Best Centers To Study Flamenco In New York Near Me

1. Flamenco Dance Classes - Manhattan

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Flamenco Dance Classes
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Address: 106 Charles St # 12, New York, NY 10014

Telephone: (212) 691-3086

Business type: Dance school

2. Flamenco NYC Dionisia Garcia - Manhattan

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Flamenco NYC Dionisia Garcia
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Address: 344 W 38th St 1st Floor, New York, NY 10018

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: (212) 426-7363

Business type: Dance school

Flamenco NYC Dionisia Garcia: what do users think?

Sophia-Helene Mees de Tricht: I love this school so much. Dionisia is such a kind and patient teacher. Would recommend to anyone!

marie laine: Dionisia is a patient and gifted teacher. Teaching not only Flamenco Technique, but also it’s history. Connecting students to the collective power of the dance, and to themselves. This is the real deal, if you are interested in learning the art of Flamenco.

AJ Baume: Critical:CommunicationI took the beginner class several years ago. The teacher singled out a target for abuse every week, shouted at me for not being able to follow her complicated multiple step routines not appropriate for beginners. What a horrifying experience!

Paola Garcia: Wonderful teacher, who teaches precision in all the movements, explains the compas in detail, and shows us how to be patient with ourselves as we learn. Dionisia helps us understand it is a process and explains why our progress can seem slow and that this is completely normal and fine. Flamenco is a complex art form that involves many skills that we do not possess and that we are seeking to gradually develop. I really appreciate the depth, knowledge and passion she brings to her teaching as well as the patience she shows with beginners and even with students whose attitude is not the best. I have only been attending a few months, but one of the things I love about the way she teaches is that she trains our body and our "soul"... I don't mean this in an esoteric sense, but rather, teaches in a manner that help us to avoid being stuck in our minds, which does not serve any dancer or musician but that can happen when one is trying to process new skills. This reminder not be stuck in our brains allows us to access, even if for a fraction of a second as beginners, the true soul of flamenco. Similarly, I very much appreciate that Dionisia does not cater to a superficial or "pretend" approach just to please the students or make them feel good about themselves by pretending that from class 1 they are great at an art form that professional artists study for a lifetime, and some, for generations often starting in childhood, and within the context of a specific culture, language and tradition that is foreign to many of us. I believe her serious approach shows immense respect for flamenco.

Brinda Guha: I learned Flamenco from Dionisia Garcia for 10 years. I can vouch for the knowledge, dedication and passion with which she teaches. Perhaps it’s not for everybody, she is straightforward and if you’re looking for hand-holding, being told you look great all the time, or are doing it correctly — this isn’t the class for you. Frivolous and entitled folk often try to take cultural dance forms and feel amazing about themselves on day 1 — but Flamenco is a study, and as a brown woman I have never had the privilege of walking into another culture’s space and acting like I have access to that knowledge. I always learned to work for it— so I honor Dionisia’s model. She taught me the most valuable lesson I take with me everywhere I go: that being a practitioner in something does not make you a gatekeeper for the arts. It makes you a forever student of it. Although my schedule and circumstances no longer allowed for me to continue, those 10 years were pivotal for my artistry. She single handedly taught me how to present from my chest, access my core, and never assume anything about a step — that it is in our deepest interest to continue to investigate that step’s potential.

Yza Al Maabar: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueClasses are amazing. The teacher is amazing. I’ve been pursuing this dream of dancing flamenco and I found this place. Dionisia dedicates time to explain with details how to dance the style in a proper way and motivates us to keep being better each week. I would love to have classes every 👏🏽Single 👏🏽 Day 👏🏽

Carla Durante: I was worried about the other reviews that I read but after attending class, I don't believe the validity of the following reviews and felt it was my responsibility to share my experiences. Dionisia was very professional and patient. I assume that as we progress into more advanced work, she will have higher expectations which is the only way anyone can progress forward. The studio was clean and it was a very fun experience.

Liz Jaff: Dionisia is a passionate, serious and thoughtful teacher . She focuses on training the body with detailed attention given to the mechanics, and nurtures an understanding of the music through clear explanation of the compas and its structure. I started thinking I would just take the Absolute Beginners class and have continued for a year and half. The classes are inspiring.

Erica Lim: . The classes can be very difficult and challenging, but she really cares about bringing out the best ability for each student and making sure that you know the foundation of the movements and how to take care of your body so you aren't injured. I would recommend this studio for those who genuinely want to learn Flamenco well and improve technique so that they are able to really enjoy the expression of the dance. The studio is also great, it is nice to have the support from other students and help from the advanced students.

Mary Ann Farley: , so it's nice to build towards that. What's not so nice, tho, is her treatment of students. Like your worst childhood school memories, she can pick her pets, or worse, she'll pick someone to bully. I recall one student being driven to tears. If you've got the chutzpah to tell her to back off if you become the target, then you'll benefit from the class as she does excell in certain ways as a teacher. The question is... Do you really need the abuse?

Jordania Berg: A caring teacher actually understands that people have different learning styles. She is structured, and knowledgeable, but she also uses that as an excuse to be excessively diminishing with her students for no reason. Note this is an adult class for absolute beginners, some people have no prior dancing experience, and she scolds students in a very uncomfortable way, creating a bad vibe for everyone. By saying that she is the best you're not helping her improve as a person. I respect her as a dancer, but not as a teacher. Perhaps she should only teach experienced students who don't require much patience on her part.

Sonal Bagga: The teacher is a bully. If she thinks that she can have the rudest obnoxious bedside manner just because she THINKS she has good technique and that should get her students, she is so mistaken. She is not even willing to learn a new student's 2 syllable name. Completely disrespectful! I'd rather go to someone who cares to have me as a student. There are plenty of teachers out there worth their salt and from whom you will learn in a healthy manner.

Alan Zinser: The most soulful dancer I have ever seen.

Jen H: Dionisia is a tough and exacting teacher, and I like that! She can be a bit intimidating but she gives corrections to students because she cares that students understand the nuances involved. I've taken class from several teachers and she is definitely the most exacting. Other classes I've taken have a more relaxed style which can allow for many students to feel comfortable but they can often lack true knowledge about Flamenco. Just make sure to breathe and not be scared.

Shelly Rivas: Extremely rude and disrespectful in her tone to students. I took classes a few years ago. I would not recommend.

Charlene Lanzel: Love this teacher! Very Professional. For the serious student.

dew benjamin: Very rude teacher, disrespectful to students. I do not understand how someone so aggressive and self-centered can be a teacher. I hope you seek to learn flamenco somewhere else, I surely wish I had gotten this advise; her rude manners totally killed my enthusiasm for a long time.

wei wang: You will have a much deeper understanding of your body and movement throughout classes. Step by step, you will take the art form of flamenco as part of yourself.

3. Piel Canela New York Latin Dance School - Manhattan

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Piel Canela New York Latin Dance School
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Address: 519 8th Ave 12th floor, New York, NY 10018

Schedule: Opens at 12:00 PM

Telephone: (212) 924-6160

Business type: Dance school

4. Peridance Center - Manhattan

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Peridance Center
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Address: 126 E 13th St, New York, NY 10003

Schedule: Open until 10:30 PM

Telephone: (212) 505-0886

Business type: Dance school

Peridance Center: what do users think?

K: , which is really frustrating. While there are always exceptions, I find the admin staff on the whole are uncaring and serving customers seems to be a burden. It doesn't help that Peridance has hostile customer policies that one needs to careful to navigate, and happens to be more expensive than other nearby options

Qixuan Sun: I am disappointed with the poor service and lack of communication. I registered for Roland Alexander's basic ballet class, but it was cancelled twice without timely notification. Additionally, the credit I was promised for the cancelled classes expired before I could use it. The front desk guided me to reach out to their manager to solve my issue by giving me the email of Sarah. However, Sarah never respond the email!

Manon Marchand: . It was a terrible experience. The teacher was literally mean. Correcting my dancing in a mean way in the front of everyone, asking me to “wake up” and even asked me “do you speak English?”. I will go elsewhere next time, where I don’t feel shamed for being a beginner.

LJ P: Frankly, after attending classes here for years, I won't be returning. The beginning and intermediate classes are placed in the basement. These classes are crowded for the space and the room is poorly ventilated. There is no place to dance and the teachers are doing their best to organize the space.

Katherine Meng: If you look closely at most of the 5 star reviews, a lot of reviewers only have 1 or 2 reviews which seems fake. I had a horrible experience with a dance class here. The class room was small, unventilated, and overcrowded to the point where there was no room to dance. It smelled bad and the room itself was in bad condition. The front desk's staff seemed blase at best. I will not be returning.

Ada Hossfeld: Love this place, the faculty and the classes. I can really only speak for the ballet classes offered at Peri, but they are amazing. I 100% recommend!

TEB NYC: We travel to NY every year to train with our artists from Latin America, and we always go to Peridance. It is one of the best places to improve skills in dancing and everyone around the world who travels to NY to train must go there! Our dancers have the best experience always!!

Roberta Maxwell: We were caterpillars on the last mat of ALICE BEYOND THE MIRROR..The Xmas experience for us of the season 2022..Wonder-ful for children and adults..Happy New Year to the Peridance Dance Co. and to Igal Perry..Thank you...

Sue Gilad: We loved the Alice in Wonderland show—truly captivating.

Silvia Mitchell: I absolutely loved taking Horton with Jolea Maffei; class and live music in this studio was simply a perfect set up. Spectacular experience.

A M: From the time I was living in New York City. to now that I am miles away in the Far East of Canada, I have always been a fan of Peridance. They are literally on my bookmark bar and I use them frequently especially to take online classes given my location. As I am a huge fan of Djoniba Dance, Peridance allowed me to take the courses while providing online accessibility.When I was living in New York, the studio had moved and it was quite lovely. The rooms big and spacious. Very clean and simply lovely. Can be a bit chaotic at times between classes I remember but overall the experiences I had there were always positive.

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