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1. Spodek Law Group P.C. - Manhattan

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Spodek Law Group P.C.
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Address: 85 Broad St 17th floor, New York, NY 10004, United States

Telephone: +1 888-676-0283

Business type: Criminal justice attorney

2. Bruce Yerman, Attorney at Law - Manhattan

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Bruce Yerman, Attorney at Law
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Address: 160 Broadway 4th Floor, New York, NY 10038, United States

Schedule: Opens at 08:00

Telephone: +1 212-390-0036

Business type: Criminal justice attorney

3. Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC - Manhattan

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Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC
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Address: 299 Broadway Suite 1400, New York, NY 10007, United States

Telephone: +1 718-690-3834

Business type: Criminal justice attorney

Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC: what do users think?

David Pal: I highly recommend the Law Offices of Robert Tsigler for any U.S. immigration issues. In 2023, they helped me successfully apply for and obtain U.S. citizenship. My case was expertly handled by Michael Zigismund and Violetta Murdock. They are both highly knowledgeable professionals in immigration law. From the moment I contacted them in February until I received my naturalization certificate in July, the process was incredibly efficient, taking less than 6 months.Michael and Violetta diligently filed all the necessary paperwork with USCIS and even represented me during the interview at USCIS. Throughout the entire process, I had many questions, and both Michael and Violetta were always quick to respond, whether it was through email, phone calls, Zoom meetings, or in-person consultations.Their exceptional service and expertise made the entire immigration journey smooth and stress-free. If you're seeking assistance with any U.S. immigration matters, I highly recommend the Law Offices of Robert Tsigler for their outstanding support and professionalism.

sonia williams: Emily and Craig was very professional with my case which was work related..I would highly recommend this Law Firm Robert Tsigler,if I have any other problem I will use them.Ruth was inspiration to me......thank Robert Tsigler law firm

Meli B: Need to specify not available on holidays because there was no one available tonight.

Colin Hill: Ed was very helpful. He fought for my parenting rights until everything was settled properly.

joaquin rojas: Joe caldarera was very kind and efficient. He got my case dismissed and sealed. It was a pleasure working with the firm.

Andreea Hariton: I cannot express enough gratitude for Lane’s efforts and the positive outcome he achieved for my case. His professionalism, reliability, and exceptional communication skills made the entire legal process smoother and less daunting. Lane’s ability to combine legal expertise with genuine compassion is a testament to his outstanding character as a lawyer.If you find yourself in need of a criminal lawyer who not only gets results but also provides unwavering support , I wholeheartedly recommend Lane Blessum .He is a highly effective professional who will go above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcome while making you feel at peace every step of the way.


Siccole Williams: My son Leon and I would like to thank Robert Tsigler Law Firm and Mr. Scott Migden for the great job they did in handling my son’s case. They did a great job of explaining each step of what would happen and kept us well informed of what was going on with the case. If you are looking for a law firm that cares and is willing to do the best job they can for their client then this is the Law Firm you want handling your legal issues.

Aleksandra Bykadorova: I am so grateful I picked this firm because the people I got to work with was absolutely amazing! Michael and Violetta from the very begging showed me so much care for my case and made sure everything will go smoothly.I completely trusted the process and felt very safe and assured because of how on point they were, and communication was outstanding.The most stressful period of my life was taking care by the best professionals.I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone in need of legal counceling and if I ever need anything else I would be running to this firm!I have to add Violetta is an angel of a human I’m truly grateful for her in this process and it felt like a huge win for all of us!

denzil jackson: I couldn’t have ask for better representation in my opinion

Stefan Mills: Glad I came to this law firm. Mr Blessum kept me informed about everything from the start. I had a small case but it was affecting my life in a major way! Mr Blessum got the whole case thrown out the fastest way he could, with no issues. Im so happy this situation is over. Now im able to go back to work.

Vishal Lall: Excellent service. My friend was in need for a lawyer and I referred him to Joseph who did an amazing job. They have a great team there

Afeia Sandy: My experience with this law firm was great.Everyone I worked with was professional and so kind, always ready to answer any questions I had and gave reassurance at every turn.I felt safe and in good hands. I will definitely recommend the firm to anyone looking for legal advice or help.A very big shout out to Violetta! Thank you so much!

Maria West: The Law Offices of Robert Tsigler deserve more than 5 stars. In less than 24 hours Mr Caldarera had our case dismissed. We are so grateful for his indepth knowledge of the law and for his immense help.

German Munoz: Would not recommend.

J: Truly recommend Tsigler lawyer office, appreciate the professionalism.Mr. McNamara is a determined lawyer with the best intentions to succeed in the case .Mr. Vasquez Senior Paralegal is such a marvelous person with he’s wisdom demonstrated commitment and excellent communication.Thank you both for being caring and compassionate.Always grateful for the accomplishments and support !

Jaycee C: Thank you Robert Tsigler Law-firm and thank you Conor McNamara for your guidance through what we knew to be a very difficult case. You provided guidance and kept our spirits up throughout the duration. What should’ve taken much longer in court is finally over. Thank You Thank You Thank You. I will definitely recommend this law firm to anyone who may be in need of some expert legal assistance. God Bless You All!!!!

Rifat Alvey: After months of researching law firms that could best help me with my immigration, I was VERY lucky to find this one. Mr. Zigismund was quick to understand my complex situation, I would say even better than I did. Violet, who was on his team always checked in on me and answered any queries very quickly. He gave me a timeline, and although he said it was just an estimate - it turned out to be very accurate. All I had to do was submit documents and wait while they took care of everything.

Lin Santi: Fast, quick and amazing!! Sent by God!!

4. Law Offices of Julie Rendelman, LLC - Manhattan

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95 reviews
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Law Offices of Julie Rendelman, LLC
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Address: 535 5th Ave #2525, New York, NY 10017, United States

Telephone: +1 212-951-1232

Business type: Criminal justice attorney

Law Offices of Julie Rendelman, LLC: what do users think?

L. H-Robinson: We recently had the privilege of witnessing the exemplary legal skills and dedication of Attorney Julie Rendelman, representing my family member in a legal matter. From the very beginning, she displayed a level of professionalism, expertise, and compassion that left a lasting impression on our entire family. Her knowledge of the law was evident as she explained the potential outcomes and the strategies she intended to employ.  Beyond her legal acumen, Ms. Rendelman also demonstrated genuine empathy and support for our family member during this difficult time.Throughout the entire process, Attorney Julie Rendelman exhibited a deep understanding of the legal complexities surrounding the case. She took the time to listen attentively to our family member's concerns, gathering all the necessary details to build a solid and compelling case.  She promptly responded to our concerns, questions, and hopes were valuable in fostering a solid attorney-client relationship built on trust and understanding. Her compassion and ability to connect on a personal level made a significant difference in the way our family member felt throughout the entire legal process. Communication with her and team members were seamless, and they kept us informed at every step of the journey.Thanks to Attorney Julie Rendelman and her team for exceptional representation, our family member received a positive outcome that exceeded our expectations. The result was not only a legal victory but also a profound sense of relief and closure for our entire family.  She is truly the kind of lawyer who makes a difference in people lives. Ms Rendelman’s passion for justice and commitment for her clients sets her apart from other her other attorney colleagues in this field.In conclusion, we wholeheartedly recommend  Attorney Julie Rendelman to anyone seeking legal representation. We are forever grateful for her expertise and guidance, and we cannot thank Ms Rendelman and her entire team enough for the positive impact they've had on our lives.

Kirill Kachinsky: Sometimes you may find yourself in an uncertain situation of which you have no experience in. Many of us cannot even imagine what that looks, sounds or feels like. Julie swiftly and respectfully resolved uncertainty, and with poise brought clarity which resulted in peace of mind. I cannot thank her enough! Give her offices a call, you will not regret it.

Darrell Robinson: Hello world, I would like to take this time and opportunity to give a special Thank’s to Attorney Julie Rendelman and Team. It was such an honor to have had an outstanding Attorney to handle my case. That said I found myself in trouble in the state of New York for the first time of my life. I right away panicked out of fear of going to jail facing some real time.I didn’t know what to do so I went to the internet and typed in best lawyers in New York and Attorney Julie Rendelman name and a few others came up. I really didn’t know who to choose until after talking to a few attorney’s I was able to easily land my choice once I got around to calling attorney Julie.Attorney Julie calmed my anxiety and gave me a piece of mind. She was very knowledgeable, friendly, respectful, compassionate, genuine, and straight up and down a down to earth person.Words can not even speak how she was simply there for me threw out this whole case. I watched attorney Julie pour her heart and soul out fighting my case and the odds that were against me.She answered and returned every phone call and email promptly. I can say that I’m well pleased with the services of attorney Julie Rendelman and Team. My family is at ease and peace now due to the victorious results attorney Julie was able to get me. The results and out come super exceeded my expectations. That said she got all my charges Dismissed… I highly and 💯 percent recommend attorney Julie Rendelman and Team to anyone in need of a good law firm to support them wholeheartedly from the beginning to the end… To God be the glory!! Thank you Jesus!!🙏❤️

elijah colon: Terrible experience. Waste of money. Takes your money and quality of service goes downhill. She was not prepared and handed off her work to someone else. All she cares about is getting paid and on being on TV. She added no value to my case. I do not recommend her “services”

rette2499: Julie is kind, compassionate, dependable, and very knowledgeable. I spoke to a few lawyers before her, and they just rubbed me the wrong way, asking for $5000 before we can even get into what happened. The first thing she asked is if I was OK, and that showed me that she cared. I don't get into trouble, so this was all new to me. She kept me in the loop the entire time, and the case was dismissed. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking someone who actually cares, and isn't just about money. Thank you Julie.

Dan H: and got a text and call back from Katie Fernandez in less than 5 minutes. We explained what was going on, and she immediately called the precinct to let them know she was representing my stepson and to get more info on his arrest from them. Later that day she was able to get him released to us, and worked to build his defense case. She argued to get the case moved to family court, and ultimately all charges were dropped and his records sealed after a 3 month period with the only condition being that he didn't get into any more trouble. Julie and Katie were fully invested in the best possible outcome for my stepson, even checking in a few times afterwards to see how he was doing. We're so, so happy with the work they did, and can't recommend them enough.

S L: Julie was absolutely there for me and put me at ease as she guided me through the criminal process. She is compassionate, reliable and non-judgemental. My case was successfully dismissed and she even helped expedite a court-record sealing request. I would recommend Julie to anyone in need of a caring attorney who really will do the best for her clients.

JJ 1234123: I had the privilege of being represented by Julie, a remarkable defense lawyer who not only met but exceeded all my expectations. Her outstanding skills, unwavering dedication, and genuine compassion truly made a difference in my case.She took the time to understand my concerns, patiently answering all my questions and providing valuable guidance. Her clear communication style made even the most complex legal jargon easily understandable, ensuring that I was well-informed and involved in every step of the process.One aspect that deserves special mention is Julie's responsiveness. Whether it was an urgent question or a last-minute development, she was always just a phone call or email away. Her promptness in addressing my concerns and her ability to provide reassurance during moments of uncertainty were invaluable.But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Julie's representation was her ability to secure a dismissal for my case - an outcome that exceeded my expectations.I cannot recommend Julie enough as a defense lawyer. Her exceptional abilities, unwavering support, and impressive track record speak volumes about her professionalism and dedication. If you're seeking legal representation, you simply can't go wrong with Julie by your side. She is truly amazing, and I will forever be grateful for her incredible work on my behalf.

Amanuel: Julie Rendelman is truly a dependable and trustworthy lawyer. I'm so thankful to God that she took up my case and represented me as my legal counsel. Her fee is reasonable and fair. Another lawyer quoted 150% more. She defended my interest well and made the case dismissed and closed. She is easily accessible, easy to talk to, knowledgeable, friendly, and most of all compassionate and understanding. I highly recommend her.

D M: I recently had the privilege of working with Julie Rendelmen as my criminal attorney, and I can confidently say that she is an exceptional legal professional. Her expertise, dedication, and compassion truly set her apart from the rest. Throughout the entire legal process, Julie consistently demonstrated her commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for me.From the very first consultation, I was impressed by Julie's deep understanding of criminal law. She possesses a vast knowledge base and a keen eye for detail, which became evident as she meticulously reviewed my case. Her ability to identify key legal issues and develop effective strategies is truly remarkable. Julie's expertise instilled a sense of confidence and reassurance in me, knowing that my case was in capable hands.What truly distinguishes Julie is her unwavering dedication to her clients. She made it a priority to thoroughly understand my situation, actively listening to my concerns and fears. She displayed genuine empathy and compassion, treating me with respect and kindness throughout the entire process. Julie was readily available to address any questions or doubts I had, promptly returning my calls and emails. Her clear and concise communication style helped me grasp complex legal concepts and kept me well-informed at every stage of my case.During courtroom proceedings, Julie's exceptional courtroom presence and persuasive advocacy were undeniable. She exuded confidence and professionalism, commanding the attention of everyone present. She demanded respect, and it was received. It was evident that Julie's years of experience have honed her courtroom skills to an extraordinary level.In the end, Julie's expertise and unwavering commitment yielded a favorable outcome for me. Her relentless efforts and strategic approach resulted a victory, ultimately, a sense of justice being served. I am forever grateful for her guidance and representation throughout this challenging journey.If you find yourself in need of a criminal attorney, I wholeheartedly recommend Julie Rendelmen. Her exceptional legal skills, genuine empathy, and tireless dedication make her an invaluable advocate. With Julie by your side, you can rest assured that your case will be handled with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

Jonathan Urbina: Julie Rendelman and her team are top tier attorneys. Their work is concise and clear. Julie made herself available to all of my forms of communication and was highly personable and thoughtful throughout. Can't recommend this team enough!

EVELIN: I highly recommended Julie, she helped me so much with my husband case and kept me updated throughout the process until everything was taken care of. I would recommend her to all…. THANK YOU!!!

Jennifer Eng: I am eternally grateful and thankful to Julie for getting my case dismissed! Julie is someone that I trust. She has the knowledge, experience, and communication skills to help navigate the complicated legal system and achieved a super positive outcome for my case. I highly recommend Julie if you are looking for an attorney that is intelligent, compassionate, and witty – she will put your mind at ease because she will fight for you like she did for me. Julie, you are truly one of a kind! Thank you again!

Melania Trump: Julie achieved a great outcome for my case. She was worth every penny.

jake horowitz: Julie Rendelman was an incredible lawyer. Always available and attentive and won a very difficult case. Would recommend her services without a doubt.

Nyle: I hired Julie concerned over a case that was brought against my godson. We worked with Kristen Epifania who with her skilled experience got the case dismissed and sealed without him ever having to go to court. It was a very worrying situation but, with the help and guidance of Kristen who was available at all hours of the day, evenings and night to answer any of my questions and concerns, we were able to walk through a completely alien situation. I have no hesitation to not only recommend Julie and Kristen but, to simply just pick up the phone and have a conversation- I guarantee it will help put your mind at ease.

Anjelica Bette Fellini: The best lawyer in New York City. Julie is incredibly thorough and can win any case. Highly recommend if you’re in need.

Christopher Sears: Julie defended my friend. She was exacting perceptive patient dedicated professional and kind. I’m grateful for her work.

Jeff McMoyler (Lonewulff): Julie was extremely helpful in a Title IX case.

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