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1. Academics of Flight - Queens

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Academics of Flight
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Address: 4612 Queens Blvd # 204, Sunnyside, NY 11104

Telephone: (718) 937-5716

Business type: Flight school

2. Simtech Aviation - Manhattan

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Simtech Aviation
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Address: 52 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (347) 450-7519

Business type: Flight school

Simtech Aviation: what do users think?

Dan Seith: Julian’s guidance was critical to me passing my instrument checkride on the first try. I’ve had about 5 instrument instructors and Julian was by far the most experienced. I’d recommend him to anyone trying to improve their instrument flying.

LIAM Y: My experience working with Julian was tremendously pleasant throughout the whole session.If I can turn back time, I will schedule Julian and his team for airline preparation as early as possible so that way I won't be washed out. Julian teaching style is tailor to individuals no matter zero time or airline pilot level. The amount of quality training is priceless. At the end of day you'll realize flight is nothing but joyful but the key is working with a good instructor. Appreciate your mentoring and honest opinion. Thank you so much Julian.

Dasly Ramirez: Hello, I would like to know if they offer flight attendant courses

Brian Donohue: , to building flight plans, navigation, holds & hold entries, and of course many, many approaches.I found that when I was in the plane, there were things that weren't clicking, and I'd take them to Julian to work through. The next time in the plane I had it all mastered and my flight instructor was really impressed.Additionally, Julian walked me through multiple oral exam preparation sessions remotely over Zoom to help me identify and cover gaps in the knowledge.Highly, highly recommend working with Julian for your training.

Pablo meneses: Thanks Julian and Simtech team for such a high quality professional training, and an amazing simulator setup!

Lucia Malan: Hello, I would like to know if you offer classes to be a cabin crew member?

Edmond Bakos: and Julian

Zac W: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueAbsolutely amazing setup, very timely email communications, I can't wait to go back! It is so special to have talented flight instructors right in Manhattan where it's tough to find that great place to learn. I used a coupon received from a family event and knew I needed to get my hours in as soon as I could!

Christopher Hall: I came across on the web while looking for training options ahead of a prolonged stay in New York. Commuting to a nearby airport was not feasible with the small amount of free time I had, so this was the perfect fit.My partner bought me a gift certificate for the initial session, and I knew immediately that I was in the right place.Julian has a solid background both as an instructor and as an airline pilot. This knowledge is conveyed during the sessions by working through real-world scenarios together with the ability to pause and discuss the situations we are presented with.For me, this training was a valuable way to log time toward an FAA instrument rating as well as a solid refresher with the skills and confidence I needed to pass a proficiency check for multi-engine and instrument ratings associated with an EASA license soon after.The flexibility of the sim allows for sessions to be fully-automated with the latest technology, or to use basic instrument radio navigation This breadth of experience was valuable to me in not being geared toward a certain aircraft or avionics package, with skills that are transferable across platforms.Additionally the review of instrument rules and procedures helped solidify the knowledge needed to pass the written exams for instrument rating and instrument ground instructor during my stay.I would highly recommend considering this as a training option.

Madhu Siddappa: . For his 8th birthday, we were looking for a way to level-up his aviation interest and thought about a professional-grade flight simulator lesson, but honestly did not think we would find an instructor willing to work with such a young kid. We also figured it might be too complicated for his age, so we pursued it thinking at least it could be a fun birthday experience. We found Simtech online and booked a 1 hour lesson online with Julian who was in touch with me immediately regarding lesson details and maintained clear dialogue in the days leading up the lesson. When we arrived at Simtech, we were impressed with the high-tech, well-organized space ...and the lesson was even more impressive. Julian was incredibly kind and patient with our young child and provided excellent, inspiring instruction. We were blown-away that our son actually gained a reasonable chunk of technical knowledge in just 1 hour ...and he was immediately asking for another lesson! We booked another 1 hour lesson recently and our son amazingly recalled much of what was taught in the 1st lesson which

Ekaterina Shpilka: I was given a flight simulator gift certificate for Christmas 2019. Then you all know what happened in 2020 so I didn’t have a chance to use it, but how happy I was to know that it has been extended. So, finally in mid 2021 I had my instrument lesson and it’s been just amazing!Using the flight simulator is a great way to stay current with an instrument rating, plus I got to know so much useful information from the real airline pilot. Thanks Julian!

Diva Cunningham: I was finishing up my instrument rating when I started attending sessions at Simtech Aviation. All my training had been done on steam gauges and I wanted to round out my education by tightening up my procedures and becoming familiar with a G1000 in a safe environment without shelling out the money that it would cost to figure it out in the air in an actual aircraft with an instructor. Julian was very thorough and knowledgeable. He filled in holes that I had in my training during our sessions to ensure I was checkride proficient. I’m confident in my training with him as he is an actual airline pilot with a legacy carrier, a place where I want to be. The panel of the sim is very realistic with actual buttons and knobs to utilize as opposed to home sims where you’re clicking with a mouse. I should also add that the sim is a FAA approved AATD and the hours can be logged in your logbook… a double win! As I transitioned back into an actual aircraft, flying with a G1000 for the first time, I was confident and could focus on my actual procedures with peace of mind. Simtech Aviation is highly recommended to strengthen your aviation skills and knowledge in a safe environment.

VortexVolt: Rainbow Helicopters amazing experience. They had the best Oahu tours.

Srinivas Ketavarapu: flight review after which I decided to also get instrument current

Douglas Wint: I came for an instrument currency session and thought it was going to be a routine experience but Julian took it to the next level. He provided insight into everything, big and small, and I walked out after three hours with another six months on my currency. More importantly, I left with a higher level of instrument proficiency that I didn’t imagine I would gain while using the sim.As an airline pilot, Julian comes with knowledge that I wouldn’t get on my own. I’ll be going back for more than just instrument currency. This is the place to go if you are an NYC-based GA pilot looking to stay proficient/current while not having to go out to the airport!

Gregory Beltran: I trained with Julian for both my private pilots license and instrument rating. He's professional, knowledgeable and is overall enjoyable to work with. His office and simulator are state of the art and perfectly emulate what it feels like to be in a plane. The simulator is perfect for refreshing your skills, getting current with instrument procedures or practicing your radio skills. It is also great for when the weather doesn't cooperate and you still want to get a few hours in. I highly recommend SimTech Aviation to both beginners and experienced alike.

Nyesha Davis: I bought a package for my husband to brush up a bit. It’s been over a year since he last flew. Overall it was a good experience but the price is definitely not worth it. They charge $100 an hour for the instructor. Mind you it’s just a simulator and that’s an additional fee. Most flight schools in the NY/NJ area charge $50-$60 an hour for the flight instructor. I would have saved a lot of money had I taken that route. I wish I would have done my research but it’s a little too late now. I would definitely look into a flight school and save money in your pocket.

3. John F. Kennedy International Airport - Queens

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John F. Kennedy International Airport
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Address: Queens, NY 11430

Telephone: (718) 244-4444

Business type: Airport

4. Clue Chase - Manhattan

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Clue Chase
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Address: 39 W 32nd St 4th floor, New York, NY 10001

Schedule: Open until 12:00 AM

Telephone: (646) 964-5783

Business type: Training centre

Clue Chase: what do users think?

Amy Xu: have done 3 rooms here

Caroline Egler: Had a fantastic time at PanIQ! I have done a ton of escape rooms before but this one was just excellent. I was in a group of two and we did the Harry Houdini room. It was certainly a challenge but totally manageable with our exceptional GM Dean. He was super fun and gave us just the right amount of hints to make sure we were always working towards getting out of the room. We left beyond impressed with the room, the staff, and the general vibes. Absolutely will be coming back to check out some of the other rooms!

Cari Salvatore: Monica was a FANTASTIC guide. This is one of the best escape rooms I've ever done! Super thorough instructions and helpful hints without giving the answers away. The Houdini room was great. Thanks got a great time, Monica!!!

Hưng Dư: It’s our friend’s birthday so we decided to book the Houdini room to have some fun and solve mysteries. Turn out it was so much fun! Our host, Dean, was really good at giving us clues when we stuck at 1 clue for so long. Will do it again!

Peter Albrecht: Gracie was fantastic

John Cahill: Gracie was amazing‼️‼️

Emily Pich: Dean slayed!!!! Absolute boss of a game guide!

Roman Sobachevskiy: Great experience, we did the Pirate one, successfully escaped the room with kids. Special thanks to Gracie!!! She was an awesome host, very supportive and cheerful.

jamaine t: Great time. GRACIE was a great host. Didnt finish but had a great time trying. Lol. Definitely will be coming back

Andrew Bancroft: Great time! Recommend the pirate room but no matter what hopefully you get Gracie!

Mariana Laface: Gracie was awesome, we had the best time!!

Nay W.: We came from Maryland for a spontaneous Girls Trip and found this as an in between activity while exploring. Best choice ever!! Our Host Gracie was the absolute best we could’ve hoped for. She was very informative, made the whole experience a fun adventure, and was very helpful throughout the whole experience. Cannot wait to come back 🙌🏾🙌🏾

Breona Washington: My friend, sister and I went on a ladies day trip to NY. We did the Houdini Room and It was so much fun and Gracie was amazing and very helpful. I recommend to anyone looking for an escape room in NYC!!

Jasmine Webb: We had a team outing and did the Houdini Room. We had an amazing time! Monica was especially great host! Can't wait to do it again!

Alex Kagy: We brought our department to PanIQ Midtown for a team building outing. We did Houdini's Workshop and completed it with 5 minutes to spare! Of course we couldn't have done it without the help of our incredible host Monica. Cannot recommend this place enough and Monica is welcoming and funny. We can't wait to go back and try another room!

Hooman Khorasani, M.D.: Great escape room. Super friendly staff and great ambience. Will was our guide and he was amazing.

Michael Sinensky: We did the Houdini room with a group of 8. Was a lot of fun. Our clue master , WILL , was a great host and kept us in line. We escaped with only a few minutes to spare. We will definitely be back. Thank you

Parker Heuer: So much fun! Good atmosphere, Michaela helped us and was great, and after doing several escape rooms in my life, highly recommend the moonshine madness room for perfect difficulty level that’s challenging but in a fun/solve-able way

Savannah Young: When we arrived the women at the front desk didn't make us feel welcomed and was very standoffish she also was the one to help us explain the room and help us with our clues. She was very rude and wasn't listening to us when we told her she was giving us clues to a puzzle we had already solved and then made me and my other friends feel stupid for not escaping the room. Wouldn't want to come back here again!

Elizabeth B.: Visiting NY our son wanted to try an escape room and picked this one doing the Guardian of Gotham. Lots of fun! We escaped with 2 minutes to spare! The intro was done well despite us being late due to getting a little lost on the way. Great place to try out an escape room.

5. LaGuardia Airport - Queens

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LaGuardia Airport
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Address: Queens, NY 11371

Telephone: (718) 533-3400

Business type: Airport

LaGuardia Airport: what do users think?

Joshua Levine: Compared to what it was, this is a real airport now!

Naima Samuel: The delta wing of this airport is really something - very sleek and clean and lovely. Highly recommend it.

Lora Mazza: B concourse is very nice!

Shaggy Kush: All good....

Chang Yang: Clean

Rayan Ahmed: Worst airport I have ever been to.Everything is 6x regular pricesFlight got delayed for 7 hours, and while waiting they cancelled it, and provided no where to stay or sleep. Pathetic excuse of an airport, and wasn't just us, 70% of all the other flights got cancelled with no reasoning. If i could give 0 stars I would

Renkang Luo: Security check too slow

Andrew Kuhl: Very clean

Summer Reign727: I have not flown out of LGA in quite some years so I was pleasantly surprised. The upgrade was needed! Didn’t want to “violate” too much so I just took a vid of the fountain! This airport was clean and busy even at 5:00 am in the morning! #hustlenbustle

Kim Wachira: Luggage trolleys scarce

Jonathan Salazar: The best in NY by far

6. Newark Liberty International Airport - Elizabeth

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16649 reviews
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Newark Liberty International Airport
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Address: 3 Brewster Rd, Newark, NJ 07114

Telephone: (973) 961-6000

Business type: Airport

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