Best Design Universities In New York Near Me

1. Parsons School of Design | The New School - Manhattan

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Parsons School of Design | The New School
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Address: 66 5th Ave, New York, NY 10011, United States

Schedule: Opens at 09:00

Telephone: +1 212-229-8900

Business type: College

Parsons School of Design | The New School: what do users think?

Geoguesser -: Excellent study programs to choose from

Maxine Mandel: This has to be one of the most unorganized schools ever! I hit a wall with them at every turn during the process… especially where financial matters were concerned!! I will not start my education with such frustration. BARUCH!!! here I come… 🥂

Megan Johnson: I attended Parsons for their UX Design certificate and have been extremely dissatisfied. The first couple of instructors I had were phenomenal and I can’t fault that. The last 3 to finish off the certificate have been awful. One instructor made us submit everything through Google Drive versus Canvas and delayed grades. Another cared more about promoting his business. The portfolio class I’ve had an instructor who doesn’t even interact with us. I still don’t have my final grade from portfolio and I submitted on time more than 2 weeks ago!!!!

Peter Liu: I came here for the big name, but unfortunately there is no campus tour during this period, so I have to come again next time.


TYO: 5th Ave, New York 😍

Ms IVY ,Artist Delgado (Art): Ms IVY T,Delgado at 2416 Atlantic Ave R-411A E,N,Y,11233 has sent many pieces of her art works from pictures,wood,different forms of clay,canves,oranges,and skin,to pears ,and many more to come and different forms ,which are these new pieces ,she hopes you injoy them.

Xinyu Fang: This school neglects Title IX and tolerates bully and discrimination. Do not consider if you don’t wanna be bullied by professors!

Mario Oldani: Sorry it's too awkward.

August Conover: Who the hell gives 1 ☆ to a New York Design School? I am a Parsons alumni and can confidently say this school provided many opportunities and has opened doors for me in the past. The school pushes your abilities to do your best, and will weed you out if you're not cut out for it. It's no picnic, and expect sleepless nights, preparing projects and presentations.

Taeseon Ko: to grade students since faculty are on strike.The Old School administration hired an anti-union law firm to crack down and terrorize the Union. A truly regressive, backwards-thinking University management team.School cannot manage their financials. They are probably going to go bankrupt but can somehow still afford to pay its President $1M+ and pay for his $14M+ townhouse.The Administration LIES AND LIES AND LIES— and thinks that the Students, Parents, and Faculty can’t see through the fabricated narratives.Administration took MILLIONs in tuition money in the three weeks that school hasn’t been in session.Everyone is outraged at the Administration. So many students are transferring out of the University.The Old School has threatened a 50% increase in tuition from its already hefty cost of $80K.

Dulcinea Toboso: It's not good.

2. Fashion Institute of Technology - Manhattan

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Fashion Institute of Technology
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Address: 227 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001, United States

Telephone: +1 212-217-7999

Business type: College

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