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1. Vitality NYC - Manhattan

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34 reviews
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Vitality NYC
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Address: 213 W 35th St #305, New York, NY 10001

Schedule: Opens at 10:30 AM

Telephone: (212) 244-1330

Business type: Wellness center

Vitality NYC: what do users think?

Kristen Wang: Have had amazing colonics with both Adriana and Tom! Everyone who works there is so warm and welcoming, and the space is super clean as well.

Mark Taylor: Excellent

Jamil: I had an amazing and very calming experience for my first time doing Colon Hydrotherapy! Marie H. did my procedure and made the process very comfortable for me! Since it was my first time I was extremely nervous and anything involving that area sometimes feels shameful but she was very knowledgeable and assured me that I had nothing to worry about or to be ashamed of. Also the venue is very clean and accommodating. I would definitely come back again!

Joey Romi: I was angry when I wrote that. I saw this today after alI this time and I apologize for how I reacted.

Lana Jackson: My appointment didn’t go as planned and I ended up having to leave and visit another provider. But management did refund me. Ultimately it wasn’t a good fit for me.

Gennadiy Faybyshenko: Everything about the place is outstanding. Very friendly staff and clean environment.


Massiel Nunez: Tom is personable and truly lived up to his reputation. Great therapist, cannot wait to return. ❤️

2. Fluid Water Therapy - Manhattan

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57 reviews
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Fluid Water Therapy
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Address: 22 E 21st St Suite 6R, New York, NY 10010

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: (212) 888-9116

Business type: Wellness center

Fluid Water Therapy: what do users think?

U Carter: Today was my 1st time. I can say I highly recommend this place. You have own room. They have Netflix. You feel very comfortable. You actually seeing body being released.Staff is amazing & talk you through it. I will be returning in week.

Rachel Culha: I loved it! I've have had colonics before the traditional way but I love how you were in control of it and the execution of it was more seamless and super clean. Also watching what comes out....I was obsessed!

William Ferguson: I been here a few times haven't fail me yet. I will continously be a happy client with a great staff who is pleasant and very helpful.

claudia ardon: All I need to say ! Is that this place is amazing.

Bansi Lakhani: I love this place as all the associates are so warm and make me feel at home.Cleanliness in this place is impeccable !!

Norivette Couvertier: Customer service is immaculate. I’ve been here a few times and it’s like a routine. You go in the room, get undressed, insert tube and press the button. They come within seconds and start the machine. They help you insert as well if need be. They make sure to give you a full run down of dos and donts. They also provide a shower head in the machine to clean yourself with afterwards and they have Netflix! They also have wipes, napkins and a sink in the room. Definitely recommend and definitely will be returning!

Leana S: - all in all highly recommend.

Melanie Amaro: Amazing! Feel so much better after! I loved how comfortable she made me feel throughout the process.

LaToya Jackson-Berrios: I am always relaxed when I am here. Keeps me healthy and zen!

Jordan Noël Hawkes: This is a lovely place! It was my first visit here and I highly recommend Fluid to anyone. I've had colonics at other places in other states over the years and know from experience that the Angel of Water system is the best around. I was very comfortable the entire time, and treated with respect by the two staff members I interacted with. The space is clean and relaxing and very well-run. Keep it up!

Seidah Smith: It was my first time doing a colonic and didn't know what to expect. It was great to see the level of cleanliness and Windy and Kim were fabulous at answering questions and putting a first timer at ease. They would periodically check to make sure everything was ok without me having to call them with the call button. It truly felt like I was in a spa, relaxed and comfortable. I would totally come back.

Arailym Omar: Big thanks to the receptionist! She is so helpful with everything I needed it and also I bought a package before COVID and she let me use the last session I had. Definitely I’m coming back for another therapy. Place is so clean and smells awesome! I had a very pleasant session. 🙏🙏🙏

3. Temple of Wellness - Kings County

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107 reviews
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Temple of Wellness
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Address: 1728 E 19th St #1a, Brooklyn, NY 11229

Schedule: Opens at 11:00 AM

Telephone: (347) 495-8489

Business type: Wellness center

Temple of Wellness: what do users think?

Abe Shaw: I know nothing but wonderful things about this business and the people who run it.

Evan Parisi: This place is just magical. I have had so many issues for so many years that no one was able to figure out or help me heal. Now after one month of being on her program I feel significantly better!!!Natalya is the most caring doctor and her recommendations are affordable and effective.Highly recommend!!!!!Thank you so much!!!!!

bradford dorelus: This clinic is expectional. I always had the best experience and very friendly and effective products I highly recommend here.

ernest moguchiy: I came to the Temple of Wellness office with various health issues such as headaches, fatigue and belly ache. Dr Natalya is very professional and found root cause of my problems - candida infestation and inflammation in the bowels. She recommended me a diet and lifestyle changes and gave me effective nutritional supplements. I also did a series of colonics, rife generator and Bio-Resonance treatments in her office and after three months I felt like a new man.

zahra rashid: and will explain why she is recommending certain products that she personally verifies and researches for efficacy. A lot of people want a quick fix or a magic pill. True HEALING takes patience, discipline and knowledge of the human body as well as the strong connection between diet and your health. If you are on this page looking for a colonic, you are on the right path!!! There are other services she offers as well and customizes a plan for each individual as our genetic predispositions, bodies, backgrounds

Kendra Hall: Ive been going to Temple for a few years now, and im so grateful that I’ve found Natalya.She’s so honest ,caring and knowledgeable about health. I have experienced so much different forms of healing when I decided to open up my mind to her treatments. She’s the best!!!

Winter: avoid this place, rude people

Olga Diaz-Pallis: This place is very inviting and warm. Not pushy at all and provided a lot of information . I definitely recommend for all of your holistic needs!

Madison Lander: I had a great colonic experience with Olga. She was patient, compassionate, well-informed and made me feel super comfortable. I was very nervous doing an open colonic for the first time and now I can’t wait to go back. Thank you!

Julianne McLean (Jules640): She is extremely knowledgeable and a lifesaver! She has saved my life more times than I can count. Whenever my system is low and sluggish, I do Bio Resonance, Colonics, Infrared and Ion Cleanse treatments in different sequence combined with proper nutrition supplements and what an AMAZING difference!!!I was unable to lose weight, struggled with constipation and once I started do the colonics MAJOR DIFFERENCE. She's also taught me about proper nutrition and the importance of taking my vitamins and minerals daily! Thank you Natalya for all your support ❤❤❤

joseph szmulewicz: I have been coming to the temple of wellness for several months and l have been doing the Rife machine and bioresonance treatments. I can honestly say that i feel much better. I sleep better and my mind is more clear and i am healthy. One way i can say i have improved is i have done a Doppler test recently on my carotid arteries and the result is that i have 100% blood flow. The result of the Doppler test before i started doing the treatments was 60% blood flow.

Bora Davidoff: Natalya is a wonderful holistic doctor and person. She’s very knowledgeable and very dedicated to her patients. She loves to share her wisdom and passion for holistic medicine and makes sure her patients are well informed. My family and I went to her for Colonics, Ionic cleansing, Infrared body wrap, Bio-Resonance treatments. These helped a lot with detoxing and improved our health overall. I’m looking forward to find some time and go back to her for more treatments.

Elena Raffloer: Natalya is amazing doctor and person. I did a series of colonics in the Temple of Wellness center and lost 8 pounds and feel much better and more energy. The service was excellent.

David De Hannay: This woman is just an incredible and very special healer, my experience with all of the treatments and all the healingA life changing experience

Jak Arel: Natalya is the best healer Her knowledge and passion out of the line She is absolutely Great and helpful in everything she is doing I know her 10 years and recommend her Temple of Wellness Center to everybody who want to improve and regain health She is Amazing She is like Mother for me God Bless her

Isaak Kelyberg: Natalya is the most dedicated Health Practitioner in the world She saved my life many times She is the most experienced loving and caring person that I met. Everybody who want to rebuild health must come to her Wellness Center . The services here outstanding She use the best European technology Nobody else doing that. PEOPLE WHO TALKING BAD ABOUT HER OR LIERS OR DONT WANT TO IMPROVE THEIR HEALTH She is Angel She help thousands of people to build health

Jon Karr: Avoid this place. Terrible experience..

Maria Korochenko: , and it has been incredible for me and my family to watch my son thrive through the flu and covid season because his immune system has done a complete turn around. Thanks so much Natalia!

Heather Strauber: Dr. Vilner knows her stuff. The first time I was there it took a lot of patience because her office was so packed with people but I could not be more pleased that this doctor solved so many health issues as if effortlessly. Her vast knowledge helps so many people... absolutely for me and for my sister when traditional doctors could not find the source of our health problems, within one visit, Dr. Vilner had us both on programs that BINGO we were well on the way to solving both our problems. She is a true mastermind and I thank G-d that I trusted my intuition to come to her clinic.

4. Gravity East Village - Manhattan

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8 reviews
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Gravity East Village
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Address: 515 E 5th St # 1A, New York, NY 10009

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 388-9788

Business type: Wellness center

5. Park Slope Colonics - Kings County

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35 reviews
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Park Slope Colonics
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Address: 313 7th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: (646) 385-9985

Business type: Wellness center

6. Atlant Health - Wellness Center - Manhattan

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59 reviews
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Atlant Health - Wellness Center
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Address: 59 E 54th St Rm 62, New York, NY 10022

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (212) 719-3611

Business type: Wellness center

Atlant Health - Wellness Center: what do users think?

Angelina Brillon: This is my second time at Atlant and it was even better than the first time which I didn’t think was possible! The staff is amazing and so knowledgeable

Moureka Forbes: These people will rip you off. DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE.and you did not leave multiple messages I told you that I lost a family member and your establishment still charged my card 2 days later and went back and disputed the claim to my bank so they could reverse the 170.00 dollars so even though I explained u doubled back that is theft

Jacob Gendel: There’s is no other place like Atlant Health Wellness Center to get lymphatic drainage therapy. Jill is awesome. I feel like a brand new person every time I visit this holistic place. Highly recommend.

Jessica Miller: staff here is wonderful and they work hard to create a safe, friendly and clean environment!

Julia Henderson: I can't recommend Sharon enough! She was extremely welcoming and has made me feel at ease since my first treatment session. I always feel better after our sessions. Very professional and clean environment.

Tracey Kaufman: I got a colonic. Sharon was great! She has a very soothing voice. The office was very clean and comfortable. I had a great experience.

Olga Sher: Great, courteous, and professional team that is always ready to make you feel better and cared for.

Sharon Chong: Atlant Health has been a tremendous help in my path to clearing my eczema through their various services. It’s been completely life changing. They are professional, extremely knowledge and put you at ease. From working with Anna to scheduling appointments to the technicians such as Ellena. They’re fantastic. You won’t be disappointed!

Lidia Cirianni: I had a great experience with Jill in my first couple of visits at Atlant. Very knowledgeable and has skilled techniques and walked me through the entire process.

Amanda Moench: All around awesome experience. Ellena is kind, professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!!!

Lindsay Du: Always feel renewed after visiting Atlant Health Wellness Center! Super clean, great atmosphere and very helpful staff. Highly recommend to any who wants to address their gut issues naturally.

J. M.: This is a beautiful space in midtown where you can get lymphatic therapy and colonics.Everyone who works there is so warm and welcoming, and the wellness center is super clean as well.Sharon my therapist was very attentive, kind, knowledgable and told me what to expect during my Colonics session.The service was some of the best I've ever experienced in any therapeutic sense. I left feeling the difference I needed with better focus, felt so light and energized.So excited to return once again soon!

C U: Great services. Clean, friendly, well organized, and I always leave feeling so much better than I came. Ellena is so talented and a true professional. I am happy to be a client here.

Chase Madigan: Sharon was incredibly helpful and made me feel as comfortable as possible, and even spent extra time with me. Friendly office staff. Highly recommend!

Jessica McCall: Love Atlant Health. Their knowledgeable team and thoroughness have been so additive to my health routine. Finding new providers can be the hardest part of moving, very glad I found Atlant Health.

Annmarie Gallione: I felt that I was in competent and knowledgeable hands throughout the treatment and recommend Atlant if you are looking for these types of wellness services.

Jason Martin-Williams: The therapists are really nice and friendly and knowledgeable. The office assistant is and informative. I’ll gladly recommend anyone to go there.

Petah Gibbs: Jill is caring and empathetic and fully hands on. She made me feel comfortable from beginning to end and is a true professional. I highly recommend

Ãrs Ràtti: It was so great, Elena the person who worked with me was so nice and really helped me through the procedure. I would definitely recommend to come here for your colon cleanse 10/10!

Kerri Gibbs: Wonderful experience with Jill. Highly recommend colonics there. Lovely nurturing environment.

7. Sigal's Wellness - Kings County

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26 reviews
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Sigal's Wellness
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Address: 2701 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11229

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (718) 336-2818

Business type: Wellness center

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