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1. Central Park - Manhattan

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Central Park
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Address: New York, NY

Schedule: Open until 1:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 310-6600

Business type: Park

Central Park: what do users think?

Nella McDi: We knew that we weren’t going to be able to do the whole park with the limited time we had. We visited the last Saturday in June. We started at the southern end. With a quick visit to the Plaza hotel. Someone online had suggested doing the park in this order and it worked out fantastically.Our first stop was Gapstow Bridge, it was beautiful with the city skyline as a gorgeous backdrop. Woolman rink was the next stop which had an enormous number of tennis courts.Central Park carousel was very nice. Went down to the Mall, there is a bandshell and bunch of buskers. We really enjoyed Bethesda terrace and the fountain with the backdrop of a lake, beautiful setting. Wagner cove has the bow bridge, a couple were getting engaged while we were there. Strawberry fields was very nice, not what I expected, I thought it would be a huge open area but it was a treed area very peaceful had lots of benches. There is circle on the ground that says imagine that people get their picture taken. There was a young lady Star span, had a great voice and sang Beatles music By this point we were hungry and still had a good chunk of the park to go. We went to the 72nd street diner and split a grilled chicken sandwich. It was amazing and best of all reasonably priced. They had an awesome selection of foods. Would definitely come back, wish we had a place like that back home.We stopped at the ladies pavillion to have our lunch, they had covered benches by the water and best of all there was a gentleman playing music and singing. It was awesome.Walked through the ramble. Then went to Belvedere castle make sure to climb the stairs to the top, it is free to get in. Beautiful scenery from both observation decks. Walked past the obelisk and behind the met and walked to the Guggenheim. We did that all in 3.5 hours with some breaks to sit and have lunch. Central Park is beautiful, so many different areas to explore. I’m sure we just scratched the surface. There are so many benches all over the park and many artists playing and singing scattered all over. We saw people selling water, fruit cups and ice cream. I was expecting to see actual food venues, maybe they are in different parts of the park that we did not go to. So if we came back I would pick up lunch before coming into the park so that we could avoid having to leave the park to get food.It is an amazing park that you could visit again and again. We had no time to actually go into the museums, maybe the next time we are back.

Denize Rc: Que grande, de ahí me fui a The Met

Julio Cesar Davila Valero: Excelente experiencia. Si tienes condición es mejor. Si no la tienes, es buena oportunidad para empezar

robert wakeland: If you're going to rent a bike, rent an E bike at a shop instead of city bikes. You'll get charged a little less, and the regular bikes will tax you if you're not used to it. The experience was so enjoyable to cruise through the park.

Carlos Ureña: A wonderful place.

이자인: Anytime except winter! You can often meet the raccoon family!

Binyamin Elkouby: One of the more famous parks. It's all loud noisy and smelly in the streets of Manhattan,walk into the park and 2 minutes later all that is replaced with a lot more peace.Restrooms: They have every couple of minutes.

vu nguyen: It's beautiful, so many things to see.

miguel toubes boo: I love visiting central park

Fufu Rodríguez: Oasis in the middle of the city, it is just as I expected it to be, to take pleasant walks or do some sport

Orlagh D: Looooooooooove this amazing park. There's always something happening, a song, a show, an act to watch while strolling along.

2. The High Line - Manhattan

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The High Line
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Address: New York, NY 10011

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: (212) 500-6035

Business type: Park

The High Line: what do users think?

Gustavo González Menoyo: You can't miss a walk on the high line

Francisco Cappai: A really good place to walk and admire the beauties of Manhattan's low-west area. The High Line used to be a train track, but it was transformed into a peatonal path surrounded by plants, flowers, and buildings with beautiful architecture. You can start walking near Chelsea Market and end by The Vessel.

Leonard Lacy: Very nice walk.

Lei Wallace: Honestly such a beautiful area. Please visit this if you are near pier 57 in Manhattan. Don't expect crazy sights, just let yourself be amazing the genius remodel of the historic tracks. So many hidden gems on this path. Don't miss it.

Pasqual Paco Torres: Very unique park above the streets made from the old railway. It can get a little crowed but usually it's a nice walk.

Meloue92 (Meloue92): Great place for a walk. If you're on a trip to Manhattan, it's worth the trip.

Yulia Moiseeva: A real park on old rails is a beautiful cozy place in the center of the metropolis. unique plants and stunning skyscraper views. I definitely recommend.

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