Dsilva: NYC guitar school has the best atmosphere where a person can learn guitar with fun .My teen daughter joined a rock band and she enjoyed every moment . Not only she had fun playing in the band , she progressed as a guitar player and learned new techniques and song writing skills .

Regina Contursi: Lao Tzu on his Dao Te Ching wrote, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is really ready… the teacher will Disappear.” On my own guitar path, I came to understand the meaning to Tzu words since I started learning guitar, or better yet, Music, with Josh Torvi.I am interested on learning many aspects of music: theory, composition, songwriting, repertoire, styles, technique and so forth.Josh has been a source of inspiration and motivation and supporting me to achieve all my endeavors. I am so thrilled with how much I am growing musically!As a teacher, Josh has shown not only an outstanding knowledge of the instrument, but also the ability to express and teach his craft in a way that is simple yet challenging.Then, I got to know so many other facets of Josh as an all-round musician.Josh is a talented composer, band leader, improviser, and performer.If you want to expand your guitar playing technique and creativity, studying guitar with Josh Torvi will be a wonderful path to take.

Erika Houle: NYC Guitar School is an oasis of calm and positivity amidst the hustle and bustle of NYC. They provide incredibly supportive and positive group and private lessons. Their mission clearly extends beyond just practical guitar tips.I just completed a year membership and got to take classes with several of their teachers. All of them were fantastic. I have been both a professor and educational administrator, so I know a bit about what it takes to cultivate such a robust group of instructors. They provide both online and in-person instruction with top notch professionalism. The group guitar classes, songwriting circle, and private vocal lessons were rich. The classes are conveniently scheduled and the supplemental materials online are abundant.I went from only knowing a handful of chords to being able to write and perform my own songs in less than a year. This has been a rewarding creative outlet that wouldn't have been possible without Dylan and Eric especially. Anthony is a phenomenal voice coach too. Aside from the music, all the staff are great human beings. It is a joy just to be around these folks and to meet interesting classmates. Thank you for weaving together such a joyful community!

Sean Howard: Martin and the entire team at NYC Guitar School are simply outstanding. I began taking classes as a relative beginner...knowing basic chords and techniques, but the instructors at NYC GS completely opened up my knowledge of both music and how to apply music to the instrument of guitar. No matter what level guitarist you may be, I couldn't recommend NYC Guitar School more highly!

Larry Kooper: I just completed the "Beginners 2" guitar class at NYCGS. My guitar playing has noticeably improved since I started there, and I learned things I would never have learned on my own.I have nothing but good to say about the school. Everyone who works there is friendly and helpful. Most of my classes were with Vinny, and he is an excellent teacher. He is caring, friendly, supportive. and funny. He has a great knowledge of music and a willingness to share what he knows. I learned a lot from him.They also have community-building events like karaoke night, open mic nights, band showcases, etc. It's really a great place full of people who love music.

Daniel Lopez: , I was a competent-ish guitar player: I could strum and sing and maybe do some basic finger picking.I am now objectively quite good: I am an actor/singer, and so I audition for shows regularly and have been called back for more than one role that calls for "proficient" or "extremely skilled" guitarists. I can record my own demos, complete with cool lead guitar licks. I'm also a much, much more competent songwriter than I was 2 years ago.If Aki is any indication of the kind of teaching this school has, you are in absolutely sensational hands here. Invest in yourself! It's one of the best investments of time and money I've ever made.

Rey Furlanes: My son was already playing the guitar when he started the lessons during the pandemic and soon after we notice an improvement over the weeks. He thoroughly enjoy the lessons, everything was easy and the Instructor was very accommodating, they literally rock.

Courtney Cowan: Positive:QualityI took lessons with Doug at NYCGS via Zoom for a year and some change. Was a great experience and would recommend to anyone interested in online lessons.

Joseph Bach: Nice people, good instructors and a good time. The curriculum is well thought out and executed. I'd highly recommend NYC Guitar School if you want to learn guitar.

2. New York Guitar Academy - Manhattan

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New York Guitar Academy
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Address: 39 W 19th St 6th Floor, Suite 614, New York, NY 10011

Schedule: Closing soon: 9:00 PM

Telephone: (646) 703-0007

Business type: Guitar instructor

3. Brooklyn Guitar School - Kings County

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Brooklyn Guitar School
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Address: 81 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Schedule: Closing soon: 9:00 PM

Telephone: (646) 485-7244

Business type: Guitar instructor

Brooklyn Guitar School: what do users think?

Sarah Morgan Ashey: This place is amazing!! My husband and I have been taking lessons here for a little while and absolutely love it - we’ve improved so much and it’s a great date night! Guitar class is seriously our favorite night of the week now because of this school.Everyone is really nice, supportive, and the teachers are incredible. We’ve had Louie for 2 Levels and he rocks!!There are tons of ways to get involved too - with jams and open mics. Really pumped to dive deeper here. Super solid guitar school and community. If your on the fence, just go for it - you won’t regret it!!

Will Larche: Everybody loves Louie.

T greenidge: Becoming a member of NYC Guitar School have been one of the most uplifting experiences for my daughter. Staff are friendly , kind and great with young learners. We love the Brooklyn location and plan to continue our membership for years to come.

Linda Ameroso: Been 2 years since I wrote the review below. This past performance at the Way Station in Brooklyn moved me to write a second one. Never would believe I would play on stage with fellow performers. Brooklyn Guitar School gave me that opportunity. Everyone works to create a safe place to grow and express your abilities despite doubts that players always have about themselves. Despite the fear that comes when performing. Teachers and fellow students are very positive and supportive so you are not afraid to get out there. Safe and also real. REAL ROCK ...REAL ROCK AND ROLL._____________Two thumbs up for Brooklyn Guitar School! I played guitar in my teens but could never get past basic open chords. Three years ago I started lessons at Brooklyn Guitar School. The fit was so right for me. Comfortable environment where everyone, young and old, experienced and novice, is welcomed and valued. The instructors are accomplished professionals in their own right, and all know how to teach different types of styles to different types of players.Private lessons are great, and in Performance classes students play with other students. This allows players to come together in a "band' and perform both at the music center and at a local establishments... and there is nothing like the real thing to build confidence and musicianship.And if you are part of the Brooklyn Guitar School, you are also a part of a citywide Guitar School, with opportunities in Manhattan and Queens as well as Brooklyn.So if you are looking to grow musically, I highly recommend checking them out. The place is right, the people are right, and the price is right.

Marquina Iliev: I love this place! My son takes a private lesson while I take a group class. We also performed in a special 'birthday showcase' last summer because our birthdays are close together. Best Guitar School Ever!

Richard Villa: Brooklyn Guitar school has given me the ability to learn guitar in a new way that has stuck with me after going through all 5 courses. With small groups and great instructors I learned something new each lesson that I was able to bring back home and put it into practice. I am now able to do something I honestly never thought was possible and thanks to them I am able to play guitar.

Raina Murphy: . I took several of the group courses and found the environment to be non-threatening, supportive, and lively. I recommend this place to literally anyone looking to learn the guitar.

V E: My 6-year-old son has been taking lessons here for several months and I cannot speak highly enough of Kyle, his teacher, and the school. Kyle is extremely patient and very tuned into what will motivate my son and keep him engaged and learning. My husband used to take group lessons a few years ago and really enjoyed the group environment. He's now moved on to taking private lessons with Kyle. I guess I'm next!

Michael Benjamin Bunin: based off of my interests and desires, and he became a true mentor for me over the years. If you're looking for a place to help you advance your skill, or even if you just want to find a music community to be a part of while learning the basics, there is no better place!

Stuart Reid: I have nothing but good things to say about Brooklyn Guitar School. Dylan, my teacher, strikes just the right balance between teaching me things every guitar player should know and letting me decide what to learn. For years, I dabbled in guitar without lessons, but I plateaued. Since I started taking lessons, I've improved immeasurably, learning finger-picking technique, soloing, new chords, and more. I've also been able to move beyond acoustic guitar, trying out the electric guitar, the banjo, and the mandolin, all with Dylan's help. I'd also add that the Brooklyn Guitar School office is well-organized; I've never had any problems with payment or scheduling, and everyone is really friendly and helpful.

CR Fontanarosa: Our daughter has had an amazing experience with New York and Brooklyn Guitar School! She started her experience as a camper in the summer program and was completely new to two weeks she was a part of a end-of-camp session live band performance with her peers at a Times Square venue!!! The experience for her and us was phenomenal. She has gained so much confidence and continues to take private lessons at the Brooklyn location. We love the program because it is affordable, fun, and detailed in teaching! The teachers are supportive and truly know their craft!!! I am a true fan of this business!

Greg Miller: Life changing...never picked up an instrument in my life..for my sixtieth birthday signed up for the beginner guitar class...six month later bought myself an electric wife and kids are amazed...practicing has sharpened me mentally..and as you progress it is so satisfying...there is no excuse not to sign up if you really want to learn or if you want to learn some new daughters friends are musicians and they were impressed with the content of lessons and the remarked it took him years to learn what was covered in the beginner class on his he wishes he took will not regret it

Michele Barber-Perry: This is a great school-- friendly, supportive and professional. I've taken classes here for 3 years and loved every minute of it!

Miraida Morales: Not only do I have a great drumming instructor, Coleman, but the entire staff at BGS provides a welcoming and encouraging environment every week. As a bonus, it's got a great location. I've been taking lessons for several years now, enjoying the music as well as the community of music makers that I get to encounter there week after week.

Stephanie Glaser: and the environment as a while is always so pleasant. BK Guitar School Rocks!!

Andrew Eibel: . BGS teaches a series of incremental skill- and song-based beginners classes that allow you to quickly learn chords, strums and technique, play cool songs right away, and have nearly illegal amounts of fun while you are doing so. Koby taught my Absolute Beginners classes and I have been with Michelangelo ever since. They are both accomplished professional musicians; and experienced, enthusiastic and patient teachers who make sure you get it right while you're having a great time. Taking group lessons also allows you to interact with other noobies, support each other and learn together. The school also sponsors open house sessions, sing-alongs and vocal classes, and group performances. They sponsored an ACLU fundraiser by teaching "Songs of Peace and Freedom"

Erika Houle: .One great thing about this school is that I needed to be able to practice and keep it a secret from my fiance. Their multiple locations allowed me to sneak in daily practice in between errands. Also, all of the staff is super friendly in a genuine way. Clearly everyone is passionate about music and teaching.

Pamela Jouan: My daughter had such a great experience with Kyle that I decided to take lessons too and love it! A great school, friendly staff, and a wonderful way to bring music into your life!

4. NYC Guitar Lessons - Queens

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NYC Guitar Lessons
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Address: 160 Norman Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Business type: Guitar instructor

5. Guitarclasses.NYC - Manhattan

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Address: 450 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036

Telephone: (646) 379-8732

Business type: Guitar instructor

Guitarclasses.NYC: what do users think?

Jan L Plass: Peter’s lessons are awesome - personalized, attentive, and always keeping parents up-to-date. Highly recommended!

Karla takahara: My daughter has been studying bass guitar with Peter for two years and she truly enjoys her classes and looks forward to them every week! She practices on her own at home and really enjoys playing bass!

Christopher Braig: I regard Peter Knoll as not only the first choice to teach my daughters guitar if we lived in the City but in all likelihood the only choice. I have known Peter for five years now and I would only say that he is one of a kind. -Christopher Braig saxophonist and educator, Burbank CA

Moxuan Zhou: Peter is a great guitar teacher who is professional, patient, and also passionate about teaching. He helped me a lot with music theories and building a deeper understanding of the instrument. I would recommend him to any musician who is interested in learning guitar.

Ulrich Lehmann: Peter‘s German lessons are an excellent way to learn the language and appreciate the culture that comes with it. He tailors lessons wonderfully to each student’s needs, whether you are a high school student, like my son, who studies for an entrance exam to German universities or a mature learner, like my spouse, who in her job benefits from being up to date on contemporary German media and culture.

Young An: Peter is an incredible guitar instructor and an even kinder person. Although I didn't meet with him for very long due to personal reasons, I enjoyed every lesson I did have with him. He's extremely knowledgable about both guitar and music theory, and has a patient teaching style. I would highly recommend anyone interested in either starting or continuing to learn the guitar to meet with Peter if possible!

Anthony LeDonne: Peter is such a talented teacher and so fun to work with. I highly recommend him!

James Horner: Peter is an awesome instructor!

Kathryn Kallison: twice-yearly recitals.

Christian Finger: Peter is a world class guitarist and fantastic teacher. His experience and knowledge in all kinds of styles is amazing and helped me so much in my playing.Highly recommended!

Teresa Pesenti: Highly recommend this studio if you want to learn guitar. Peter has many decades of experience with playing and is a wonderful teacher. He is extremely patient, flexible, and makes sure his students are getting their money’s worth. He taught me how to play some of my favorite songs when I thought that I wouldn’t be able to and he’s really made me feel so much more confident in my playing. I feel like I’m improving each and every lesson and it’s all thanks to Peter!

6. Queens Guitar School - Queens

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Queens Guitar School
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Address: 31-76 37th St, Long Island City, NY 11103

Schedule: Closing soon: 9:00 PM

Telephone: (646) 485-7244

Business type: Guitar instructor

Queens Guitar School: what do users think?

Jessica Kelley: but when I can I will definitely be back!

KornIncubus Fan1999: That's one of the best Guitar Schools in Queens, NY!

Beatriz Martinez: My family and I love the staff at the Queens and Manhattan location. They are absolute professionals. My son has been going for couple of years. His teacher is Emilio, which by the way is the greatest!!Summer camp in Midtown Manhattan is sooo Cool! My son loved every minute of it. Thank you Queens Guitar School, you guys really ROCK!

Diana Aragundi: I’ve had a great time at Queens Guitar School this past year. I’m on my fourth group class and I find the staff, teachers and administrative, super helpful and flexible. Tony is an amazing teacher and makes everyone in our class feel welcomed and able to learn the guitar, even as adults!

23pinks: Fantastic staff, everyone there is very kind and helpful. I started in a group class with Tony, and now moved on to one on one classes with him. If you are looking for a school where you will def get your time worth and walk out knowing a song on the first lesson at a reasonable price this is the place to go. I think it's great the school supplies guitars for those who don't have one, and able to stop by and practice. Thank you to Leanna & Tony for all their help! Tony is stupendous and patient.

Teresa Valderrama: I cant recommend Queens Guitar School highly enough! I decided about two and a half years ago I wanted to learn guitar. I saw the great reviews for the school and signed up. I've been learning with Emilio ever since. Started with Absolute Beginner and worked through into Ensemble and am now taking private classes at the school with a friend I met through the class. Emilio has worked with us all throughout to make sure our individual needs were being met - varying levels, having fun, learning songs we want to learn. He is an extremely talented and encouraging teacher. I have learned so much and met incredible people in return. Highly recommend!

Princz Love Keys: The best decision of my life.............

Andrea Maldonado: Ivan was the ideal instructor. He was patient, approachable and kind. He made the class environment fun and easy to learn in. I knew nothing about guitars and I have come along way.Thank you so much Ivan, you are awesome!!!

Toby Williams: I have had a great experience at Queens Guitar School. I am an absilute beginner and my instructer, Cariad has been GREAT! She is very patient and encouraging. After just a few lessons and practice at home I can play 5 songs!! No way I could have progressed this fast on my own. If you want to learn to play guitar I would highly recommend Queens Guitar School.The environment there is very nice and freindly. They have guitars you can practice with so you don't have to haul your own with you when you go. It is very convenient to the subay and the neighborhood is great.Check it out!Toby

Jim Quinn: I tried learning guitar on my own years ago. I got frustrated quickly and had no idea what I was doing wrong. Years later, I remembered very little. And what I did know, I didn't know how to apply.I've since moved to Queens and felt like I wanted to give it another go. I did it the right way this time around and went to to Queens Guitar School. Fifteen weeks later I'm learning how to play Purple Haze and enjoying every minute of it.The teachers are great, love the classes, timing is flexible, and it's local. The lessons have a great learning curve and it never seems daunting. I'm having a great time and would highly recommend it to anyone with the slightest amount of interest in learning to play.

Mike Manzi: Queens Guitar School is great! The location is easy to get to because it's just two blocks from the Broadway stop of the N & Q lines. The instructors are friendly, patient, and have an answer for all your questions. Vinnie, Ivan, & Tony are awesome. After working through the beginner classes I actually feel I can call myself a guitar player and I even take part in the monthly open mic sessions. Also, the location has many great bars and restaurants around it for after class drinks or dinner.

Ka H: My whole life I have always wanted to rock on the guitar, and thanks to Queens Guitar School its finally happening! As a busy adult I do not always have time to practice as much as I should, but they make it work according to my schedule.From the first time I went into this school until now, 2 years later, I am looking forward to each class. The teachers are super-friendly and know how to motivate you to reach your goals. I am taking group class lessons as I really enjoy to play with other people, but they also offer one-on-one classes.If you consider learning how to play the guitar, there is no better place to go!

Daniel Nelson: Excellent instructors, tons of guitars and great for all levels, especially beginners. For years I had always wanted to learn guitar and was so stoked when this place opened up in my neighborhood. It's been a fun challenge and 2 years in I'm still going strong. They really listen to student feedback and incorporate it into the curriculum and are flexible with makeup lessons when you can't make the class. I am in a group class which I really like but they have individual lessons as well. I definitely look forward to my time at Queens Guitar School every week!

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